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An integrated marketing communications plan of a hypothetical draft beer brand. A project for Advanced Marketing

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Promiss Light

  1. 1. Promiss Light TM 2012An Integrated Marketing Plan BySarah Hook and Taylor Allen 1
  2. 2. ~2~
  3. 3. Table of Contents1.0 Executive Summary 82.0 Promotion Opportunity Analysis 9 2.1 Competitor Analysis 2.2 Opportunity Analysis 2.3 Market Segment Analysis3.0 Corporate Strategies 19 3.1 Corporate Image Intentions 3.2 Brand Development Strategy 3.3 Brand Positioning Strategy 3.4 Overview: Distribution Strategy 3.5 Overview: Corporate Public Relations Strategy4.0 Marketing Management 25 4.1 Marketing Team Organization 4.2 Overall IMC Budget Allocations 4.3 Agency Selection 4.4 Website Strategic Purpose and Utilization ~3~
  4. 4. 5.0 Integrated Consumer Marketing ObjectiveOne: The Consumer 29 5.1 Consumer Communication Objective 5.2 Budget to Reach Consumer Objective 5.3 IMC Tools 5.3.1 Consumer Websites 5.3.2 Advertising 5.3.3 Collateral Materials 5.3.4 Three Consumer Promotion Ideas 5.3.5 Public Relations 5.3.6 Sponsorship and Philanthropy Programs 5.3.7 Database Programs 5.4 Consumer Media Plan 5.5 Consumer Plan Evaluation6.0 Integrated Consumer Marketing ObjectiveTwo: Independent Retailers 48 6.1 Independent Retail Objective Overview 6.2 Independent Retailer Communication Objective 6.3 Budget to Reach Independent Retailers 6.4 IMC Tools 6.5 Independent Retailer Media Plan 6.6 Independent Retailer Plan Evaluation ~4~
  5. 5. ~5~
  6. 6. AppendicesName and Website Verification…………………………………..i.Corporate Logo Design……………………………………………ii.VALS Survey Results……………………………………………...iii.Main Website Homepage Layout………………………………...iv.Sample Thumbnail…………………………………………………v.Independent Retail Link from Main Website………………… Page Layout…………………………………………….vii.Twitter Page Layout……………………………………………….viii.Consumer Advertising Campaigns………………………………ix.Collateral Material………………………………………………….x. Packaging POP Display “Beer Royalty” Sponsorship Programs Sports Jerseys US Open Surf Competition - Huntington Beach (local event) Promiss Girls Uniforms 3 Panel Brochure Email BlastsMedia Flowchart…………………………………………………….xi.Consume Creative Brief……………………………………………xii.Franchise Creative Brief…………………………………………...xiii.Customer Survey…………………………………………………...xiv.Employee Survey …………………………………………………..xv.Independent Retailer Survey xvi. ~6~
  7. 7. ~7~
  8. 8. 1.0 Executive Summary Promiss Light aims to provide a light, refreshing beer with theunique promise of being serious beer for serious fun, but without the bittertaste of your average beer. As a beer specifically engineered for a womenelegant and sophisticated palate, Promiss Light is targeting an essentiallyuntapped, under-recognized market segment. Drawing on the customerbase of young, educated, and sophisticated women, our brandencompasses the image of the modern day woman. This is not yourordinary beer. This is a beer by women for women and a deliciousalternative to the status quo. This plan seeks to outline the integrated marketing communicationsplan and objectives for our first year of business. We have conducted aseries of analyses on the beer industry and environment to situate ourcommunications plan in an appropriate context. Through extensive socialmedia communication as well as the promotion and sponsorship ofwomen’s causes, we hope to create and fortify long-lasting relationshipswith our identified target consumers. The corporate image and brandpositioning of Promiss Light reflect our dedication to innovation, creativity,and dedication to women. Our product offering represents this throughour carefully and specifically engineered product and unique product anddesign. Additionally, our inventive yet strategic marketingcommunications initiatives maintain our sophisticated yet fun-loving tone,while effectively promoting our product and brand. Our advertisements,promotions, and public relations efforts have been carefully crafted andexpertly executed with this in mind. As part of our expansion plan, we willalso explore the option of selling Promiss Light beer through a targetedcommunications plan that identifies effective and driven potentialindependent retailers. Comprehensive and revolutionary, our consumerand independent retailer marketing communications plan will facilitate theachievement of our mission to create a strong brand presence in the marketand form long-lasting connections with our consumers. ~8~
  9. 9. 2.0 Promotion Opportunity Analysis2.1 Competitor AnalysisOverview Promiss Light has several direct and indirect competitors.Eagle Rock Brewery and Carlsberg’s Copenhagen are two brandsthat have been identified as direct competition, due to factors oflocation and similarity of concept. These brands have customizedtheir brand to target women in the areas of image, taste, andnutrition. Some of our indirect competitors are Bud LightPlatinum, and Corona Light. These brands that are not directlydeveloped for women; however, they possess some of our sameattributes that make our brand so distinctive and currentlyoccupy a large portion of the market segment we wish to target.Therefore, our main competitors include, but are not limited toEagle Rock Brewery, Carlsberg Copenhagen, Bud Light Platinum,and Corona Light. ~9~
  10. 10. 4 P’s AnalysisCompetitor Product Price Place Promotion per Fluid Oz.Eagle Rock Craft $.75 Los Angeles, CA Weekly eventsBrewery beer and select areas List-serve made in in the Western, Specialty Beers the USA U.S. Taproom Experience Forums/BlogsCarlsberg’s Beer $.22 North/West/East Icon CarlsbergCopenhagen made in Europe & Asia Brand Promotion Denmark Plans to go “Champagne of 100% global beers” within the first sponsor of global few years eventsBud Light Beer $.12 North America Social MediaPlatinum made in (U.S. and Promotions the USA Canada) T.V. commercialsCorona Beer $.09 Global T.V.Light made in Photo/Commercial Mexico Contests Facebook Global Awareness Campaigns ~10~
  11. 11. Competitor SummariesEagle Rock Brewery This microbrewery in Los Angeles, California focuses on theproduction of original, artisan beers, using quality ingredients.They have six signature beers which they distribute throughoutSouthern California. However, a large portion of their businesstakes place in their taproom, which is attached to themicrobrewery. Aside from their beer, Eagle Rock Brewery alsosells apparel, glasses, and gift cards. However, Eagle Rock Brewery does not sell food. Therefore,they work in tandem with local food trucks to create promotionalevents. This directly supplements their marketing strategy oftargeting men and women of ages 25-50. They refer to their targetmarket as the “Los Angeles beer community” and market theirproduct as a social lubricant that unites their customers and targetaudience. They also market to women, providing them with ahigher quality beer that is fun and delicious to drink. Also, theyincorporated this into a women’s forum and blog on theirwebsite. In addition to their website, Eagle Rock Brewerycommunicated with their customers by utilizing an email list-serve/newsletter and weekly events at their taproom, whichincorporates the food truck industry with their daily beerspecials. Their traditional media is limited due to the smallsegment of the market in which they inhabit. Ultimately, EagleRock Brewery’s customers are attracted to their commitment to ~11~
