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Spain Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SPAIN
  • 2. SPAIN  Spain was a leader in discovery and shipping in the 16 and 1700’s  Spain is surrounded for water and has an abundance off trees that make it easier to build strong long lasting ships  Spain was able to conquer and settle Mexico and works it way up into modern day America
  • 3. Struggle and Survival Trade  The Spanish inquisition in  “The Golden Age of Mexico hurt the original Spain” with Charles inhabitants immensely ineheriting large  In Struggle and Survival portions of land gave Catalina la Garay the country even more confessed to accustaions opportunity for trade after being tortured and received 200 lashings  Spain held huge a ammount of gold and sliver during this time
  • 4. Portugal  The First global empire  Portuguese colonies in history were being attacked  Between 1580 and by three rival 1640 Portugal was the European powers little brother to Spain hostile to Spain
  • 5. Portugal cont . . .  Big losses to the Dutch in  The Portuguese lost Portuguese India and many trade islands Southeast Asia during the and routes in the war 17th century brought an with the dutch end to the Portuguese trade monopoly in the Indian Ocean.
  • 6. English Empire  The Caribbean originally  England’s power in provided England's most Europe made them important and lucrative colonies able to fund trips back  England’s first permanent and forth from their settelment in the new land land to the Americas was Jamestown
  • 7. English empire cont. . .  King Charles II granted many charters to the new land that were valuable in creating trade routes
  • 8.  The French first came to the  During the 17th and 18th New World as explorers, centuries France conquered seeking a route to the and controlled many Pacific ocean and wealth Carribean Islands  The French tried to create  They also sided with the posts and colonies in the U.S. against Great Britain new land
  • 9. Dutch  In 1602 the Dutch  After some early trading founded the Dutch East expeditions, the first Dutch settlement in the Americas India Company was founded in 1615 which  The mission was to was Fort Nassau revive exploration and  1621 they found the Dutch find passages for west Indies trade company trade
  • 10. Dutch cont. . .  The English attacked and conquered many of the Dutch established colonies