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Published in: Education, Travel, Sports

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    Part Ⅱ
  • 2. At, On, In expressing place
    We use At with a building or institution when mean the normal purpose the building is used for .
    My friends are at the theatre
    ( = watching a play )
    My sister is fifteen. She`s still at school
    (=attending school )
  • 3. We use at for someone’s home.
    I had a cup of coffee at Alice`s ( house / flat )
    We also use at with a social event.
    We met at Adam`s party , didn`t we ?
    Jo spent the afternoon at races.
  • 4. B
    On is two-dimensional.
    We use it for a surface .
    Don’t leave your glass on the floor .
    There were lots of pictures on the walls.
    We use for position on a line such as a river, road, or frontier.
    Paris is on the Seine .
    The house is right on the main road, so it’s a bit noisy.
    Kirishima street is on fifth avenue.
    We use on to say that we are carrying something with us.
    I'm afraid I haven`t got any money on/with me.
  • 5. C
    In is three-dimensional.
    I had five pounds in my pocket.
    Who`s that girl in the green dress?
    There were three people in the waiting room.
    Compare in and at with buildings.
    It was cold in the library. ( = inside the building )
    We were at the library.( = using the library )
  • 6. D
    In general we use in for a country or town.
    My sister works in Birmingham.
    Tom is in Canada at the moment
    With a small place we can use at or in.
    we used to live at/in a place called Menston.
  • 7. We can use at with a town or city if we see it as a point on a journey.
    I had to change trains at Birmingham.
    We use on with a small island and in with a large island.
    we spent a week on Corfu.
    The company has a factory in Ireland.
  • 8. ECompare the use of at, on, and in in these phrases
    at 52 Grove Road
    at your house
    at the station
    at home / work / school
    at the seaside
    at the back
    at the end
    at the front of the queue
    on 42nd Street (US)
    on the third floor
    on the platform
    on the page
    on the screen
    on the island
    on the beach/ coast
    on the right/left
    on the back of
    in Spain/Bristol.
    in Grove Road
    in the room /lesson
    in a book/newspaper
    in the photo/picture
    in an envelope
    in the country
    in the middle
    in the distance
    in the back of the car
    in a queue/ line / row
  • 9. More details abut preposition of place
    Above, Over, Below, and Under
    Above and over have similar meaning.
    There was a clock above/over the entrance.
    My bedroom is above/over the kitchen, so I get all the cooking smells.
  • 10. When something covers an area, we prefer over.
    Thick black smoke hangs over the town .
    Whentwo things are in contact, we use over and not above.
    Someone had spread a sheet over the body.
  • 11. We also use over for movement to the other side.
    The horse jumped over the wall.
    Did the ball go over the goal line?
    Somehow we had to get over/across the river.
  • 12. We prefer over before a number.
    There are well over fifty thousand people in the stadium.
    But we use above for a measurement that we think
    of as vertical.
    Temperatures will rise above thirty degrees.
    The land here is only a couple of meters above sea level.
  • 13. Below is the opposite of above.
    The treasure was buried twelve meters belowground.
    Temperatures will fall below freezing.
    The opposite of over is under.
    Come under the umbrella, or you`ll get wet.
    The town lies under a thick black cloud of smoke.
  • 14. We use under rather than below with ages and with
    sums of money.
    You have to be under 15 to buy a half-price ticket.
    The winner will collect just under 20 million .
    With most other kinds of measurement, either below
    or under is possible.
    The party`s support has fallen to below/under20 percent.