  12. 12. quality, originality, and independence from the status quo of theirmarket.Copenhagen This is a new beer developed by the Carlsberg group thatwill originate out of Denmark. The vision of this particular brandis to update their image with this product, creating somethingthat will be appealing to me and women on an international level.The especially stress the “light and refreshing taste” and stylishdesign. Furthermore, they market this product as the new a beerthat can be a replacement for champagne and white wine due tothe elimination of the classic, bitter aftertaste. They key point ofemphasis is its top shelf quality and design. Their marketing strategies center around the rapport builtwith those who are already familiar with Carlsberg’s products,especially Europe. Furthermore, they spread awareness by beingsponsors of global events, such as the FIFA World Cup and theOlympics. Additionally, their luminescent color scheme andbottling is innovative as it stands out from the majority of otherbeer products currently on the shelf.Bud Light Platinum This new and improved model of the American classic—BudLights—has been engineered for a younger, more moderndemographic. They have triple-filtered this new product so that ithas a smoother taste and finish, designed to target youngerdrinkers and female market segments. ~12~
  13. 13. Their marketing reflects the new, sleek qualities of theirproducts. The cobalt blue bottle stands out from other productswhile still emanating the classic color scheme and logo of BudLight. They also utilize their social media pages on both Facebookand Twitter and use more traditional media outlets, such astelevision commercials.Corona Light Corona light is the sister product to the original beer CoronaExtra. This beer aims to maintain the integrity of flavor found inthe original but with a slightly lighter taste and fewer calories. Itspoint of origin is Mexico in 1925; however, it is sold in all cornersof the globe. In addition to occupying a large portion of the global, lightbeer market, Corona Light also has an unmistakable symbol andcolor scheme very similar to our own. The crown positionedabout the cobalt blue lettering could cause confusion once placedside by side on the shelf. In addition the brand’s legacy, CoronaLight employs a variety of traditional and nontraditional media.They employ television commercials and billboards but alsoFacebook, Twitter, and their website. Their website is a key playerin developing the marketing a P.R. of their product because theyutilize it as a home base for consumer photo/commercialcompetitions and global awareness campaigns. ~13~
  14. 14. 2.2 Opportunity AnalysisMarket Trends According to an excerpt from Mintel Reports, written in2010, concerning beer preferences in the United States, beerdrinkers are twice as likely buy domestic beer, especially beer thatis marketed to highlight its seasonal qualities, original flavors, orunique origin. It is clear that beer customized for the consumer isa popular concept. ~14~
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis Positive Negative Strengths Weaknesses Targets women--a underutilized target Name, design, and mission of theI market brand naturally deters malen consumers Name identifies the concept of thet product New brand with currently noe awareness Low calorie and added antioxidantsr align with current trend towardsn healthier food and beverage optionsa Appealing brand, logo, and productl aesthetics Opportunities Threats E Chance to enter into an Similarity of logo to other alcoholicx underdeveloped market segment beverages (i.e. Corona and Crownt Royal) Ability to expand concept toe incorporate more brands, flavors, and Liability issues as an alcohol-r products containing productn Sponsorship of causes and Potential for a lot of competition ina organizations with a high female the futurel following could increase awareness and brand loyalty ~15~
  16. 16. Perceptual Maps ~16~
  17. 17. ~17~
  18. 18. 2.3 Market Segmentation Analysis Our primary market segment will target women betweenthe ages of 21 and 35. This young to middle adult agedemographic is important not only because of being legallyeligible to drink, but also because they will likely be the age rangemost often exposed to our marketing mediums. Furthermore,Mintel Reports found, in 2011, that consumers who believe inbetter taste, higher quality beer are adults between the ages of 25and 34. Furthermore, psychographic analysis using the VALSframework and survey tells us that our primary target marketsegment is categorized as experiencer/innovator. Experiencers areindividuals who like “cool” things that are in keeping with thelatest trends. They seek excitement, social activities, and activehobbies. They are enthusiastic about new possibilities and aretherefore prime consumers. Because our market segment is alsocharacterized by innovation, this speaks to their personalities asbeing well-educated, sophisticated, and natural leader with highself-esteem. They are also active consumers, staying on top of thelatest trends and using material objects to convey their expressionof taste, independence, and personality. ~See Appendix for VALS Survey Results~ ~18~
  19. 19. 3.0 Corporate Strategies3.1 Corporate Image Intentions Promiss is our answer to women’s calls across the UnitedStates and beyond for a new generation of craft beer specificallysatisfying their needs. Our unique beer offers an elegance andsophistication to such a casual beverage. Our dedication tocontinuous innovation of our product will exude a sense ofnovelty and loyalty to our customers. The lighter flavor, fewercalories and smaller portion size are our answer to satisfy theneeds of our customers. Women will not only enjoy the new great taste, but willcreate their own sense of community among themselves in theeffort to bring awareness to women’s issues. We hope to give ourcustomers the tools to create an intimate bond of a sisterhoodthrough the common interests that are women-specific. Our aimis to reach our customers on a heart-to-heart level, involving ourbeer not only in their social life, but their private lives, as well. For prospective business partners, Promiss will represent thenew pioneer of craft beers and bring this industry into modernday interests of the masses. That is, to be a part of somethinggreater than themselves. Our partnerships and support of theseissues will bind together new communities, simply throughselling this product in a new light and bringing new meaning tothis industry. ~19~
