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Humanities essay

  1. 1. Humanities Essay<br /> Grade 8 Lisa Hiraoka<br /> Do you know what is global warming and global cooling? Global warming is an atmospheric issue and makes the temperature warmer. Global cooling is the opposite of global warming which makes the earth’s surface’s become cooler due to support glacier from hot temperature and solar activity. Global warming is more dangerous than global cooling. I am going to tell 3 reasons why I believe in Global warming. One reason I believe in global warming is because the temperature is getting warmer. The second reason I believe in global warming is because of extreme weather happening everywhere. The third reason I believe in global warming is because many people don’t know about global cooling. So I will discuss about these 3 reasons in more detail.<br /> One of the reasons that I believe in global warming is because the temperature in getting warmer and warmer. Scientists compared the temperature in 1970 to 1990 and it showed the average temperature got warmer. They saw that the temperature in the 2020’s Pacific Northwest might end up being 2℃ higher and maybe 3℃ higher in 2040’s. If the temperature gets higher, the polar ice will melt. If this happens, polar bears and penguin would lose their homes. Also, countries could sink because the temperature is getting higher and it makes the sea level rise. Soon the country of Tuvalu will be extinct forever. Tuvalu is south of the equator between Fiji and the Gilbert Islands. Tuvalu is quite tiny. That’s why Tuvalu might sink one day. This is big problem for people, plants and animals. What would you do if your country sinks?<br /> The second reason I believe in global warming is because of extreme weather such as hurricanes, rainfall, tropical storms and floods. These are happening more often than before. So let’s find what kind of effects have been caused by the extreme weather. It has been said that the Global warming heats up our ocean. As a result, some scientists are expecting more hurricanes to occur, since hurricanes derive their power from warm water. First is about hurricanes. In July 2009, Greg Holland of the National Weather Center researched the number of major hurricanes. It was increasing. In August 28th 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the United States. 1800 people lost their homes because of hurricane Katrina. Second is about rainfall. In 1999 Venezuela had the heaviest rainfall in 100 years, and that damaged many towns and thousands of people died. Monarch butterflies likes cool, and dry mountainous forests for habitats. But if rainfall increases, their habitat will become suitable and monarch butterflies might die. Third is about heat waves. In May 2002, a heat wave damaged Southern India. The highest temperature was 49℃ and many people died because it was too hot for them. For every rise of 1℃ in surface temperature in the tropical Atlantic will cause the rainfall in a tropical storm to increase from 6 to 8% and wind speed of the strongest hurricanes to increase up to 8%.<br /> I discussed the reasons why I believe in global warming. So this time I will discuss why I don’t believe in global cooling. The reason I don’t believe in global cooling is because many people do not support it. An example of this is I researched about global cooling and warming. I found many websites about global warming, but there weren’t many websites about global cooling. Also books too. In the Biss library, a teacher tried to find books about global cooling, but that didn’t a have book about global cooling. I asked people, ‘what do you know about global cooling’, but many people didn’t know what global cooling was. Scientist at GISS compiled a land-ocean temperature index, which shows undoubtedly the world is getting warmer from the 1998 onwards.<br /> Some people still believe in global cooling. But in this essay, I have discussed why I believe in global warming, because the temperature is setting to warmer, there is extreme weather around the world and many people and scientists didn’t know and do not believe in global cooling. This essay shows that global warming is the correct belief.<br />Bibliography<br /> (9/1/11)<br /> (5/2/11)<br /> (5/2/11)<br /> (10/1/11)<br /> (9/1/11)<br /> (9/1/11)<br /> (14/12/10)<br /> (14/12/10)<br /> (14/12/10)<br /> (14/12/10)<br /> (13/12/10)<br /> (15/12/10)<br /> (3/1/11)<br />BOOK - Your Environment GLOBAL WARMING<br />By Susannah Bradley. United States: 2007, Stargazer Books<br />BOOK- GLOBAL WARMING<br />By Laurence Pringle. United States: 2001 , SeaStar Books<br />