mbbs pharm d academics medical study management reasearches types analysis latest knowledge symptoms therapeutics diagnosis signs & symptoms tests prevention life style modifications https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-shaji-4274b71a4 https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji complications risk factors clinical watching hospital practice pharmacology images pharmaceutical medical information pathology gynecology pharmacotherapeutics a brief medical study medicine physiology health information a detailed medical information a detailed medical study definition latest study drugs causes endocrinology psychology psychiatry orthopedics cardiology classification medical aspects reaserches medical pathophysiology etc pharm d academic treatment a long chart of medical abbreviations p h value a long chart on different ph. values emergency medicine epidemiology phobias pediatrics oncology stress physiotherapy calculations antibiotics pulmonology methods study research lactation /safer drugs - pharmacology medical microbiology influenza appendix acid base homeostasis medical abbreviations peptic ulcer management/treatment etc peptic ulcer a detailed study medical devices intraosseous (io) cannulation health quality best practices pharmacological options supplements diet autoimmune disorders wilsons disease copper toxicity surgical options healthcare infections pharm d intern fungii bacteria virus microorganisms infectious diseases list biopharmaceutics scientific educacion candidiasis vaginal yeast infection toxicology organophosphate poisoning clinical toxicology mucormycosis black fungus facial trauma maxillofacial trauma maxillary regions maxillofacial surgery circadian rhythm sleep disorder sleep paralysis parasomnias sleepwalking night terrors nightmares breathing-related sleeping disorders narcoleptic cataplexy narcolepsy dyssomnias insomnia klevin levin syndrome sleep disorders a case study on pangastritis with pancreatitis management for people living with sickle cell diso sickle cell disorder/disease surgery - a detailed medical study . compartment syndrome 12 basic facts about tetracyclines kinesiology- a long chart on images of different muscles- myolo muscles - trauma care flail chest some facts you need to know about okra skin care dermatology cosmetics how to have a clear skin physiology of sleep hepatology a brief medical study | | management alcoholic liver disease | causes stages of liver disease liver failure diary products dietary products vitamin k calcium vitamin d natural ways to build healthy bones ophthalmology / medical information absence of iris aniridia sleep according to your age (heel pain)- plantar fasciitis why who guidelines for hand hygiene when? oct 15- world hand hygiene day how & hand hygiene: know the medical facts ) chlamydia trachomatis- usage of condom types of vaginal patch types of condom female condom (vaginal patch) efficiency of vaginal patch cost of female condom fluid or water on the knee ℹ️ swelling of the knee ℹ️ prepatellar bursitis ℹ️ knee bursitis ℹ️ effusion knee effusion conditions similar to fibromyalgia fibromyalgia tests used - muscle pain symptoms forward head posture cardiac arrest heart attack v/s cardiac arrest c-bariatric surgery prediabetes histology kinesiology degenerative or chronic tears. subscapularis and teres minor. infraspinatus supraspinatus supraspinatus tear amh test a crucial hormone -medical information anti mullerian hormone all facts you should know (amh) secondary peritonitis. spontaneous bacterial peritonitis peritonitis types of diabetes blood pressure with diabetes 2 relationship management and clinical and medical aspects of str world mental health day a detailed study on stress all about eog eog -a detailed medical information electro oculography amylase enzyme know all about amylase enzyme nasal polyps halitosis electrocardiogram (eeg) - medical information electrocardiogram (eeg) premenustral syndrome pms a brief medical study.. premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd) nobel prize nobel prize winners for discoveries related to pha and maturation. proliferative inflammatory hemostasis healing of wound wound how wound heal process a detailed medical study . baby with thin hair on there bodies lanugo r-a detailed medical study diabetic retinopathy: a silent killer- diabetic retinopathy diabetes 16 signs showing your blood sugar level is high what sugar actually does types of sugar sugar effects on body a brief medical study. hyperthyroidism hyperparathyroidism(hpt) eye twitching stages or cycles of sleep anatomy and physiology heart anatomy heart valves panic disorder clinical features of gad symptoms of gad types of gad types of symptoms anxiety symptoms normal and abnormal anxiety fear etiology of anxiety disorder post traumatic stress disorder obsessive compulsive disorder specific phobia agaro phobia social phobia a detailed chart ) types of phobia ( all panic attack anxiety disorder sphygmanometer kortkoff sign common problems on bp measurements blood pressure measurement flat feet macrolides quinolones aminoglycosides tetracycline's cephalosporin's penicillin's sulfonamides a detailed pharmacological study a detailed classification pharmacolog low sperm count azoospermia oligospermia some facts hypertension position in lumbar puncture cerebrospinal fluid drawn quantity of csf needed equipment's lumbar puncture food habits should follow pcod polycystic ovary syndrome | diet for pco women- supplements for height exercises -health information 10 best exercises for increasing your height general surgeon appendicitis how to quit addictions- hormonal control uterine cycle ovarian cycle embryology triiodothyronine (t3) tetra iodothyronine i thyroxine (t4) thyroid hormones: thyroid function test varicose veins (medical information) causes surgical methods for varicose veins manag test& diagnosis supporting the patient miscarriage - medical information miscarriage respiratory devices gerd gastro esophageal reflux disease- ecg heart rhythm disorder