  20. 20. 3.2 Brand Development Strategy Our craft beer will be called Promiss. This is a femininegraceful name that captures the essence of our product evoking apersonal connection with our consumer. The first syllable proconnotes the “professional” demographic that we want to attract,while the second syllable miss connotes the gender demographicthat we relate to. Not only that, but is pronounced as the wordpromise. This is meant to allude to the fact that we are here tomake a promise to those sophisticated, fun-loving, andprofessional women who are looking for a new generation of craftbeer. The Promiss logo consists of a rounded crown framing ourbeer brand name Promiss Light and our tag line Our Promise toWomen. We chose a rounded crown to emphasize the femininityand curves that are so commonly associated with women, as wellas give it a graceful feel. The letters of our brand and tag line areboth in a cursive type of font to give a sophistication and eleganceto the words. The Promiss and tagline appear in a deep purple, offemininity while exuding a regal air. Thus, the overall colorscheme we chose is purple and gold—the color of royalty. Thepurple represents the loyalty, status, and elegance of ourcustomers. Meanwhile, the gold signifies the richness, wealth,and trustworthiness of our brand. Together, these elements forma unique, unbreakable bond. ~See Appendix for Verification of Name with USPTO.Gov~ ~20~
  21. 21. 3.3 Brand Positioning StrategyBrand Story During college, two typical college females were tired of thetypical, boring, “male-oriented” beer. They were ready forsomething that actually tasted good and acknowledged awoman’s palate. It was then the idea of Promiss Light was born.The two women set out to develop a beer with a lighter flavor,fewer calories, and a smaller portion size. This was going to be abeer characterized by the elegance and sophistication of women.This idea inspired them to add cancer-fighting antioxidants anddonate 1% of their profits to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and theDomestic Violence Awareness Campaign. This is definitely notyour man’s beer, but he’s going to wish it was.The Brand Promise A beer for women by women—the promise of serious beerfor serious fun.Brand Attributes Our brand is a light beer for women. At a serving size of 8fluid ounces, Promiss Light only has 80 calories and powerful,cancer-fighting antioxidants. Not only is it specifically engineeredto satisfy the female palate, but it is created with women’sinterests in mind. 1% of all our profits go to Susan G. Komen forthe Cure and Domestic Violence Awareness. This is not agimmick; it is our Promiss to women. ~21~
  22. 22. Brand Tone The tone of this brand will speak to those that areintellectual, educated and self-driven. We will speak in terms thatthose in the professional sphere will understand, with emphasison the needs and wants of women and communicate throughthose. Although our target audience may be considered “seriouspeople” we will definitely add witty, comic twists to our ads toattract that shift our customers so commonly need, to shut off theprofessional and turn on the fun.Pricing Strategy Our pricing strategy will be competition based pricing.However, considering our brand positioning, we want to remainin the higher end of the beer industry, competing with the craftbeers. Although we may have fewer fluid ounces than ourcompetitors, our brand is here to represent more than just a beerbrand, we are here to represent greater causes and increaseawareness of breast cancer and domestic violence, both of whichcall for a greater intimate connection between brand and buyer.Our prices will be competitive with that of other home brews andcraft beers such as Eagle Rock shown above. ~22~
  23. 23. 3.4 Overview: Distribution Strategy We will begin with a brewery and taproom in the OrangeCounty area, focusing on becoming a local favorite. This areaconsists of a suburban lifestyle - the lifestyle of family-orientedwoman who are concerned with the healthy lifestyle, hostsjewelry, Tupperware and TV show parties that are looking forsomething new to introduce to their communities to spice up theroutine. This is where Promiss comes in. Something new, exciting,different, unique and actually made for women, by women. Our taproom—as a local, community hotspot—will be a spotfor graduate students, friends, coworkers, and dates to comeenjoy the taste of our new brews while spending time together.Our offerings will be present in newsletters sent out electronicallythrough email with printable coupons and promotions. There are several opportunities for expansion that we willexplore. We intend to expand into the San Diego County area andstretch eastward into Arizona and Nevada. To the north, we planon hitting populated areas such as Los Angeles County and SanFrancisco/Bay area as well. And with our growing success weplan on filling the rest of the gaps within Southern California andlooking to expanding eastward. ~23~
  24. 24. 3.5 Overview: Corporate Public Relations Strategy Our goal with PR is to empower employees, make charitablecontributions, sponsor local events, and support communityevents. We want to become the familiar, trusting local brand thatis genuinely involved in our customer’s lives and the brand thattruly cares about what is important to them. To facilitate these feelings we plan on sending out companynewsletters, internal messages, have public relations releases,keep correspondence with stockholders, annual reports, andvarious special events. We want to be a proactive member of thecommunity and spread the word of our brand and imagerecognition. ~24~
  25. 25. 4.0 Marketing Management4.1 Marketing Team Organization Overall, our marketing management team will reflect ourbrand mission and public relations goals of thoroughly andeffectively communicating with and engaging our customer base.As such, our marketing team will maintain an emphasis on thekey components of our brand and remain consistent throughoutthe message of our advertisements. Our marketing team will besplit into four key task forces: creativity and design, social mediaspecialist, marketing analysts, and a marketing coordinator. The creativity and design team will be in charge offormulating advertising and promotional initiatives while alsocreating the necessary visuals to match any initiatives. Thecreative aspect and the design aspect are purposely in one unitbecause at Promiss, we believe it is incredibly important tomaintain a strong and unified brand message at all times. Thiscombined task force will foster efficient and innovative marketingstrategies. The social media specialist will manage all outletsthrough which Promiss electronically connects with targetaudiences. This includes our web page, Facebook, and Twitter.Members of this unit will be charged with continuously updatingall avenues to ensure our customer base is always informed aboutupcoming events, innovations and happenings at Promiss. Themarket research analyst will monitor trends relevant to the craft ~25~
  26. 26. beer industry. This may include a range of subject areas suchcompetitor updates, new trends, new technologies, etc. This taskforce will report to the marketing coordinator to aid thedevelopment of marketing strategies. Finally, the marketingcoordinator will oversee all units, ensuring all teams are on taskand working cohesively.4.2 Overall IMC Budget Allocations The total Corporate IMC Budget allotted is $6 million forconsumer and independent retail marketing communicationsinitiatives. This budget will be dispersed throughout a 12 monthperiod, funding our integrated marketing communications forone calendar year. A majority of this budget will be allocated forconsumer marketing initiatives (see section 5.2). As a newcompany with low brand awareness, our current priority is toestablish ourselves as a brand and successfully build relationshipswith our new target market base. Once we have created a strongconsumer following, we can then focus on business expansionthrough independent retailers. The total breakdown of the budgetwill reflect these priorities. 80% of the budget will go towards ourconsumer marketing initiatives, totaling $4,800,000. Theremaining 20%, $1,200,000, will go towards independent retailmarketing. Within each of these specific segments, specific detailsregarding budget allocations can be found in sections 5.2 and 6.3of our integrated marketing communications plan. ~26~
