Champ Vs. NINA


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Champ Vs. NINA

  1. 1. CHampion vs Nina inspired by mark suster’s “one key person that will help you improve your sales” In most sales processes, you need a champion on the buyer’s team. Someone who isn’t afraid of change, has the ability to make decisions, and wants your product. Identifying this person can be difficult. Often, the people who are the easiest to find and engage with have no influence or authority. In shorthand, a NINA. Instead, you need to find someone with both influence and authority and a willingness to help. champion Nina (Time Waster): No Influence, No Authority (IA): Influence + Authority WHAT is a CHAMPION? WHAT is A NINA? Someone rooting for you- They’re that buyer that has influence and authority and wants your product. Make sure and try to understand why they are making the push for you and how you can help. A time waster- They love to talk about how great your product is compared to your competitors, but lack the influence and authority to pull the trigger on any deals. MUST BE DEVELOPED They are harder to find and the relationship must be nurtured EASY TO MEET There are many of them and they all want your time THE NEED When you’ve identified a buyer that is not only on board with your product, but has the ability and desire to move forward, show them you’re thankful and reassure them that you’ll deliver. The cure Do your best to recognize these people from the beginning. If you ask them for the next step and they can’t help- move on quickly. TRUST They’ve got to trust you and open towards your product A LOUD MOUTH They talk a big game, but can’t offer you any real value. The NEED Do your best to establish personal trust with your champion in each sale. This makes them more willing to stick their neck out for you. The cure Recognize this as their overcompensation for lacking in influence and authority. Although they may be loud, their peers will overlook their input. SIncerity They care enough to spread the word from within INsincerity While they’re quick to talk, they lack the power to make decisions The NEED When they care enough to ruffle some feathers to fight for you, you know they’re genuine. These are the best champions. The cure EGG Breakers WHAT are they Although they’re praising your product, realize they can’t help you sell it. Find buyers within the company that can. Now that we know who the difference, lets look deeper into The best Sales Champions. ? why are they important ? They’re the decision makers that approach difficult situations tactfully. They are willing to be forceful to get things done right. Egg breakers are buyers that aren’t afraid to make tough decisions and speak their mind where others fall silent. what’s the bottom line? Don’t waste your time with NINAs. Recognize those that can’t help you as quickly as possible and move towards those that can. Once you’ve found your sales champion, nurture the relationship as you move forward and look to close the deal.