Ach 112 400 f 2011 syllabus


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Ach 112 400 f 2011 syllabus

  1. 1. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN II - ACH 112Anne Arundel Community College Department of Architecture and Interior Design Fall 2011 Section 400 Tues/Thurs 7:40 – 9:45Instructor: Professor Richard LuxenburgOffice: CALT - 328Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 2::30 - 5:30Telephone: 410. 777-2376E-mail address: rjluxenburg@aacc.eduDivision Phone: 410. 777-2433Web site: & Drawing Shortcuts (2nd edition) by Jim Legitt Color Drawing (any addition) by Michael Doyle COURSE INFORMATIONAn introduction to basic “tradigital” (traditional and digital drawings) architecturalpresentation, rendering and model building techniques. The course focuses on the useof various presentation media to develop more effective visual appearance forpresentation drawings and models. Rendering of site plans, building plans, sections,elevations and perspectives will be covered.Learning Objectives:a.Render plans, sections, elevations and perspectives in ink and color.b.Sketching techniques used for early design studies (prior to CAD).c.Presentation of architectural designs in various mediad.The building of an architectural scale model.Main Topics: Basic Principles/Elements •Pen and Ink/ paper types •Colored Marker/Mixed Media •Colored pencil /paper types •Multimedia (Digital and hand drawn combined) •Model Making Techniques •Architectural and Site Plan Graphics Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. WEEKLY COURSE SCHEDULEWeek 1 Introduction and review of class objectives Assignment No. 1 Stipple Your Face (Tonal Study)Aug 23 This assignment is due at the beginning of the next classWeek 2 Assignment No. 2 Famous Architect Poster Research via the Internet, the College Library,Aug 30 professional journals (magazines) or retail bookstores a well known architect from the attached list. Save, copy or scan pictures of the architect’s work. These pictures will be used to make a 24” x 36” PowerPoint poster.Week 3 Dots Lines & Squiggles DemonstrationSept 6 Digital Poster DUE! Do not print until you have instructor’s approval! beginning of class. Phase 1 Demonstration of technical drawing pens for stippling, squiggling and linear drawing techniques. Lab/ Studio TimeWeek 4Sept 13 Ink on mylar phase due. Phase 2 Reading: Chapters 1- 3 Doyle text Demonstration of marker/colored pencil techniqueWeek 5Sept 20 Applying texture and tones on print and tracing paper. Chapters 4-5 Doyle textWeek 6Sept 27 Final color rendered poster due. Phase 3 Demonstration of marker/colored pencil techniques on various media (toned paper, bond paper print paper. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Week 7 Project No. 2 issued “Market House” Annapolis. Md.Oct 4 Discussion of new project program and site related issues. Presentation and Demonstration of model building types and techniques. Reading Chapters 6-7 Doyle textWeek 8 Demonstration of mixed/multimedia techniques inOct 11 architectural presentation. Design Lecture: Symbolism in Architectural FormWeek 9 Schematic Design for Project No. 2 due.Oct 18 Design Lecture: Form vs. Function Charette project presentation Pin-up presentation with massing/study model.Week 10 Charette DesignOct 25 Work on project in studio/classroom environment. Rehearsal of student presentations and techniquesWeek 11Nov 1 Sketching Techniques and Tones Study model building vs. presentation models Photographing models for design presentation.Week 12 “Sketch-Up” Software: CAD & 3D modelingNov. 8 Digital Model building in Sketch-Up! Finishing the model: techniques for the base, the site, the buildings and the spaces in between them. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PRESENTATION!Week 13 Demonstration of composite presentation, usingNov 15 cameras, computers and other digital media. Rendering techniques for individual projects. Model building techniques for individual projects.Week 14 Model building techniques reviewed and demo. Color rendering techniques reviewed.Nov 22 Use of power tools in construction lab.Week 15 Finishing the model. Tricks and techniques Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Nov 27 Design Lecture: Architecture as a reflection Cultural History Individual desk reviews and demonstrations.FINAL PRESENTATION Tuesday, Dec. 6th 7:45 – 9:45Grade Values:Project #1: Famous Architects Project (3 Phases) My Face (dots) 10% Poster (24” x 36”) 10% Ink base drawing 10% Color Rendering 20%Project #2: Project Market House at City Dock Annapolis Concept presentation 10% Design Development 20% Final Presentation 20% Total 100% EQUIPMENTRequired: Disposable rapidograph ink pen set Color pencil sets (as demonstrated in class) Color marker sets (as demonstrated in class)NOTE: These materials will be used in the remaining Design Studios (Design III & Design IV). Students will use the same equipment from Design 1 (lead holders, scale, triangles, tracing paper (white and canary yellow), exacto knife with #11 blades etc.) If you do not have this equipment, then you need to purchase it ASAP. Department PoliciesAll students are expected to view the Department Policies as part of this course syllabus. These policieshave been carefully developed over time to ensure your success in our program and apply to all courses inthe department. Each student should carefully read through these policies. To verify your understanding ofthese policies, each student is required to sign and submit the Student Verification of Course Syllabusand Department Policies form for this course. To review the Department Policies, please Note: The instructor reserves the right to make adjustments to this schedule! Page 4 of 4