Development Diary - Poster


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Development Diary - Poster

  1. 1. Charlotte Page & Jamie WhitbreadAncillary TaskPosterDevelopment DiaryThis development diary evidences theconstruction of our poster.Firstly, we changed the colour of thebackground to black using the paintbucket tool. We have chosen to useblack for the background as this colourconnotes the idea of the unknown, andan element of fear that will help toadvertise our poster as a horror.To start our poster, we began withtyping and arranging where the text isgoing to be positioned. This started withcreating the title of the film, Ancestors.Using the Free Transform icon, we usedthis to change the shape of the fontslightly so that the lettering is spacedout a little more and shape is slightlydifferent.The font chosen for the title is quitesimple as from our secondary researchwe found that simplicity can help makea poster appear bolder and more likely to gain attention, as the text is readableand does not over-crowd the poster.Using the paintbrush tool, we chose to add a blackshadow around the side of the text. We did this not onlyto create an eerie and tense atmosphere but so that thetext does not appear harsh against the blackbackground. This is why we decided to use a grey colourfor the main title, as white appears too bright. We havealso used this technique for the release date, added ashadow to add to the ghostly atmosphere. We added ared ‘O’ to the text as this connotes evil and becomessymbolic of the dolls red eye that will be the main imageof this poster.
  2. 2. Charlotte Page & Jamie WhitbreadFor the image, we firstly resized the image as the original was a mid-shot of thedoll yet we were planning to use a close-up shot of the doll’s face, like we did inour mock up designs as we thought that this was successful for creating a tenseatmosphere as the consumer is drawn in to the dolls eyes. To do this we usedthe crop tool and the free transform tool to resize the image so that it focusesjust on the dolls face.Also, using the brightness/contrast tool, we adjusted these levels slightly sothat the shadows that had already formed on the doll in the original photobecamehighlighted and emphasised. Like with the text, we used the paintbrushtool to add a shadow effect around the dolls face to make it appear like the dollis floating in some way.
  3. 3. Charlotte Page & Jamie Whitbread With the dolls eyes, we have edited the colours. One eye we have changed to red to connote the idea of the evil within whereas the other eye we have kept as blue to show no immediate threat as this is associated with innocence however this could also portray a negative side as blue can connote something that is cold and chilling. Overall, this reflects how the doll has two different sides, a good and a bad side. We did this by using the sponge tool to remove the original colour from the eyes. On a new layer we changed this layer style to soft light andusing the paintbrush tool we have painted one eye red and the other eye blue. As the layer had been change to soft light, it made the colour opaque, making the eyes naturally look that colour. The screen shot below shows the image of the dolls eyes before and after.Below are screen shots of the very original image of the doll alongside our finalimage that we have manipulated using the tools on Photoshop.
  4. 4. Charlotte Page & Jamie WhitbreadFor the slogan, we have downloaded a font from the Internet called Buttons theBear as this style has child-like feel which makes it seem innocent which is quitesinister when placed with the image and so this connotes the dark and unknownside to this film. Again, with the slogan, like the image and the title, we haveadded a shadow around the text to add a ghostly feel.For the release date, we have applied this same technique of adding shadows. Wehave chosen to have the release date as October 2013, as this will fit in well withHalloween, the time when horror films are most popular and so our film is goingto most successful at this time and attract wider audiences.For the production details, which appear at the bottom of the poster, weresearched what font, many posters that are used in the film professionalindustry. After carrying out some research, we found that this font is known asSteel Tongs, so we downloaded this online and have used this to type ourproduction details. This will not only help our poster to feel more professionalbut to gain a sense of verisimilitude, as it looks realistic.Some of the details include director names, actor names, production companiesand music artists. Since we have written our script for the trailer ourselves manyof these feature our own names.Underneath these production details, we have included various company logos,as this is another convention of film posters to give credit to those othercompanies who were involved. We have made these logos ourselves using thetools on Photoshop including the shape tools and text boxes. We did this to giveour poster a more professional feel as quite often companies are recognised bytheir logo.
  5. 5. Charlotte Page & Jamie WhitbreadWith the production details, we have included the agecertificate of the film so the consumers know who thetarget audience is. Since this is a horror film, we haveincluded details of the kind of content audiences canexpect so that audiences can be aware of what kind of film their watching.Our poster fits to the rule of thirds with the eyes of the doll crossing the inter-sections of the grid. This will allow the consumers eye to meet the eyes of thedoll as these gain attention from the use of the rule of thirds.The overall style of our poster has been influenced bysome of our secondary research which gave usunderstanding of what is to be expected of a film posterand its conventions. For instance, a theorist we foundparticularly useful is Matthew Carpenter who states inhis article that there are ‘7 Elements to a Great MoviePoster.’ Some of which include attract the audience’sattention, we have done this by contrasting the blackbackground against the pale face of the doll which allowsthe eyes to appear brighter and bolding, gaining theattention of the consumer.Another tip given by Carpenter is to create aspecific style, a look that is consistent with thefilm. Our poster should be helping to promotethe trailer in which for our product to beidentifiable as consistent house style needs to beput in place. We have taken this advice and madeall three of our media products consistent byensuring that on this poster, our magazine cover,and our trailer has the same style title as the fontused and the red ‘O’ can be seen as symbolic forour products across platforms.Other useful advice that we have found from anonline source suggests that white space shouldbe used and clutter avoided. We have taken thisadvice and simply kept the image to a minimumby using just the doll. This allows our poster tohave a cleaner design and appear moreorganized. By doing this consumers are notdistracted and their attention is directed towardsthe doll.