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  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. ∗ During the planning for our production my group found that in order to meet the audiences expectations of what a horror film usually consists of we would need to refer to the aspects of other horror films that are notably successful in the horror film industry.
  3. 3. ∗ We used various horror films (from different genres e.g. Super-Natural) for research such as Scary Movie 2, The Stepfather, Insidious and Scream. This was because at the time we were unsure about the type of horror film opening that we wanted to produce for our target audience.
  4. 4. ∗ Eventually we decided to produce a Slasher-Horror film opening because many horror films that teenagers watch are Slasher-horror films, and a lot of popular Slasher horror films have teenagers and young adults in them which can attract this specific audience. For example, ‘Scream’, ‘Prom Night’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ are all Slasher horror films that include teenagers and young adults.
  5. 5. ∗ The main characters that we had incorporated into our film opening are teenagers/young adults because we wanted to conform to the familiar age range of the characters that are frequently found in this type of film.
  6. 6. ∗ From the research that we had carried out on Slasher films we noticed that a lot of the camera shots are focused on the weapon(s) that is going to be used to destruct (E.g. a knife), which is notable in the Stepfather.
  7. 7. ∗ However we wanted to challenge this convention by not involving any weapons and having the camera shot focus on keys. The camera shot of the keys takes the audience’s attention off Sarah briefly, meaning that they won’t expect Sarah to have been grabbed behind hastily.
  8. 8. ∗ Whereas in a lot of Slasher films when the camera shot is focused on a weapon the audience can automatically assume that it is going to be used especially if they can see that the antagonist is holding or near to the weapon. Therefore the single use of keys can prove to be just effective as a weapon.
  9. 9. ∗ The settings that we have used are very different to the settings of the films above. For instance, we filmed in daylight in a park and outside a member of our group’s house which has black grills. It is unusual for horror films to be in daylight, so we thought that we would challenge that aspect, especially as the black grills had proven to be effective because it creates a sense of being trapped.
  10. 10. ∗ Overall our film opening challenges the forms and conventions of real media products because we have used different features such as props and locations that aren’t usually associated with horror films, in particular Slasher. All of our features are just as convincing as the typical forms and conventions of other Slasher products.