  27. 27. 4.3 Agency Selection We will not be using an external agency. We plan on usingan In-House advertising agency to help lower costs, give ourcompany better control of the message that we are trying toconvey, which can be aligned with the brand and other companycommunications. Our CEO can also work closely with themarketing team to make sure this occurs. Consequently, ourmembers of the marketing department have a betterunderstanding of our products and mission, being that they arealready deeply involved. We can also more quickly produceadvertisements if needed and allows for greater consistencybecause of a lower turnover rate in the creative team.4.4 Website Strategic Purpose and Utilization The website is expected to bring the customer into fullcontact with our product as much as possible through cyberspace.We will have our product available for full view and extra snip-itsnext to all the unique features we put on our labels and what theymean to us and our customers. We will also have a section forcustomers to post pictures of themselves with our product and/orcomments describing their experience with the product and howit made them feel or what they feel may improve their experience.All comments and posting will be on approval settings only sothat we are ultimately controlling the content of the page. This ~27~
  28. 28. will allow our customers to connect with the product on a deeperlevel by increasing their knowledge of the product and what it’sall about. Our website will also serve as a community blog for peoplegoing through anything that our product supports. We also willhave documentation of our involvement in community projects orsponsored events that people are able to upload their picturesfrom or sign up to volunteer or become involved. They may alsomessage the team with personal endeavors that are close to theirheart so that we may analyze and decide if it’s something wewould like to get involved in—supporting fundraisers orsponsorships, for example. ~28~
  29. 29. 5.0 Integrated Marketing Communication PlanObjective One: The Consumer5.1 Consumer Objective Overview The first objective of our integrated marketingcommunications plan is to create marketing strategies that willfoster positive, long-term relationships with our targetconsumers. Our marketing initiatives combine carefully designedadvertising campaigns and promotional efforts, bolstering ourpublic relations image and facilitating the achievement of ourgoal.5.2 Budget to Reach Consumer Objective The budget to accomplish our consumer marketingobjectives will be 80% of our entire marketing budget of$6,000,000 for our first calendar year. This will translate to$4,800,000. As a new company, we want to concentrate ourmarketing efforts on initiatives that will establish ourselves as astrong brand, dedicated to our customer base. We believe that themost significant part of achieving this mission is to form a strongconnection with our customers. As such, the majority of our firstyear marketing budget will be allocated between three marketing ~29~
  30. 30. segments for customer outreach: digital media, print media, andpromotions. Our digital media management will account for a largeportion of our consumer budget, because we have identified it asthe advertising medium which our target market is most oftenexposed to. Therefore, we have allocated 30% of our consumerbudget towards our digital media marketing efforts. This totals$1,440,000 that will go towards our online media marketing,which includes but is not limited to web advertisements, emailand database marketing, and social media networking. A lot ofour consumer budget will be allocated towards online marketingbecause we believe that this is a major way to efficiently andsuccessfully capture and retain our consumer base. Secondly, Print media will account for another 25% of ourconsumer budget, totaling $1,200,000. Because we are notutilizing an external marketing agency, we will be designing andmanaging all of our print media in house. Such media mayinclude magazine and news advertisements. Although this mayprove to be expensive, our public relations campaigns,promotions, and sponsorships will help us to build rapport with avariety of audiences and get mentioned in news and specialtopics pieces. Lastly, the majority of our consumer marketing budget willbe allocated towards our marketing promotions initiatives. This45% will total $2,160,000. These promotions include, but are not ~30~
  31. 31. limited to, sponsorships and appearances at local festivals orevents. We have allocated the largest portion of our consumermarketing budget to our promotions because we feel it says themost about our brand purpose and will impact the largestnumber of our target market. More details concerning our specificpromotional efforts will follow in section IMC Tools5.3.1 Consumer Websites As a company dedicated to truly connecting to ourconsumer base on a variety of levels, we recognize that theutilization of Internet is a critical point of interaction. Therefore,Promiss Light will use several different websites. Our mainwebsite can be found at the URL Thiswebsite is specifically geared toward connecting current andpotential consumers with Promiss Light’s objective, products,events, location, merchandise, blog, and more. The site has asophisticated yet whimsical design, reflecting our commitment tothe women which we represent. ~See Appendix for Domain Name Verification~ We also use a variety of social media websites. OurFacebook page will be used to foster discussion groups, receivecustomer feedback, alert customers to promotions and events, ~31~
  32. 32. and provide an interactive online community where ourcompany and consumers can engage in casual dialogue. Likewise, our Twitter account will serve a similar purpose ofkeeping our customers informed of daily specials andpromotions. Also, it will allow customers to comment on ourproducts and services in a setting where we can publicly addressand respond to their insights, whether they are positive ornegative.Website Layouts Please consult the following two pages and appendices forimages regarding of our website layout and design plans. ~32~
  33. 33. ~33~
  34. 34. 5.3.2 AdvertisingObjective The objective of our integrated marketing communicationsplan is to create marketing strategies that will spread awarenessand foster positive, long-term relationships with our targetconsumers. Our marketing initiatives combine carefully designedadvertising campaigns and promotional efforts, bolstering ourpublic relations image, and facilitate the achievement of our goal.We want to be a valued local favorite that Southern California canbe proud of. ~34~
