Meal Planning Guide for Kids Feeding Kids (1)


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This is the companion guide to THE JOSHUA PROGRAM~ A Healthy Lifestyle Program for Children. Highly participative, the document includes homework assignments that empower children in meal planning, food selection, and in deciding which of their favorite bad foods, they are going to give up. The program is designed to permit the children to drive the healthy eating in the family, as parents seek to keep up with the gradual change! The program begins with a pledge of allegiance on a teleconference, with children calling-in from all parts of the country. Most participants are pre-teens.

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Meal Planning Guide for Kids Feeding Kids (1)

  1. 1. Meal Planning for Kids with Kids! Author; Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed~|Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program Author of THE SERENITY CHALLENGE and THE JOSHUA PROJECT (Childrens Healthy Lifestyle Program) From: Detox Your Mind or The Fat Will Come Back, 2014 For more info, click:
  2. 2. Homework #1: Did you make a list of your favorite unhealthy foods yet?
  3. 3. Schedule for the 1st 30 days: Weeks 1: Every Friday -Report your weight to your coach and report 3 new items you will remove from your list for the next week Week 2 : Select 3 more items from unhealthy list Start drinking a glass of veggie juice with parsley and some beets-just 8 oz per/day Week 3: Select 3 more items from unhealthy list and report to your coachon Friday. Continue drinking a glass of veggie juice with parsley and some beets-just 8 oz per/day Week 4: Select 3 more items from unhealthy list and report to your coach on Friday . Continue drinking a glass of veggie juice with parsley and some beets-just 8 oz per/day
  4. 4. My favorite Unhealthy Foods List them all You know what they are. If unsure, your nutritional coach will be glad to help you
  5. 5. Selecting Healthy Choices Homework #2: Check out Serenity’s Bulletin Board and select 10 healthy foods|desserts that you would like to try. Write them here. Have fun, keep clicking until you find the recipes. Write them down for all of the kids in the house
  6. 6. Homework #3: After you look through the entire Serenity Pinterest Board, plan your 1st week. Give a copy to your coach after all the kids in the house approve!
  7. 7. Simple BREAKFAST We are not sure how oatmeal got so popular, so lets talk about that first Steel Cut Oatmeal Do not use instant or 5 or 10 minute oatmeal, white sugar, honey or fruit. Use almond, soy or rice milk. Stevia for sweetener, available in health food stores, Whole Foods grocers, or health food section of a supermarket Almond slices or slivers What did you have for dinner? That makes a great breakfast! heat in a microwave, in a tupperware bowl. In fact, prepare bowls in the evening, for quick preparation SOY or ALMOND YOGURT-1 container Any flavor-Add almond slices, for extra protein TIP: Ensure that you have a GLASS of vitamins, in the morning or add the correct portion of multiple vitamins into yogurt. Mix well, and you have a great tasting, super healthy meal. No more “One a-Day pills-Drink or eat vitamins
  8. 8. This skillet serves 3-4 people. The orange things are whole carrots, with a little of the green stalk, sliced vertically, in half. Then eggs sunny-side up, with large Italian turkey sausage slices. Sea salt and pepper. Delicious and quick SIMPLE BREAKFAST
  9. 9. Simple LUNCH Did you know ‘NORI” is seaweed.. that green stuff at the beach? Nori Wraps Tip: Pak 6 in a tupperware bowl and carry to school for lunch and snack.
  10. 10. Simple Lunch VEGGIE WRAP COMBO’s Continued This is how it looks when it is ready to eat..the yellow stuff is hummus...yum! Hummus Spread works like mayo and holds the wrap together Hummus is a Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic Make it yourself or buy already prepared from Whole Foods or health food section of your grocery store
  11. 11. Simple Lunch , cont’d Try using collard green leaves on the next page, or add the veggies over there, on the side, inside these lettuce wraps, filled with turkey slices !
  12. 12. More Simple lunch, cont’d
  13. 13. Simple Dinners How about this fish (except Tilapia or catfish) topped with onions, over a bed of yellow rice? We chose these zucchini and carrot sticks, roasted in the oven on a pan with extra virgin olive oil, with salt, garlic, and any dried herb that you might like, such as rosemary, or oregano
  14. 14. Simple Dinners Sometimes the budget is low and everyone is in a hurry. How about a can of turkey chili, with 4 eggs cracked open right inside the pot. Make sure the chili is already hot. The green stuff is parsley leaves. You can add green peppers too. Each person gets one egg, so this is 4 servings GUESS WHAT? This is a great breakfast. So if you have enough, save some for the morning
  15. 15. Simple Healthy Beverages Try fresh squeezed green juices or red, or any color! For juice recipes and ingredients, click on link MEAN-GREEN-DETOX-JUICE-RECIPES.html? soid=1110442875411&aid=hjGKPKv4ngI
  16. 16. More Simple beverages Have fun over the weekend, and make your own FRUIT WATER. No added sugar guys, just fruit and water. You may use plain seltzer water to make it taste like soda. They will last all week. Fruit stays in the pitcher or glasses
  17. 17. Simple Desserts We like this Strawberry Parfait shake. Use almond milk and strawberry frozen dessert yogurt. Add thawed frozen strawberries, about 4-6, with a spoon and gently stir into the top, until you have a swirl
  18. 18. Simple Desserts and lunch too Container of soy or almond yogurt, any flavor. Bag of thawed fruit and stir on top of the yogurt. You may add nuts, like almond slices or granola
  19. 19. Simple Dessert made with your evening dose of vitamins Yummy
  20. 20. Remember, overall, you should follow this rule: For the entire slide, click here: off