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Linked Open Data stuff

  1. Linked Open Data stuff Gordon Dunsire Opening Library Linked Data to National Heritage: Perspectives on International Practice (2nd Linked Open Data Conference), Edinburgh, 21 Sep 2012
  2. Scope Open, free Highly selective Wot I kno Kind of stable Lots of stuff is project-based … Links to other stuff
  3. General background, etc. W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group  n_Page#Reports W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) 
  4. Datasets British National Bibliography (BNB) - Linked Open Data  Linked Data Service of the German National Library  dData/linkeddata_node.html LOCAH project  DBPedia 
  5. Element sets & value vocabularies Open Metadata Registry  FRBR/FRAD/FRSAD family  ISBD  RDA (in development)  Linked Open Vocabularies 
  6. Value vocabularies Library of Congress Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies  LCSH, LCC, LCNAF, MARC codes, etc. Dewey Decimal Classification  Universal Decimal Classification summary 
  7. Element sets CIDOC Concept Reference Model http://www.cidoc-
  8. Tools W3C Semantic Web tools  W3C LinkingOpenData  nityProjects/LinkingOpenData Open Metadata Registry (for vocabulary management)  Knoodl 
  9. Stuff I currently find useful Notepad or other text editor For non-XML serializations W3C RDF Validation Service  IsaViz: A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF  Protégé source ontology editor 
  10. And so on …. And so on …
  11. Issues  Global environment  Multilingual environment  Multi-domain environment  Archives, libraries, museums, … mappings!  Importance of branding (license, namespace)  Who said that?  Assessment of quality in a multi-voice environment  Trust  Importance of “authority” “control”  = Identity/Identifier management  Local vs global authorities (URIs)  “Record” is the old paradigm  Linked “statement” is the new  We all need to help each other (not alone any more)  We are all in this together, and so is our data