  35. 35. Creative Brief to Reach Customers We have written a consumer creative brief, synthesizing ourintegrated marketing communications objective for our targetmarket.~See Appendix for a Full Version of the Consumer Creative Brief~Advertising Campaign Designs (3) (1) The design and layout of our first consumer ad campaignis the relation between play-date tea parties as little girls andswitching roles as the mother figure having their own adult play-dates. This will be used to show the relationship between theyoung girl sisterhood and adult sisterhood. Although time goesby, we grow up and things become more serious, there is alwaysthat little girl in us that wants to enjoy the company of her closefriends while having a new adult brew. (2) The design and layout of our second consumer adcampaign displays a beach scene with a young lady being chasedflirtatiously by a young man. We utilize our tag line and revealour beer design in this ad. The colors of the text correspond withour main colors of purple and gold. This ad is to communicate thefun, light, care-free enjoyment one can experience when drinkingour product. (3) The design and layout of the third consumer adcampaign is set in a bar scene with a woman being gazed over by ~35~
  36. 36. men who are interesting in talking to her and what she’sdrinking. The text used in this ad is “This is definitely not yourman’s beer... but he’s going to wish it was.” The reason for this isto play on the intention of stating in text that the men areinterested in the product, but the picture suggest that these menare interested in socializing with the woman finding herdesirable, therefore our beer desirable.5.3.3 Collateral MaterialsPackaging Our packaging has been designed to reflect the quality andtone of our brand. The clear bottle conveys a sense of honesty andwhimsicality. Meanwhile, the presence of our signature colors ofroyal purple and gold, on the label, speaks to our brand’ssophistication and natural energy. Simultaneously, these colors,our logo, and our brand name automatically appeal to a femalecrowd. The 8 ounce serving size was implemented to keepwomen’s lower calorie and volume needs in mind. The jet black overall color of our six pack carriercommunicates the elegance and class of our brand. The positionof the logo is in the upper middle of all sides to identify who weare. On the front the tag line used, “A great beer for an evengreater cause” reveals just enough so that it catches peoples ~36~
  37. 37. interests and curiosity that they pick up our product and examinefurther. Furthermore, they will find on the small sides we willdisplay the Breast cancer and Domestic violence ribbons so thatthey may see and discover our ‘greater cause’ as a brand.3 Panel Brochure In addition to our advertisement campaigns, we will create abrochure that will be distributed at the brewery to customers, aswell as to individuals at Promiss Light sponsored events orfestivals. The brochure will provide a succinct yet thoroughoverview of our company, product, services, contact information,and brand mission.Pop Display We made the decision to go with the theme “Beer Royalty”and went with a classic throne with all the rich details with ourproduct sitting comfortably in its rightful place - the Queen ofBeers. This is a direct play with Budweiser and their “King ofBeers” theme. This will reveal the feminine position that we arebased off of. While Budweiser focuses on men and what theystand for, Promiss - the Queen of Beers - will focus on femalecharacteristics and stand for the women in society. ~37~
  38. 38. 5.3.4 Three Consumer Promotion Ideas; rationale, execution,timing.Sports Uniforms We decided to channel the sports arenas and active womenin this category. Many Women Professional Soccer teams’uniforms are full of sponsor’s logos. We decided to take thisavenue because of the TV publicity and our desire to target activemothers, active women, and sports fans, as well. After our nameand brand recognition has been established, these women willrecognize and take notice of our familiar brand logo whilegrocery shopping or watching their favorite women’s sportsteam. Also, the WNBA have “sponsor games” where they pick onesponsor to wear on the front of their jerseys in place of their LASparks logo. Similarly, we will also sponsor the women’sprofessional soccer leagues—the most popular women’s sport inthe United States—in order to target active women. Sports arenasare overwhelmed by advertisements that target men, thus achange in pace with purple and gold with stand out and beappealing to the female fan bases. ~38~
  39. 39. Facebook Post Another way to get our brand to spread via word-of-mouthand from friend to friend is to hold a “Facebook Post/Tweet”competition. It will be twice a year and the person to post the bestFacebook picture, Facebook comment, tweet, or all of the aboveabout our product will win a party at our brewery, which islocated in Orange County, California. We will also hold othercompetitions of the same criteria but the winnings will bedifferent every time. These prizes will range from discounts, “tell-a-friend” promotions, to most loyal customer discounts.Ultimately, through the use of social media, this should help tospread awareness through and to increase traffic to our brewerylocation.Promiss Girls We also will utilize promo girls to attend local events at bars,beer festivals and popular local events. Our biggest platform tostart with will be the Huntington Beach US Open SurfingCompetition. During this competition, numerous brands haveseveral booths set up on the sand close to the action. Our uniquebrand of fewer calories, a smaller serving size, added nutritionalbenefits, and appealing image will become a favorite among thefemale adults that attend these events. ~39~
  40. 40. Because we want to target active women, our Promiss Girlswill wear a more active style bathing suit, similar to that of beachvolleyball uniforms. They have not been designed to arouse, as isso common regarding such tactics. The uniform bottoms will bepurple and the top will be gold. Our logo will be placed aroundthe back of the bottom portion, and Promiss Light and “BeerRoyalty” tagline will be in text across the front of the top.5.3.5 Public Relations Our Public Relations initiatives will build our brand imageof sophistication for a greater cause. There are several mediaoutlets we will be contacting to bolster our PR image.Publications that we will contact about appearing in articles andpublished spots include Women’s Health, Modern Brewery AgeMagazine, and Beer West Magazine. We will invite the editors ofthese magazines to our grand opening event and offer to sendthem a free sample of our product. Hopefully, we will get enoughattention to be featured on Food Network programs or othertelevision programs. These TV programs will provide invaluableopportunities to increase positive publicity for Promiss Light. Oursocial media pages will also be instrumental in our PR efforts andthus will be monitored regularly to maintain fluidcommunication with our followers. Aside from simply updatingour consumer base about Promiss Light, we will be activelyworking to create a dialogue between them and us. We hope to ~40~
