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E245 agora-week5


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E245 agora-week5

  1. Agora<br />2/1/2011<br />
  2. Customers: Lessons Learned<br />Potential for alternate sales model: sell to the individual engineer then up-sell to enterprise<br />Diversity of cloud service offerings<br />Need to consider not just IaaS but also PaaS<br />Decision chain / sales model learnings<br />Low search volume for terms related to cloud comparison: missionary market<br />
  3. Our view last week: fork in the road<br />Information services<br />True marketplace<br />
  4. Our view this week: Agora evolution<br />Complexity<br />Time<br />Year 1<br />Year 2<br />Year 3<br />
  5. Search Keywords<br />Lesson Learned:<br />Very little search traffic -> a “missionary” sales effort<br />
  6. Highly Competitive Keywords<br />Lesson Learned:<br />AdWords(paid SEM) is not going to be an efficient channel with these keywords<br />
  7. Costs for Informational Service Website <br />Development<br /><ul><li>Source Control (Github)
  8. Agile Management (PivotalTracker)</li></ul>Cost: ~$900/yr<br />Billing / Payment<br /><ul><li>Billing (Chargify)
  9. Authorize.NET(Payment Gateway)</li></ul>Cost: ~$1800/yr<br />Hosting<br /><ul><li>Application Hosting (Heroku)
  10. Domain Reg, SSL (Godaddy)
  11. Privacy Policy (TrustE)
  12. CDN (MaxCDN)</li></ul>Cost: ~$3700/yr<br />Marketing<br /><ul><li>~2000 marketing emails/day (SES)
  13. Search Marketing (AdWords)
  14. PR</li></ul>Cost: TBD<br />Support<br /><ul><li>Support Forum (GetSatisfaction)</li></ul>~$1200/yr<br />Job Processing<br /><ul><li>Cloud (AWS EC2)</li></ul>Cost: TBD<br />Total: > $7500 / yr<br />
  15. Sales process: major learnings<br />Potential to target engineers, meet their needs and get built into workflow. Then up-sell across enterprise<br />If you meet the needs of engineer, may be able to short-circuit this process<br />
  16. Appendix<br />
  17. Demand Creation Budget<br />Lead gen: $40K<br />Inside sales reps: $600K<br />Tradeshows: $200K<br />Total: $840K<br />
  18. A First Product: Logging/Prediction<br />Server Logging<br />Control Panel<br />Job Started<br />Spin Up New Server?<br />Job Ended<br />Spin down?<br />
  19. Who we talked to so far<br />
  20. Customers: Lessons Learned<br />
  21. Value Proposition: Lessons Learned<br />* needs additional validation<br />
  22. Value Proposition: New Hypotheses<br />* needs additional validation<br />