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Stop motion animation presentation 1
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Stop motion animation presentation 1


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Published in: Career, Education, Technology

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  • 1. CONTENTThe animation, is about two play doh characters that are blobs in anart room. One of them is good Bob and hes green and he wants to try and befriends with the other play doh blob called Bert and hes red but hesbad and hes really horrible to bob.He bullys Bob and takes advantage of Bob trying to be his friend soBert treats Bob like a slave and gets him to do all these things forhim.For the setting we will use objects like colouring pens and pencils tomake up the background. In the background, we will also have thecharacters houses made out of play doh or plasticine.
  • 2. STOP MOTION TECHNIQUEOur animation will be a Claymation Technique however, we will also some stopmotion with objects like pencils and paint brushes. We are using 2 differenttypes of animation is because we want the Claymation characters to interactwith real objects. We will use a combination of plasticine and play doh tomake the animated characters and to make their houses. We will use objectslike colouring pens and pencils to make up the background.We plan to make the animation about 45 seconds long because its only a quickfiller programme for little children.We want our animation to look quite smooth and realistic even though its onlyfor little children. We don’t want it to be slightly jump like in object animationwhere the objects tend to jump around a bit. We are aiming for about 14 or 15frames per second.
  • 3. AUDIENCEThe target audience is aimed at children between theages of 3 to 6 years old. The animation would also bemainstream on a popular kids T.V program.We want our animation to be shown on in themorning at around 8 or after school so it kids canwatch it just before and after school.The reason it is aimed at children’s age group isbecause its basic and it appeals to children becauseof the bright colours and funny characters.
  • 4. INSPIRATIONthe inspiration for our animation came from morph.morph inspired us through its use of location and thepersona of the characters. we are going to have asimilar style of animation to morph by using the samesought of voice morph has and we are going to use avoice over to tell the audience what is going on like inmorph. we are also using claymation to make ouranimation like morph. we are also inspired by otheranimations like tom and jerry because our characterbob is like jerry the mouse and our other characterberts posona is like tom the cats.