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  1. 1. ~Sanding ball and dowels & painting dowels~ 09/05/11<br />-6858004318000-6858002286000Sand a dowel with smooth sand paperSand a dowel with rough sand paperSanding a ball-685800127000Today I brought small balls. I used rough sand paper and sand it them, because the ball still rough. After this, I was going to paint the ball, but actually I changed the plan. After sanding the ball, I was going to paint the ball and make pig’s nose then get plastic eyes to stick for make pig’s face. But I changed it. So I sand the dowels with rought paper first, because the dowels were rough and color are little bit light. But I used smooth paper for sand the dowels. because I already paint th dowels. After this, I paint dowels with baby pink. But when I made the paint that same as before, I couldn’t make it. So I made new baby pink, and paint it. When I finished paint the dowels, I need to paint also pig’s face and back, because the color changed it. So I need to paint it again.<br />Emotion- today it was so busy for me, because I changed my plan a lot. I hope I am not going to change my plan a lot next time. <br />-2806700635000NEXT- I am going to paint the ball. The color will be red, light blue, yellow, and light green. If I finished this, I am going to fix my toy.<br />Paint dowelsAOI/Leaner Profile- Thinkers<br /> I got many ideas for my toy. Mr. Anderson said ‘you can paint the balls and draw the face etc, and also you can just don’t paint the ball and you put the ball inside of dowels. but I am thinking different way, which is I am going to paint the ball colorful. Just this. I am not going to draw the face on the ball.<br />