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Presentation from CILIPS Shared Services Event 25 May 2011 (Dr Alyson Tyler)

Presentation from CILIPS Shared Services Event 25 May 2011 (Dr Alyson Tyler)

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  • Finish off with rousing speech or picture.What do we mean by shared? Shared space? Shared resources
  • Transcript

    • 1. Libraries Inspire
      Dr Alyson Tyler
      Libraries Development Adviser
      CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales
      Image of the Bibli family – promoting libraries in Wales
    • 2. Outline of talk
      Wales context
      Libraries for Life
      Libraries Inspire overview
      Collaboration examples
    • 3. What is CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales?
      Policy division of Welsh Government
      30 staff (7 vacant posts)
      Cross-domain approach
      Government building in Aberystwyth
    • 4. CyMAL’s roles and activities
      Advise the Minister
      Develop policy
      Deliver grant programmes
      Provide advice and support for sector
      Provide free training programme
      Publish magazine
      Sponsorship on National Library and National Museum
    • 5. Wales context
      3 million people
      20% speak Welsh
      22 local authority library services
      1 National Library
      c.12 HE libraries (mergers ongoing)
      c.23 FE libraries (mergers ongoing)
      50+ health libraries
      5 Prison libraries
      ? School libraries
      ? Workplace libraries
      Image from Flickr - giveawayboy
    • 6. Welsh libraries in statistics (public)
      Over 14.7 million visits 2009/10 (up 5.4% from 2008/09)
      Active borrowers rose to 681,000 (up 5.6% on 2008/09)
      Over 14.4 million books borrowed 2009/10
      Over 980,000 audio-visual loans in 2009/10
      Over 2 million enquiries were handled by public libraries in 2009/10
      Figures from the CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) Public Library Actuals survey for 2009-10.
    • 7. Welsh libraries in statistics 2 (public)
      330+ public libraries service points in Wales open 10 hours a week or more
      Over 2800 terminals with free internet access Over 2 million hours of free computer use in libraries made
      Swansea Central and Cardiff Central libraries are in the top 10 UK libraries for most items issued to borrowers for 2009/10.
      Figures from the CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) Public Library Actuals survey for 2009-10.
    • 8. Library strategies in Wales
      2005-07 @ your library
      2007-08 Interim year
      2008-11Libraries for Life
      2011-12 planning/interim year
      2012-15/16 Libraries Inspire (proposed)
    • 9. Libraries for Life 2008-2011 (six works strands)
      Community Learning Libraries Programme
      Online content and resources
      Regional Library Partnerships framework
      National marketing strategy
      Developing workforce skills
      Welsh Public Libraries Standards Framework 3
      BBC Wales weatherman and Welsh rapper in Fancy That library event
    • 10. Libraries Inspire Framework – the planning process
      Internal planning process started in 2010
      External consultation process
      Revisions and discussions summer 2011
      Launch autumn 2011
      Annual Delivery Plan – in partnership
    • 11. The Vision – Libraries Inspire
      “Libraries in Wales will work together to inspire people to enjoy reading, improve their knowledge, develop their skills and participate in their respective communities. Library services will be responsive to meeting people’s changing needs in a local, safe, modern physical and virtual environment.”
    • 12. Libraries Inspire – core offer
    • 13. Libraries Inspire themes / work areas
      Sustainable models of service delivery
      Resources for all
      Space for all
      Skills for life
      A helping hand
      Attracting the audience
      Delivering a quality service
    • 14. Collaboration or combat?
      Builth Wells Historical Pageant 1909,
      from LLGC flickr stream,
    • 15. Collaboration examples from Welsh libraries
      Online resources
      Joint purchase of online material – national offer
      Cat Cymru & regional resource delivery
      Library portal
      E-books pilot (14 local authorities)
      Marketing – e.g. national campaigns
      Welsh information literacy project
      Regional framework (eg training – cross sector)
      Joint LMS – initial work
    • 16. Resource discovery – Cat Cymru
    • 17. Cat Cymru –
      Cat Cymru screen shot
    • 18. Cat Cymru search results
    • 19. Resource delivery - regional ILL delivery schemes
      Image from flickr
    • 20. Benefits of resource collaboration
      Improved service for users
      Useful in times of financial hardship
      Helps public libraries meet some of the Welsh Public Library Standards
      Staff get to know each other across all libraries
      May lead to greater collaboration on collection management
    • 21. Challenges of resource collaboration
      Bugs in Cat Cymru
      Differences in indexing & cataloguing
      Reticence to promote – fear of flood of requests
      Net borrowers and net lenders
      Still slower than other options? Two tier system?
      Changes in LMS currently taking months to resolve in Webfeat
      Who pays for the delivery if/when funding runs out?
      Costs/charges vary across regions and Wales and sectors
      Not helped cross-regional borrowing
      Cost of postal delivery versions go up if usage goes up
      Delivery and logistics
    • 22. Together
    • 23. Questions?
    • 24. Contact details
      0300 062 2103
      Twitter @libalyson