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Explanation sugar by rizkah hayati
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Explanation sugar by rizkah hayati


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Sugar
    XII IPA 2 / 35
  • 2. Subtitle
    History of Sugar
    Why and How Sugar is Good for Us
    Why and How Sugar is Dangerous for Us
    Function of Sugar
  • 3. History of Sugar
    Long time ago, the sweet taste gets from fruits and honey, but honey was rarely to found.
  • 4. History of Sugar
    Then people found the cane. After that people began to plant cane in Papua, 10,000 years ago. Then the cane was introduced in India
  • 5. History of Sugar
    Sugar was first produced in India. The Indians made sugar ​​by cooking cane juice, then dried under the sun and finally sugar produced.
  • 6. History of Sugar
    After that sugar was introduced in China and the Muslim community. Then the Muslim community spread the cane to around the world.
  • 7. Why and How the Sugar is Good for Us
    The human brain uses glucose and oxygen to produce energy. Glucose is the basic element of sugar. We also need glucose to move the muscle.
  • 8. Why and How the Sugar is Good for Us
    The heart is composed of muscle, so our heart can’t beat without the sugar.
  • 9. Why and How the Sugar is Dangerous for Us
    Sometimes glucose will get out of the body with urine. It's not good for our bodies, because this is a disease. This disease is called diabetes. Diabetes occurs because of uncontrolled blood sugar. When affected by diabetes, we will often tired, and weight loss.
  • 10. Why and How the Sugar is Dangerous for Us
    People who are obese need to reduce foods that contain sugar. Because if not, he will get even bigger problem. So, fat people should exercise and reduce sugar intake.
  • 11. Function of Sugar
    sugar is also used to make various products such as plastics, tape, glue, nail polish, a mixture of cement and steel
  • 12. Conclusion
    Sugar is very important to our lives, without sugar we don’t have enough energy so that our brains can’t work optimally. Although sugar is good for us, we also should try to don’t eat too many sugar because it is not healthy for our bodies.
  • 13. That’s allThanks for Your Attention..