Seminar and Workshop for understanding Mobile Industry & Dev Efforts


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We are bridging the gap between industry and academia by connecting the education institutions with veteran industrialists.

We are organizing a series of seminars and workshops in engineering colleges across India. Mobile industry is definitely a prospective career demand in the future, and so we are striving this challenge to educate students about various technologies that they should know before graduating.

Reach us if you want to organize the similar seminars/workshops in your college. Write us an email at info[at]iwillstudy[dot]com

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Seminar and Workshop for understanding Mobile Industry & Dev Efforts

  1. 1.  Expert talk about present Mobile industry  Get an overview of the current market of mobile operating systems.
  2. 2. Mobile Phones: Market Share and Operating Systems Smartphone’s – Evaluation and future. Nokia (Symbian) – Apple (iPhone) – Google (Android) Symbian Foundation / Symbian OS Android – Open Handset alliance. Mac OS X (iPhone) Others (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm, MeeGo - Linux) Cross-platform: Java ME Future and Career
  3. 3.  Expert seminar and demos from experienced professionals of Mobile Industry.  The topics they will cover: Symbian (OS) Overview Android iPhone OS Overview Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)
  4. 4.  Introduction to Symbian Ltd. and Symbian OS  History of Symbian (OS)  Platform Overview  Symbian as a open source  IDEs and Application Development Environment Platforms Using Which We can develop for Symbian OS Symbian C++ Qt For S60 Web Runtime Technologies Java ME Python For S60 Flash Lite
  5. 5.  Android overview  Android background (Android Inc -> Google Equitation -> Open handset alliance -> Android as a open source)  Pre-requisite to learn Android  JAVA virtual machine – Dalvik virtual machine  Android development tools (Eclipse, Android Plug-ins, Android Dev environments)  User Interfaces and layouts  Building Blocks (Intents, Activity, Service, Resource, Content Provider, Broadcast receiver)  Android programming for background processing (Multithreading, Background Services, AsyncTask)  Android Vendors list  HTTP Communication (Simple HTTP, REST, SOAP)  Programming for native controls like GPS, Accelerometer, camera, recording, flash light.  Signing and publishing app.
  6. 6.  iPhone Overview.  iPhone background (iPhone -> 3G -> 3GS -> 4). Apple  Technology behind the iPhone  iPhone Programming interface and Objective C  Capabilities/Limitations of iPhone application programming interface  Programming for native controls (Camera, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, video recording, motion)  2D and 3D animations  Core Services – Telephony, Event Kit, Image IO, Map Kit  Audio and Video encoding/rendering/editing.  Data Management  Network and Interface (TCP/HTTP/REST/SOAP)  Performance  Security  iPhone Game development
  7. 7.  Java ME Platform Overview  Agenda behind J2ME and its applicability in Mobile echosystem  Pre-requisite to learn J2ME  CLDC/MIDP  MIDP versions and compatibility  Basic UI Controls  PIM (Personal Information Management) Access  HTTP Communication (Simple HTTP/REST/SOAP)  Multimedia Data Access  Extended UI Frameworks and its purpose.  J2ME Polish and LWUIT
  8. 8.  Doubt Clearing Session: At the end of the event, students can also discuss their problems, interest and doubts in Java with the speaker.  Workshop goodies: Mobile apps DVDs, Misc Apps DVDs, Seminar/Workshop slide notes and Participation CERTIFICATES.  Prizes and Gifts: Various prizes and surprise gifts will be given during the sessions.  Other Benefits: 1 year free email support from for solving any doubts related to Mobile application world.
  9. 9. Website: Email: Mobile: +91-8980472625 Phone: +91-79-40036034