arrhythmia / lumbar spondylosis lumbar spondylosis- vaginitis vaginal discharge an overview vaginal discharge patho & complications) leukkorhea abnormal menustration no melanin genetic defects immune disorder complex inherited is a rare chediak-higashi type -oculocutaneous albinism -natural killer lymphocytes defect defect in tyrosinase enzyme -leukocytic anomaly albinism oculocutaneous albinism -chediak-steinbrinck-higashi syndrome -begnez-cesar's syndrome synonyms names -a brief medical study albinism (autosomal recessive) menstrual migraine - medical information a long chart on all types of phobia names fear disorders acupressure points for headache | along chart drug suffixes | dengue fever- patho & complications risks nephrology urology bed wetting enuresis| activation energy specificity mechanism of action introduction enzymes lung cancer health benefits stress management seven steps to protect yourself from stress feedback control homeostasis tetanus benefits of hand exercise osteoporosis health facts hand exercises images central nervous system heart diseases digestive system espiratory system & all other systems physiological effects of smoking on the respirator doses equipments pre operative and post-operative surgical care lung diseases emphysema urinary tract infection uti medical information | health facts how long does it take to digest food-medical riesman sign conditions useful ocular bruits technique ocular/ orbital auscultation pertussis pneumonia & tuberculosis lower respiratory disorders significance causes of apnoea and bradycardia brief study bradycardia apnoea & bradycardia apnoea riskfactors ichthyosis  head lice- head lice- diagnosis & management pregnancy early signs of pregnancy early signs of pregnancy before a missed period sperm dripping out of vagina naturally and pathologically analyzed anatomically coronary artery coronary artery diseases coronary artery anatomy coronary artery functions types of suturing stiches types healing wound suturing ligatures sutures network researches analytics tools pharmaceutics hecting actions procedure for suturing wounds when to see doctor experts opinion treatment |management |symptoms athlets foot drug obesity -medical information calculation treatment protocol newest studies reasarches studies diarrhea -classification all medical aspects) diarrhea - a detailed study colic -medical information | |management | diagnosis | a brief study colic clinical aspects regarding colic clinical watching of colic brain tumour a brief study classification of brain tumours brain tumour peptic ulcer ( a medical study)- definition marfan syndrome rectifications on marfan syndrome marfan syndrome characters marfan syndrome - a detailed study ( all medical i bulimia anorexia management etc differences anorexia and bulimia - medical information prevention) cause leukorrhea-a detailed study(types diagnosis/treatment/managemen of carcinoma of skin carcinoma of skin | management squamous cell carcinoma of skin congenital limb abnormalities clubfoot all aspects treatment clubfoot club foot- congenital club foot lasik all aspects treatment by lasik and astigmatism hyperopia myopia how long does lasik last laser assisted in ophthalmology lasik chf-defn/cause/manag/drug/perven heart failure medical aspects heart failure -medical notes treatment epilepsy epilepsy medical discussion types of seizures epilepsy causes seizure epilepsy objectives/ uses of sop sop ( a detail discussion sop standard operating procedure all aspects of whooping cough/ pertussis mamagement/cause/ diagnosis of pertussis a detailed study on pertussis / whooping cough pertussis ( medical information ) whooping cough study on finger nails on disease and deficiency finger nails images images of nails at disease conditions nails on diagnosis nails on different disease conditions drugs choice during pregnancy and lactation /safer lactation/ safer drugs - drugs choice during pregnancy pe -management /treatment pulmonary embolism venous thrombo embolism / deep vein thrombosis prosthetic eye( advantages & disadvantages)- in br artificial eye prosthetic eye prosthetic eye( advantages & disadvantages) results of diagnostic tests names of diagnostic tests medical and nursing lab. diagnostic test) diagnostic tests & diseases all about antibiotics pharmacology of antibiotics classification of antibiotics antibiotics - detailed study (pharmacology) - acad rules for a happy married life abnormal menstruation watching for abnormal menstruation case presentation on burn injury a case study on burn injury burn injury types of human stroke - definition in brief ( medi types of human stroke anatomical movement - terms & medical information anatomical movement internal organs and functions - medical informatio a detailed study dyslipidemia dyslipidemia -medical information dyslipidemia a case study on copd with hypertension indicators/ symptoms of protein deficiency - indicators/ symptoms of protein deficiency - medi iron deficiency anemia - all medical information . iron deficiency anemia orthostatic hypotension - medical information a brief study on orthostatic hypotension . https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/appendix-ap a case study on appendicitis by eating these food prevent hair fall medical microbiology - a brief introduction martinsuja369@gmail.com a case study on metabolic acidosis metabolic acidosis case presentation on acute pancreatitis a case study on acute pancreatitis https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/pancreatiti best tips for weight reduction - health informatio https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/human-repro human reproduction - a detailed study https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/a-detail-st yoga tips for glowing skin -a brief study https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/activities- fruits for diabetes control - health information fruits for diabetes https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/avocado-nut simple tips to overcome stress