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Linked Open Data stuff


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A presentation by Gordon Dunsire.

Delivered at the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland (CIGS) Linked Open Data (LOD) Conference which took place Fri 21 September 2012 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

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Linked Open Data stuff

  1. 1. Linked Open Data stuff Gordon Dunsire Opening Library Linked Data to NationalHeritage: Perspectives on International Practice(2nd Linked Open Data Conference), Edinburgh, 21 Sep 2012
  2. 2. ScopeOpen, freeHighly selective Wot I knoKind of stable Lots of stuff is project-based …Links to other stuff
  3. 3. General background, etc.W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group  n_Page#ReportsW3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) 
  4. 4. DatasetsBritish National Bibliography (BNB) - Linked Open Data Linked Data Service of the German National Library  dData/linkeddata_node.htmlLOCAH project DBPedia 
  5. 5. Element sets & value vocabulariesOpen Metadata Registry  FRBR/FRAD/FRSAD family  ISBD  RDA (in development) Linked Open Vocabularies 
  6. 6. Value vocabulariesLibrary of Congress Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies  LCSH, LCC, LCNAF, MARC codes, etc.Dewey Decimal Classification Universal Decimal Classification summary 
  7. 7. Element setsCIDOC Concept Reference Model http://www.cidoc-
  8. 8. ToolsW3C Semantic Web tools W3C LinkingOpenData  nityProjects/LinkingOpenDataOpen Metadata Registry (for vocabulary management) Knoodl 
  9. 9. Stuff I currently find usefulNotepad or other text editor For non-XML serializationsW3C RDF Validation Service IsaViz: A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF Protégé source ontology editor 
  10. 10. And so on ….And so on …
  11. 11. Issues Global environment  Multilingual environment Multi-domain environment  Archives, libraries, museums, … mappings! Importance of branding (license, namespace)  Who said that?  Assessment of quality in a multi-voice environment  Trust Importance of “authority” “control”  = Identity/Identifier management  Local vs global authorities (URIs) “Record” is the old paradigm  Linked “statement” is the new We all need to help each other (not alone any more)  We are all in this together, and so is our data