  41. 41. create opportunities for feedback and collective innovation. Theseinteractions will be a function of our public relations and alsooverlap with several areas of our marketing initiatives. Another aspect of our public relations image relates to ourbusiness persona. While we want to maintain a positive imagewith our customers, we also value maintaining the reputation ofbeing a reliable business that abides by regulations. California hasseveral laws related to breweries and alcohol vendors, includinglaws that regulate the application process to become a licensedseller of alcohol and the process of distribution. In accordancewith these regulations, we will be complying will all legalmandates. As such, our businesses’ PR should be extremelypositive overall.Crisis Plan As a brewery and retailer/distributor of alcohol, werecognize the inherent risks of our industry. Consequently, wehave securities in place to ensure optimal safety for our customersand our company. In order to minimize liabilities and worst casescenarios, such as alcohol consumption related accidents, we willhave insurance, public health certification, and a warning postedin our taproom and on our packaging. ~41~
  42. 42. 5.3.6 Sponsorship and Philanthropy Programs Promiss Light will sponsor a variety of women’s sportingevents. We will be official sponsors of Women’s ProfessionalSoccer, Women’s Major League Lacrosse, and the WNBA. Theseare some of the most commonly player sports by women, that stillmanage to receive the least amount of corporate sponsorships.Our logo can be found on the sleeves of several teams jerseys,with advertisements in the stadiums and during televised games. In addition to women’s athletics, Promiss Light will be anactive sponsor of both Susan G. Komen for the Cure andDomestic Violence Awareness. During the month of October--theofficial month for both causes--Promiss Light will give 10% of itsprofits to each organization. During the other 11 months of theyear, Promiss Light will donate 1% of its profits to each cause. Bydirectly associating our brand with these women’s issues ofcolossal importance, we simultaneously make the nationalcommunity aware of our brand and its commitment to women,while giving back to the community. These causes are also thephilanthropy of two National Panhellenic sororities: Alpha ChiOmega (Domestic Violence Awareness) and Zeta Tau Alpha(Breast Cancer Awareness). We can work in tandem with theseorganizations for the same cause and also send representativesfrom our brewery to local colleges where we will be able tospread our messages about female empowerment as well ashealthy drinking habits. This will not only spread awareness of ~42~
  43. 43. our brand’s image and promise, but help to enrich ourcommunity and its future. Here at Promiss Light, we firmlybelieve that giving truly is getting.5.3.7 Database Programs Promiss Light will have an e-mail database program thatmutually benefits our business and our consumers. There will belinks to sign up for the list-serve on all of our sites, receipts, andcards at the brewery that individuals can fill out. Information willinclude the individuals first and last names and e-mail addresses.Optional information will also include phone numbers andpermanent mailing addresses. People can also select how oftenthey would like to hear from Promiss Light: weekly, monthly,seasonally, or annually. For our internal operations, we will use the gatheredinformation to promote all of our events and specials. Individualswho sign up for this program will receive instant updates aboutall discounts and coupons via e-mail blasts. They will also receivea series of exclusive benefits, including a 50% off discount couponon their birthdays.5.4.1 Consumer Media Plan The mission of our advertising media plan is to efficientlycommunicate our brand promise to our target markets while alsocreating brand recognition and reliability. After extensive ~43~
  44. 44. research, we have constructed a carefully outlined media plan forthe first year of our business. Our advertisements will be divviedup into three segments: commercial print media, onlineadvertisements, and promotional media. During the first year, we hope to saturate the market withour brand image and product offering by advertising right at thestart of the summer of 2012 across all media sects. Movingforward, a heavy emphasis of our marketing efforts will occur atthe beginning of each season. The end of December, March, June,and September mark significant times during the calendar yearfor Promiss Light. Firstly, our advertisement will adapt tohighlight various aspects of our product, depending on thosepsychographic themes that are best received during each season.For example, after the New Year we would be more likely tohighlight those aspects of our product that most likely coincidewith women’s New Year’s resolutions, such as the low caloriebenefits. During the summer months, we would be more likely toemphasize the light, refreshing nature of our beer. Our product’sadvertising will greatly benefit from the utilization ofpsychographic data. The advertising for the three main projects will be plannedaccording to when the promotions will be released. However, amajority of our promotional efforts will occur randomlythroughout the year. This is reflected in our media flowchart. ~See Appendix for Consumer Media Flowchart~ ~44~
  45. 45. Online Media Our online media will account for $1,440,000 of ourconsumer media budget. We have allocated our media spendingthis way because our research suggests that our target market isheavily involved in online interactions daily. According to PEWInternet Trend Data, 95% of people age 18-29 use the Internet.After conducting extensive research on Internet userdemographics and site popularity, we have identified fourwebsites where we will concentrate our advertising initiatives:Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Living Social, and Google. Thesewebsites have hundreds of millions of viewers and offer a varietyof advertising techniques. More importantly, these websitesattract our target consumer and are therefore an importantcontact point for our brand. It has been estimated, by FacebookStatistics, that 50% of Facebook users are ages 18-34.Print Media Commercial print media will have $1,200,000 dedicated to itsdevelopment. We will pay for advertisements in Women’sHealth, Modern Brewery Age Magazine, and Beer WestMagazine. All of these publications are popular print sources ourtarget audience in California and the Western United States. ~45~