stress | how to overcome | simple tips. hypersensitivity - medical information ( a detaile hypersensitivity - medical information health benefits of carrot - nutritional aspects health benefits of carrot skeletal system skeletal system- a brief study ear infections signs of ear infections some major signs of ear infections - medical infor mri - procedure / uses etc magnetic resonance imaging (mri) - medical inform magnetic resonance imaging alcohol withdrawal syndrome alcohol withdrawal syndrome - a case study https://www.slideshare.net/martinshaji/a-case-stud heat stroke heat stroke - medical information keto diet water purification methods water purification - medical information schizophrenia schizophrenia - medical information influenza - all medical information skin types and health conditions - medical informa skin types and health conditions exercises for lung activities that will make our lungs healthy & stro spermatorrhea spermatorrhea - medical information appendicitis - medical information how to quit smoking- medical information how to quit smoking restless rest syndrome - medical information sperm test semen analysis - medical information avocado in weight reduction avocado fruit avocado nutrition facts & health benefits all about hormonal contraceptives hormonal contraceptive- medical information cerebral angiography cerebral angiography -procedure cerebral angiography - medical information all aspects on pancreatitis pancreatitis medical information acute pancreatitis certification of death how to confirm a death ? confirm a death (medical information) sheehan syndrome case studies on pituitary apoplexy pituitary apoplexy vaginal discharge all aspects vaginitis- vaginal discharge all medical informati myasthenic crisis myasthenia gravis - medical information disease condition and drug choice in pregnancy drug choice in pregnancy - a long chart health benefits of salt & all about pink rock salt vomiting of blood - medical aspects hematemesis and lateral. prone sitting lithotomy supine surgical positions pomegranate - health benefits & nutrition major buffer systems ph of a buffer system mechanism of hydrogen ion homeostasis ph anion gap all about normal labour detailed physiology of normal labour stages of normal labour normal labour gluteus minimum) gluteus medium (gluteus maximus medical aspects of buttocks auscultation auscultation points images auscultation points- images a study on abdominal pain sites of abdominal pain and diseases what actually abdominal pain indicates? growth in infants /month monthly developments on infants periodic development among pediatrics periodic development on infants developments in neonates pediatric developments pulse a brief study images of different pulse sites different pulse sites sleeping posture and health all the benefits of sleeping in our left side gold all aspects on pharmacological/medical view gold uses in medicine all the aspects of gold in medical purposes goosebumps medical facts goosebumps reasons /discussion all medical aspects of goosebumps gosebumps branch of study & names names of all branches of study a long chart on all branches of science burns home remedies management/ treatment/types/all about burns all about burns a detailed study on burns babesiosis(manag/prev/treat/diag/causes) babesiosis babesiosis all aspects a detailed study on babesiosis top health habits healthy habits for healthy body top best habits for healthy body & life tongue color & disease states normal tongue color & changes color changes on tongue & its effects tongue color changes images what does your color change indicate? disciplines for a medical academics essential disciplines for a medical student changes of rhythms in different conditions 30+ sinoatrial node rhythms /junctional rhythms ventricular rhythms the heart block rhythms chamberlians 10 rule of ecg / atrial rhythms basic ecg rhythms & rhytms on several conditions how to do a drug documentation/profile rhopressa ( ophthalmic soln) drug profile drug profile an example for academic purpose nitrogen washout body plethesmography chest x ray carbon monoxide diffusion capacity spirometry pulmonary function test a detailed study a study on referred pain referred pain referred pain images functions of kidney/ renal anatomy renal physiology a study on renal physiology images of types of fracture types of fracture /images & names boils/otitits media/ swimmers ear a study on common ear disease medical terms& meaning important medical terminologies sciatica/defeni/management/cause/ preven sciatica a study on sciatica methods to overcome snoring how to stop snoring septic arthritis a detailed study a case study on septic arthritis @ left knee all about folliculitis a case study on migraine with folliculitis biomarkers a brief study future treatment for parkinsons brief study about biomarkers & parkinson treatment blood disorders/ blood grouping/ all facts about human blood a detail study about human blood all about anemia& chf a case study on anemia with congestive heart failu alcohol withdrawal syndrome a case study on alcohol withdrawal syndrome a case study on peptic ulcer tonsilitis a detailed study on tonsilitis a case study on tonsillitis gastroenteritis a detailed study a case study on gastroenteritis antibiotic resistance / classification a study on excess use of antibiotics/ all about stroke / myocardial infraction/ stroke a detail study on shock / myocardial infraction/ vaccines detailed study about vaccines a detailed note on vaccines that available now clinical aspects regarding typhoid a detailed study on enteric fever a case study on typhoid diabetic foot a detailed study management & diagnosis of diabetic foot a case study on diabetic foot treatment options & diagnosis< patient counslling a case study on uti ( urinary tract infection) article pictures slide share ten / total epidermal necrolysis article on drug induced steven johnson syndrome drug induced steven johnsons syndrome sjs / ten all about vitamin b5
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