Z 3d 1 - auditor-auditee partnership


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Auditor - Auditee partnership requires some key chareteristics to be exhibited . What are they ?

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Z 3d 1 - auditor-auditee partnership

  1. 1. Quality to Win “This changed world is demanding New and Better things. The Quality which you should possess to Win is definiteness of Purpose, the Knowledge of what you want and a burning Desire to possess it”
  2. 2. Auditor - Auditee partnership 1. Audit == 2. Audit == Auditor Involvement + ? 3. Audit == Auditor Involvement + ? Auditee Involvement + Auditee Involvement 4. Effective Audit = Proactive + Auditor Participative Auditee
  3. 3. Auditor - Auditee partnership Objectives of Auditor Auditee Same Achievement of, Efficiency } Effectiveness } of Operations Economy } Sourced Systems & Procedures Proper Internal controls, checks & Balances Proper Compliance with Internal / External Rules, Regulations Sourced Financial Reporting
  4. 4. Effective Business Group Management Support Visible Top Management Support Well informed Audit Sub-Committee Structured Audit Administration “Management Audit the Driving Force” Co-operative Operating Team Efficient & Contributing Suport Audit Teams
  5. 5. Personal Attributes / Traits of a Good Auditor Strong Business Sense Eye for detail Exellent Inter-Personal Skills Articulate Communicator Necessary Stature to advise and guide at all levels
  6. 6. On Values & Effective role of Auditor Follower of Strict discipline Builder of a Good image for Audit Effective Internal Consultant
  7. 7. Skills, Attributes & Qualities Technical Skills Human Skills Personal Attributes Qualities of Character
  8. 8. Qualities of Character Adaptability Understanding Determination
  9. 9. Auditors’ Effectiveness lies in Finding the Truth Transmitting it Interacting with Auditees Persuading Influencing Negotiating “All Complex & Delicate”
  10. 10. Auditee Perception of Audit - Not fault finding but Value Adding Attitude towards Auditor - Facilitator Participative Approach - Co-operation Be Proactive and not Reactive Make effective use of the Audit Opportunity Understand the role of Auditor - Independent Assessor / Evaluator - Useful Feed back………………….. (Not blame on Person / but on Systems / Controls)
  11. 11. Efficiency, Effectiveness & Productivity Efficiency Producing a Result Doing thngs Right + Effectiveness = Productivity * Producing a desired Result * Doing the Right things Both Efficiency & Effectiveness are necessary for Productivity. Doing the Right Things in the Right Way
  12. 12. Steps Step 1 Actively listen to what is being said them show the other person that you both hear and understand them. Step 2 Say What you think or What you feel Step3 Say What you want to happen
  13. 13. Stimuli to Productivity Positive: Self enthusiasm Professional Approach Service Provider Attitude Full participation Awareness of Time Plan / Quick decision where Plan is out of year Learning from the past
  14. 14. Barriers to Productivity Negative: Mindless work habits Improper planning Not checking the progress of work with Plan and taking corrective measures Other Negative attitudes Report will not be used People are not co-operative
  15. 15. Assertiveness - How do you define? The ability to say directly what is it you want, you need or you feel but not at the expense of other people It means having confidence in yourself and being positive while at the same time understanding other people’s points of view. Thus, being ‘assertive’ means having “self respect” and “respect for other people”. (as opposed to ‘’Aggressiveness’ ie. Tough, Strong etc.)
  16. 16. Assertiveness - How do you define? Aggressiveness (Tough / Strong) / Passiveness (Gentle / Compassionate) Why? “It is important to be ‘Assertive’ not only to get more of what you want but also to feel better about yourself and your behaviour.”
  17. 17. Therefore, Effective Audit = Proactive + Auditor Participative Auditee
  18. 18. Thank You 02/24/14