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Evaluation Question 6
Evaluation Question 6
Evaluation Question 6
Evaluation Question 6
Evaluation Question 6
Evaluation Question 6
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Evaluation Question 6


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  • 1. EVALUATION QUESTION 6What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing your media product?
  • 2.  The first thing that helped me in making my film was a cell phone. Through a cellphone I was able to contact to my actors to tell them that what is the location and where they have to reach. I was also able to contact my teacher through cellphone to ask about certain problems that i face during the shoot and editing process.
  • 3.  Beside a cellphone I also used the help of social networking site like facebook. Our teacher kept on informing us about our new assignments and furthermore I was able to upload my video on facebook and was able to collect comments from teenagers easily.
  • 4.  As me and my partner Hamna were working together on our film so I used her Nikon D5100 DSLR to shoot the entire film. It had a full HD video capture with aperture control, audio levels control and external microphone jack. Its 16.2 megapixels resolution and 3x zoom gave us quality video result. It gave us clear and bright result as compared to other ordinary cameras.
  • 5.  My Hp Pro book 4530s laptop proved to be of great help. Its long battery life helped in the editing process as it was not dependent on electricity. I was able to carry it to my school easily and whenever I got stuck in editing i used to consult from my teacher instantly. My laptop also was able to edit my film on the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
  • 6.  I used the latest version for editing which was Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The previous versions were having difficulty getting installed in my laptop but this version was easily installed. though it was difficult but i managed to edit my film really well. This version helped giving my film a more professional look.