  46. 46. Promotional Media Promotional media will account for the remaining $2,160,000of our customer media budget. This money will mainly bededicated to sponsoring women’s professional athletics. Therewill also be some costs associated with our Facebook/Twittercontest and support of Breast Cancer and Domestic ViolenceAwareness. However, hopefully this promotion will ultimatelybenefit our company in the form of increased awareness andsales.5.5 Consumer Media Plan Evaluation As a company dedicated to women and the constantinnovation and improvement of our brand, we strongly believe inthe significance of consumer feedback. For surface levelevaluation, we will assess ourselves as a company through salesand return on investment analysis. However, to thoroughlyevaluate our customer’s satisfaction rates, we will be conductingtwo surveys—one for our customers and one for our employees.Our customer survey will be distributed through our databaseprogram to all those registered in our database. To encourage ourcustomers to complete and return the survey, we will be offeringa coupon for 75% off a flight of our craft beer in exchange for acompleted survey. The customer must simply record thecompleted survey confirmation code upon finishing the survey, ~46~
  47. 47. and provide it to the bartender at our brewery upon point ofpurchase. To reduce potential bias resulting from thisproposition, in our survey e-mail we will insert a clause urgingour customers to be as open and honest as possible. Our employee survey will be distributed to all employeesworking at the brewery and taproom who interact withconsumers daily. The employee survey is not an employeesatisfaction survey. It is a survey that evaluates our consumers, aswell as their interaction with our product, through the eyes ofthose Promiss Light representatives that interact with ourconsumers on a daily basis. This second survey provides us withfurther insight as to how we can maximize positive feedback andreferrals, while minimizing any negative references. This is all ina cohesive effort to improve our brand and consumer experience. ~See Appendix for Surveys~ ~47~
  48. 48. 6.0 Integrated Marketing Communication PlanObjective Two: Independent Retailers6.1 Independent Retail Objective Overview Our second integrated marketing objective will targetpotential independent retailers, such as beer and liquor stores andbars. Our overall goal is to inform retailers in the industry aboutour offerings and connect with the specifically targeted retailers.There are several aspects of our brand that we believe will beattractive to our potential future independent retailers. We offer aproduct that targets an untapped market with an original anddistinctive product, message, taste, and appearance. Furthermore,we offer the legitimacy and popularity of our brand name.6.2 Independent Retailer Communications Objective Overview Our second integrated marketing objective will targetpotential independent retailers. Our overall goal is to informthese retailers in the industry about our offerings and connectwith specifically targeted retailers. There are several aspects ofour brand that we believe will be attractive to potential futureretailers. We offer a unique concept that targets an untappedtarget market. We also offer established connections with others ~48~
  49. 49. in the industry and the legitimacy and popularity of our brandname.6.3 Budgets to Reach Independent Retailers The budget to accomplish our independent retail objectiveswill be 20% of our overall marketing budget, totaling $1,200,000.These funds will be used to develop retailer-targeting plans.Research will be the most significant aspect of finding our targetretailers, so 83% of our budget will be used to conduct marketresearch by acquiring a digital database program, totaling$1,000,000. Using this market research database, we will identifylocations of retailers, as well as find retailers that meet ourstandards. Based off of the research, the remaining $200,000 (27%)of our budget to target independent retailers will be used foradvertising, specifically to these individuals.6.4 IMC ToolsWebsite Thumbnail While a majority of our communications plan for accessingpotential independent retailers involves targeted contacting, wewill also have information for interested individuals on our mainwebsite, under the “Services” tab. This portion of the website will ~49~
  50. 50. include information regarding our main qualifications, corporatesupport provisions, existing locations, and contact information. ~See Appendix for Independent Retailer Thumbnail~Digital Database Program Since our independent retail will be a limited operation, wewill have a small database program to collect and organizeprioritized information. Every time someone responds to one ofour inquiry on our website, we will record their contactinformation into a digital database. We will rank the retailerthrough a series of indicators, including their interest in ourproduct, qualification, location, and dedication to our causes.Estimates for acquiring a digital database program isapproximately $1,000,000, making it the most expensive aspect ofour independent retailer marketing communication strategies.Buzz Marketing Campaign In order to generate some perceived consumer demand andbuzz in the minds of potential retailers, we will launch a buzzmarketing campaign. We will hire a series of actors to go intotargeted bars and liquor stores and ask to be served PromissLight. When they respond that they do not carry this product, theactor will respond in a disappointed manner and leave theestablishment. Several days later, the process with be repeated ~50~
  51. 51. with a new actor. This process will continue until theestablishment contacts us and inquires about our product. Due tothe actors’ salaries and transportation costs, we have allotted atotal of $200,000 to our buss/guerilla marketing campaign.6.5 Creative Brief We have also written an independent retailer creative brief,synthesizing our integrated marketing communications objectivesfor our target franchises. ~See Appendix for Creative Brief~6.6 Public Relations The goal of our franchise public relations efforts will be tosolidify our brand image of quality, energy, and sophistication.As part of our public relations efforts, we will attend theCalifornia Beer Festival in October 2012. However, since ourfranchise plan revolves around targeted marketing efforts, thiswill be our only mainstream event.6.7 Independent Retailer Media Plan Our independent retail media plan will reflect ouradvertising goal of including both digital and buzz marketing ~51~
  52. 52. techniques. For our digital media, we will mainly focus on ourwebsite and social media as the main touch points for retailers. However, we will not neglect our buzz marketing initiatives.We will disperse our actors initially within a local, concentratedarea. Eventually, we will expand throughout southern Californiaand potentially into more of the western United States. Overall, our independent retail marketing plan willcommence towards the end of the calendar year, after we havehad three quarters to garner brand recognition and legitimacy inthe market.~See Appendix for Independent Retailer Media Plan/Flowchart~6.8 Independent Retail Plan Evaluation Our ultimate goal is to have our retailers positively representour brand as well as adequately and accurately convey ourbrand’s tone and message. Additionally, a strong relationshipbased on mutual benefit is sought after. Therefore, feedback fromour independent retailers is critical. To evaluate our independentretailer plan, we will conduct two layers of analysis. First, we willexamine the financial statements belonging to our independentretailers semiannually. Analyzing this information will provideus with insight about the perception of our brand, as mediated bythese retailers through sales and return on investment analysis.Second, we will conduct an independent retailer evaluation ~52~
