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Emotional Marketing


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Presentation on Chapter 3

Published in: Marketing
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Emotional Marketing

  1. 1. Women are increasingly influential consumers Women represent 50.7 of the US population Influence or buy 80% of products sold spend close to 3.5 trillion each year in US Discuss companies like Sears and Home Depot compared to the car industry. What has the car industry done wrong? pg 44
  2. 2. No company today can afford to ignore women "The new economy has endangered a business atmosphere that requires problem solving, communication, and the manipulation of information, skills in which women are highly developed" How are women changing the way business is conducted and organizations operate? pg 47
  3. 3. What women want as consumers 1. Respect: Acknowledge they are intelligent and informed, and they will respect your brand 2. Individuality: Recognize their diversity as much as possible, and resist all temptation to stereotype 3. Stress Relief: Offer solutions, or at least understanding, of the tensions that prey on them daily 4. Connection: Women want to know what your product will do for them, personally - find out what makes them tick 5. Relationship: Brands that take a sincere stand for something and demonstrate it in real, concrete terms will do well with women
  4. 4. RESPECT "Women know an awful lot more about carburetors and electric saws than you might think...Talk to them with respect!" What did Michelin tire company do right? What did AMEX do wrong? pg 49-50
  5. 5. "Boss, mama, woman, worker, nurturer, girlfriend, biker, wife, business owner, seductress, friend, cook, volunteer, activist, industry leader, artist, sports fan"....all women are not the same! How did a Corningware cookware commercial with the tagline "find your inner chef" differ from those of typical "Betty Crockerish" cooking ads? pg 51 INDIVIDUALITY
  6. 6. Since emotional branding is about solutions, what can be done to help women find and feel more work/life balance and relief from stress in the brands in their lives? What could grocery stores do to help develop a relationship with women? pg 52 Can you think of any ideas any other company could do? a woman's job is never done! STRESS RELIEF
  7. 7. "Give me a F-E-E-L-I-N-G!!!" (not stats or lists of numbers Women base most of their decision- making on emotions as opposed to rational elements. CONNECTION
  8. 8. Women will give their trust and long-term loyalty to brands that enter into a meaningful dialogue with them. Women want brands that reflects values that are important to them. RELATIONSHIP
  9. 9. Today's Girls, Tomorrow's Women Girl power is everywhere - as seen in a new kind of feminine empowerment that embodies the attitude of younger Gen Y women. Brands need to speak to women in new, inventive ways. Finding out how to make a loyal female customer is probably the best investment a brand can ever make!