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Leveraged emotional marketing


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Motivate emotions to motivate actions. The way to invoke self-induced call-to-action.

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  • @juaomaya
    Amazing! Yes, as I mentioned in the presentation, we need to capture as many senses as possible to win customers. Thank Juao for being such a great contributor of support.
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  • Dear Ali, I just read online this headline on a Brazilian newspaper that claims for itself the title 'the best newspaper in the country': 'NEW CAR SMELL IS DEVELOPED BY A TEAM OF SPECIALISTS'. As you see, nothing I had not already learned here a month ago!...
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  • Bas de Baar, your artistic talent is cool! I like it a lot :) Ali Anani, pairing Bas de Baar’s portrait of youself with this presentation did a great job in leveraging an emotional reaction in me, the viewer. (It conveyed a sense of DOCTOR Ali Anani as a teacher who didn’t mind some imperfections and appreciated some simplicity.) My favorite part of this presentation was slide 26. That comparison was interactive because I had a chance to engage mentally with your work. Good job, keep the thoughtful presentations coming!
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  • @xiby
    Thanks Gorg for your lovely comment. Thanks for making me feel stronger in line with what you wrote 'learn and find by experience that a quiet conscience makes one strong'.
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Leveraged emotional marketing

  1. 1. LeveragedEmotionalMarketingAli Anani
  2. 2. Bas de Baar drew my photo and added to it oneof my quotes from my presentation onslideshare on “The Iceberg of opposites”.Bas, you moved me emotionally.I dedicate this presentation to you.
  3. 3. Leverage emotions and senses and youwin How?
  4. 4. Show it and not say itShow it and not write about it.Infographics are great examples ofshowing more and writing less
  5. 5. I say:Even it is more important to experienceit than just showing it
  6. 6. Enrich the experience by adding asmany senses as you can
  7. 7. Leveraged rich experienceswill make people act
  8. 8. Excite people to voluntarily engage instead of asking for call-to-action
  9. 9. If you want call-to-action energizeit with emotional surprises
  10. 10. Add curiosityIf you do not tweet or video thiseventYou shall miss……………
  11. 11. Sharing your pleasure and self-pride
  12. 12. The emotional reaction will have to reachexcitement before producing sales
  13. 13. Increase emotional input to achievesuccessful marketing results
  14. 14. But still people smoke
  15. 15. Call-of-action failure
  16. 16. Like a chemical reaction, behaviorchange will have to reach a climaxto give the desired action
  17. 17. Emotions trigger actions
  18. 18. Experience provokes emotionalreactions
  19. 19. Experience + good feelings +enriching as many senses aspossibleis the formula for self-drivencall-to-action
  20. 20. Compare these two warnings oncigarette packs
  21. 21. Which ad carries moreemotion?
  22. 22. Hurting your child fills you with guiltIntensify bad emotions to reach their hot spot
  23. 23. Change of bad behavior is morelikely to happen this way
  24. 24. You want to sell a house
  25. 25. Keep it clean, fragrant,refreshing, touchyEvoke the emotions to stirup actions
  26. 26. Motivate emotions to motivateactionsThe customer must feelwell to sell well