  53. 53. survey to gather feedback from these businesses about theirexperience as a Promiss Light retailer and representative. Thiswill provide critical information for future retail plans andimprovements. ~See Appendix for Survey~ ~53~
  54. 54. ~54~
  55. 55. Appendicesi. Name was consulted to verify the availability of thecompany name: Promiss Lightx___________________________ & x______________________Sarah E. Hook Taylor K. was consulted to verify the availability of ourdomain name: www.promisslight.webs.comx________________________ & x_______________________Sarah E. Hook Taylor K. Allen ~55~
  56. 56. ii. Corporate Logo Design ~56~
  57. 57. iii. VALS Survey Results ~57~
  58. 58. iv. Main Website Homepage Layout ~58~
  59. 59. v. Sample Thumbnail ~59~
  60. 60. vi. Independent Retail Link from Main Website ~60~
  61. 61. vii. Facebook Page Layout ~61~
  62. 62. viii. Twitter Page Layout ~62~
  63. 63. ix. Consumer Advertising Campaigns(1) Play-Date ~63~
  64. 64. (2) Not your man’s beer ~64~
  65. 65. (3) Tag line ~65~
  66. 66. x. Collateral MaterialsPackaging ~66~
  67. 67. POP Display “Beer Royalty” ~67~
  68. 68. Sponsorship Programs (1) Domestic violence (purple ribbon) andBreast Cancer awareness (pink ribbon) ~68~
  69. 69. (2) Sports Jerseys US Women’s Professional Soccer Team ~69~
  70. 70. WNBA Los Angeles Sparks ~70~
  71. 71. Professional Surfing—Huntington Beach, CA ~71~
  72. 72. Promiss Girls Uniforms ~72~
  73. 73. Brochure Outside ~73~
  74. 74. Brochure Inside ~74~
  75. 75. Email Blasts ~75~
  76. 76. ~76~
  77. 77. xi. Media Flowchart ~77~
  78. 78. xii. Consume Creative Brief Target Audience Our target audience is primarily women ages 21-35. Furthermore, our brand targets well-educated, middle-class women. This generation is characterized by individuals who utilize the Internet, either as often or more often than print media, as their primary source for information. They are technologically savvy, trendy and lead busy, face-paced lives. Source of Business Young adult women are constantly on the go and looking for the newest up and coming trend that aligns with their desire to appear sophisticated yet energetic. In terms of the beer industry, this provides an untapped market segment because current beers are marketed towards males. Therefore, the majority of beer products are characterized by a strong, bitter flavor and gruff design. We hope to edge out these products by consumers’ attraction to our innovative, refined, and unique concept that addresses their needs on multiple levels. ~78~
  79. 79. Advertising ObjectiveOur advertising objective is to create consumer demand forPromiss Light services.Key Consumer BenefitThe key consumer benefit of Promiss Light is a quality,sophisticated product that gives back to its consumers.Benefit SupportWe believe that Promiss Light will be successful because themarket trend of craft beers is on the rise and there is a highdemand for products dedicated to a higher social cause.Emotional AppealThe emotional appeal of Promiss Light lies in the feeling ofsophistication, customization, fun, and dedication to ahigher cause that accompanies drinking our product whilehelping to promote and sponsor women’s’ causes.TonalityThe tone of Promiss Light is modern, trendy, and energetic. ~79~
  80. 80. Mandatory ElementsWe discuss maintaining quality of our ingredients, safety ofour consumers, and compliance will public health codepolicies. ~80~
  81. 81. xiii. Franchise Creative BriefTarget Independent RetailerOur target independent retailers are businesses that haveexperience in the beverage industry, specifically bars andliquor stores.Source of BusinessBeer is one of our nation’s classic beverages andcustomization in this industry is one of the up and comingtrends. The popularity of this trend and the desire to stay ontop of coming trends will draw in potential independentretailers. Interested retailers will specifically want to sellPromiss Light products because of our unique marketingstrategies and original concept.Advertising ObjectiveOur advertising objective is to identify interested andqualified future independent retailers.Key Independent Retail Benefit ~81~
  82. 82. The key benefit of being an independent retailer of PromissLight is the acquisition of a unique product that attracts anuntapped market segment, as well as connections to anestablished company’s marketing strategies and support.Benefit SupportWe believe that Promiss Light will have success attractingindependent retailers because of the lack of competition inthis particular market and the low fiscal investmentrequired.Emotional AppealFor potential independent retailers, the emotional appeal ofPromiss Light lies in the feeling of being a part of somethingnew, energetic, and philanthropic. It is the intersection ofcreativity, sophistication, and goodwill.Mandatory ElementsWe discuss retail restrictions and that regulations may varyfrom state to state. ~82~
  83. 83. xiv. Consumer SurveyPersonal1. Where are you from?__________________________ 2. What gender do you identify with?______________ 3. What year were you born?_______________ 4. What is your occupation?________________ Overall Experience 1. How did you first hear about Promiss Light?___Magazine Advertisement___News Article___Online Advertisement___Facebook___Twitter___Friend___Other 2. What were your expectations when you first heard of our brand? 3. Have we met these expectations? ~83~
  84. 84. 4. Were you satisfied with our product? Why or why not?5. How many times have you tried our product? ________6. How do you feel our beer compares to others youdrink?7. Would you recommend us to a friend?Yes____ No____ Already have!____Product1. Did you feel our beer was a good value for the price?2. What did you like or not like about the beer?3. What else would you like us to provide that we do notalready? How can we improve your overall experience? ~84~
  85. 85. xv. Employee Survey1. How would you describe the atmosphere in thePromiss Light brewery and taproom during work hours?2. How would you describe the general mood ofcustomers when they visit the Promiss Light brewery?3. What are some common compliments from customers?4. What are some common complaints given bycustomers?5. What is the best response you’ve heard from acustomer when they try our product?6. Are you ever asked anything you do not know theanswer to? If so, please provide examples. ~85~
  86. 86. 7. What would you say the general age range of ourcustomers is?8. What gender would you say the majority of ourcustomers identify with? ~86~
  87. 87. xvi. Independent Retail Survey1. How would you describe your overall experience as aretailer of Promiss Light?2. What are some of the positive aspects of this associationwith Promiss Light?3. What are some of the negative aspects of yourassociation with Promiss Light?4. Would you like more or less support from PromissLight corporate? Why?5. Do you feel that Promiss Light is beneficial to yourbusiness? Why or why not?6. Any other comments, questions, or suggestions? ~87~
  88. 88. Sarah Hook & Taylor Allen Promiss LightIntegrated Marketing Communications Plan 2012 ~88~