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Year7 ht1week1lesson1introductionchina
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Year7 ht1week1lesson1introductionchina


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  • Present myself. Ask students to write their name of a paper.Get to know each other.Explaintostudentsthattheywillhavetowritethedateandtitleatthebeginningofeachlesson。Present the objectives and talk about the routine in class. Create a quiz sheet。
  • Introduce the idea of stars and differentiation. Students need to colour China on the map and place Beijing.
  • Ask where we speak Mandarin: around 1.3 milliards Chinese people around the world. Students need to colour where people speak ChineseStart the quiz.
  • Students participate in a quiz in group三.
  • Chāzihechízi, shǒuzhǐ,kuàizi
  • Abacus,dǐngbǎn
  • Yaoming
  • jiǎozi
  • Back to the objectives.
  • plenary
  • Transcript

    • 1. 日期 题目 目标 作业 到期 2013年9月13日。 Vocab test: hello / good morning / hello teacher / good- bye Prepare a mini role: Be able to greet someone. Do Now /现在 下个星期 (Next Monday) 中文 *Know: Where China is where we speak Chinese. *Be able to: tell what you need to learn as part of Mandarin lessons. *So that: you can develop an open-mind towards China.
    • 2. Mantra >
    • 3. 好好学习 Haǒhaǒxuéxí 天天向上 tiāntiānxiàngshàng Mantra
    • 4. Do now: What do you already know about China? Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 5. 相连xiānglián connection Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China • 1_0 Where is China 中国 on this map?
    • 6. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China 1,917,000,000 Mandarin speakers 激活jīhuó activation
    • 7. 1.) What is her name? Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 8. 2.) What do the Chinese use most often to eat with? a. forks and spoons 叉子和匙子 b. fingers 手指 c. chopsticks 筷子 Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 9. 3.) What are their job? 2 answers. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 10. 4.) What is it used for? 顶板 Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 11. 5.) What is the colour of happiness? a. red b. green c. gold Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 12. 6.) What is one thing considered to be good luck in 中国? a. b. c. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 13. 7. Draw the 中国的 flag. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 14. 8. Write a 中国的 name (in English). Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 15. 9. Who is桑老师 ‘s favorite? a. b. c. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 16. 10. For which occasion do you eat dumplings (饺子)? Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 17. 11.What is the Moon festival? g Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 18. Video MonChinois 1. Watch the video. 2. Discuss what is true or not in pairs. True √ False  Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China 示范shìfàn demonstration
    • 19. What do you need to learn for a Chinese lesson? 中文 zhōngwén Chinese Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China
    • 20. 1. 木 (mù) = ? 2. 人 (rén) 3. 可口可乐 (KěKǒukěle) 4. 英国 (yīngguó) 5. 中国 (zhōngguó) Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China 巩固gǒnggù consolidation
    • 21. 日期 题目 目标 作业 到期 2013年9月13日。 桑老师你好! *Know: Where China is where we speak Chinese. *Be able to: tell what you need to learn as part of Mandarin lessons. *So that: you can develop an open-mind towards China. Learn how to say and write: hello / good morning / hello teacher / good-bye 现在
    • 22. Why learning a foreign language? 你为什么学习外语? Give 3 advantages to learn a foreign language. Give 3 advantages to learn Chinese. Week1_lesson1_Introduction_China