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  • $12b in legal, $4b in academic $2b in healthcare approximate annual revenues (based on red bar charts in report)
  • E245 personal libraries-week5

    1. PERSONAL LIBRARIES WEEK 5 Demand Creation
    2. Your Feedback Understand Viral & Collaboration UserTesting.com on hypothesis Talk to more customers
    3. Revised Hypotheses MVP = Organize & Search Users will invite others in Better Usability  PDFs exchange for higher paper More activation & retention limits Next Focus = collaboration?• Completed: Initial start • Completed: Survey • Completed: “invite a screen optimizations • Update: “sharing” is far friend” call-to-action more complete less important to users prominently displayed• Update: latest survey than “save time”, “easy” • Update: [ ] strongly validates this and “web based” point More info on our blog: http://factnote.com/c/e245
    4. Survey Results 19 Masters, 1 PhD How do you currently organize Time Spent Reading Academic Papers papers? (hrs/week) 20 15 10 5% 5 15% 0 Computer Web Folders Email Read On Folders Attachments Coursework 10% 50% How do you currently organize citations? 7 20% 6 5 4 3 2 1 01-5 5 - 10 10 - 15 15 - 20 20 - 25 Manual Endnote EasyBib Google MS Word Mendeley Notes 2007
    5. Survey Results Most Important Factors in Choosing a Paper Management System16 1514 1312 1110 9 8 6 4 2 2 0 0 Time Saving Easy to Learn Web-Based Price Share with peers Converse with others
    6. AdWords Testing
    7. AB Testing Results0% conversion 42% conversion 75% conversion 32% conversion• Original Peaya website has 66% conversion rate• Conversion defined as people clicking the download button on the landing page• Experiment still underway; too few data points for drawing conclusions
    8. Google & Facebook campaigns• Keywords: free endnote, reference manager, pdf manager, Itunes for digital content, I tunes, manage pdf, organize paper, paper manager, citation manager, paper citation, cite pdfs• 24 impressions, 2 clicks on google adwords• Clicks on free endnote and organize paper• No Facebook response• 1 Post on ResearchGate drew 7 visitors
    9. We’re “a little” viral 12% of sign-ups from referrals 14 of 117 new registrations came from referrals by 3 people from Jan 1 to Feb 1. Referral bonus promoted in tutorial
    10. Collaboration doesn’t “pop”…. yet “Rate & Discuss” is least interesting tutorial screen so far However: 1) we can test different messages (ie “collaborate”) 2) experiment is slightly biased in ordering, we need further testing
    11. Virality Data 117 - # of new registrations in past 18 days 14 - # of those registrations through referral
    12. Product Trajectory iTunes of Digital Content PDF Organization & Tagging BioMed Reference ManagerBiomed Endnote Reference Managers E Books:TAM: ~$30M TAM: ~$84M TAM:
    13. UserTesting.com Scenario: You are a post doc in biomed research. You read through 100s of papers / year. You need to save & organize these papers so you can find & cite them laterTask 1: Download Peaya and create a user account. Look at the site for30 seconds. What is the site about? What are the most important/uniqueservices this site offers to the user? Task 2: Use the search feature to find an article on stem cells. Do you know what database you searched? Use the drop down menu to search another article from a different database. Task 3: Import two articles you searched for into your PeayaPaper library and tag them "Stem Cells". Locate the papers that you imported in your PeayaPaper library. Share one of the papers using "Express Link". Cite two articles in an MS Office Word Document. Task 4: Now that youve spent some time on the site, do you know the following: - What is your membership status? What upgrade options are available and how much do they cost? - Are you aware of the "refer-a-friend" program and what it entails? - Do you know how to get help on a given task? Task 5: What are the most important services Peaya offers to its users? - What message is the site selling you? - Would you continue to use the product in the futures? - Would you upgrade to a paid account?
    14. UserTesting.com Result User #2 Was confused about whether the product was a website or a piece of client software
    15. Business Model Canvas
    16. Next Week: More Customer interviews Refine SEM to Get Better Data Review UserTesting, A/B Tutorial Testing, and Usability Findings to Test & Improve Engagement
    17. Competition