Seminar and Workshop on Linux


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Seminar and Workshop on Linux

  1. 1. Proposal for organizing Linux WorkshopA proposal by iWillStudy.comAuthor/feedback: Ritesh Ambastha, +91 8980472625, ritesh@iwillstudy.comCompany organizes multiple technical seminars, workshops, conferences and trainingprograms in different engineering colleges. These program witnesses many engineering studentsof Computer Science, Information Technology and Electronics & Communication branches. Wehave conducted Linux based different seminars and workshops in various engineering colleges.Speaker IntroductionMr. Viji V Nair, Fedora Ambassador & Community Engineer, ex- Red HatAfter earning the experience of over ten years in industry, he knows every fundamentals &advanced concepts of Linux, System Administration, System Architecture, System Security,Computer Networks, Open Source Project Contributions, Parallel & Distributed Computing, andmany other technologies. He believes that the technology should not be measured in terms ofmoney and should be spread free of cost. Hence, we call him our technical activist.In his experience of over nine years in Linux and FOSS, Viji has worked with many well knownbrands including Reliance, Red hat Linux and many more. Since he believes that the educationshould be free, he keeps on promoting open source software and Os like Linux. Viji is specializedand will educate you in areas like Linux Network Services, Authentication, Performance andSecurity, Distributed and Parallel Computing and Web 2.0/3.0.Activities and IdeasA Highly passionate FOSS evangelist with 9+ years of experience in designing, implementingand managing Linux and Open Source Solutions.Red Hat / Fedora community engineer.A long-term contributor of multiple Linux projects. Extensively worked on WEB 2.0 and nextgeneration WEB 3.0 technologies and standards.Hands on experience on development efforts involving C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Python, Pearl,Ruby, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. Managed vendor relations, Budget, Back-endArchitecture, Infrastructure Consolidation and Cloud Computing Environment for Data Centers.Proposal Document from Page 1
  2. 2. Worked with Reliance BIG Entertainment Pvt Ltd India as Technical and engineering specialist.Managed a geo-spatial local search platform which is supposed to be Indias largest local search.Specialized in Linux Network Services, Authentication, Performance, Security andDistributed/Parallel Computing (Rock Clusters, Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra etc)Provided so many Lectures and campaigns on Linux in colleges/schools and make the studentsaware about the power of open sourceSpecialties and Certificates:Specialized in Linux Network Services, Authentication, Performance and Security, Distributedand Parallel Computing. Web 2.0/3.0Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Reference check: of WorkFollowing is the scope of work entailed in the conduction of the proposed event:  The entire session will be covered in two parts: o Theory Session – Basic and Advanced o Practical Session – Basic and Advanced  Complete session from start till end will be an interactive one, where students can raise doubts and ask multiple questions from the speaker. Includes doubt clearing session  Fedora and Ubuntu Linux DVDs, Misc Apps DVDs, Seminar/Workshop slide notes, Seminar videos on web, prizes, gifts, and more surprises.  Life-time free email support for solving any doubts related to Linux & Open Source software world.  Free email & SMS newsletter subscription for all the participants.Proposal Document from Page 2
  3. 3. ContentDay 1:Introduction:What is Linux? Why should we use Linux?What is Open Source and myths about Open Source?Why major companies are relying on Linux servers?Different Linux flavours, Different Open source projects & initiatives.Installation & Configuration:Installation of Linux, partitioning, dual-boot, basic configurations  Installation of Fedora 14  Step by step installation details  Partitioning and Formatting  Dual Boot systems – Linux & WindowsInstallation and Configuration issuesUnderstanding Files and FoldersInstallation of various software packagesConfiguration of Network on LAN/Wi-FiTroubleshooting for installing different driversFile Systems, Administration and SecurityThe Linux file system,Understanding users and permissionsSystem AdministrationNetwork SecurityLinux KernelProposal Document from Page 3
  4. 4. Day 2:Web Server and Advanced File Systems:Apache Web ServerParallel & Distributed File SystemsWorking on remote serversProgramming:Installation and configuration of different IDEsProgramming in C and C++ using gcc, g++Programming in Java using NetBeans and EclipseWeb development using LAMPWorking with databases – MySQL and PostgreSQLClosure:Role of Linux servers in Industry with live examplesCareer Opportunities, CertificationsNote:Content of the workshop can be modified according to the interest of the college and students.Our competitive speakers are having more than 10 years of industrial experience in Open SourceTechnologies. We are open to speak and share our knowledge among students – both basicsand advanced concepts.CommercialsFeesThere will be a onetime fixed cost payable by your college. The cost is dependent on estimatedtime; addressable participants and other direct cost paid by for delivering thescope of work under this proposal. To be discussed.Proposal Document from Page 4