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Evaluation Question 1


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Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1.  Firstly I would like to explain themain genre of my film and whichinstitution caters these types of filmsreally well. Main genre of my film isromantic comedy or chick flick asthey are highly budgeted films somy chosen media industry isHollywood which has producedthousands of chick flicks than anyother industry. Chick flicks are targeted atteenagers and young adults mostlyfemales in which the plot is basedupon the special interests of teengirls, such as coming of age, firstlove, rebellion, conflict withparents, teen angst, and alienation.They are designed to appeal to alargely female target audience andthese films are light hearted, andhave humorous plotlines.
  2. 2.  My film had beendeveloped using variouscodes and conventions.Firstly through the mise enscene which includescostumes, props, locationand even sound. My film“Inversely Proportionaland one of the hit film like“From Prada To Nada”shares several similarities.
  3. 3.  As mostly in chick flicks, chick isshown very fashionable and iswearing bright and brandedclothes and wearing lots ofmakeup while the nerd girl is shownwearing casual clothes and nomakeup at all. As you can see inthe screenshot of the film “FromPrada To Nada” that Mary iswearing branded and fashionableclothes and on the other handNora her sister is wearing verynormal and casual clothes.
  4. 4.  On the other hand Nora hersister is wearing very normaland casual clothes. She isntlooking very fashionableNora in “From Prada To Nada”Flora in Inversely ProportionalIn my film the chick is seenwearing a funky top and abottom and she cares a lotabout what she is wearing thisclearly tells audience that Florais the chick.
  5. 5.  While on the other hand Bellawho is shown as a nerd iswearing casual clothes and sheisn’t very fashionable thisindicates the fact that shedoesn’t care about herself andwhat clothes she is wearing. Thepictures below indicate boththe characters of my film.
  6. 6.  Another thing which issimilar in most of the teenfilms is that it shows thenerd girl always studyingand working in herassignments. This thing ishighlighted in From PradaTo Nada and my film. Thenerd girl Nora is shownstudying and all herbooks are spread all overthe table. Thisimmediately givesaudience clear hint thatthis is a nerd girl who likesto study.
  7. 7.  It is a screenshot of mycharacter Bella who is shownworking on her book. In theframe we can see the bookspiled up in a side and somenotebooks beside her hand.Normally a nerd is seendoing his/her assignmentsand always studying. Byseeing this my audiencewhich is normally teenagegirls will easily identify thenature and habits of thischaracter as they haveexperienced suchcharacters in their real lives.
  8. 8.  Another thing that is similar inmany chick flicks and so do Ihave also portrayed in my film isthat the chick normally goesinto the shopping malls and triesout different stuff on them. Mycharacter flora is shown tryingdifferent clothes on herself andon the other side Mary of fromPrada to nada is also showntrying out glasses at herself.
  9. 9.  Normally the girls shown in thesetypes of films are best friends andthey like to hangout with their friendswhom they trust most. On the otherhand the film that had supported theidea of bond of friendship is TheSisterhood Of Travelling Pants. Thepicture below shows that how thesefive girls are bound in the relation offriendship and they normally goes toshopping with each other. “Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants
  10. 10.  In my film I have portrayedthe idea of friendship andhow this bond is strongand powerful. I haveshown both Flora andBella going on shoppingand how much they enjoyeach others companydespite of havingdifferences in personality.
  11. 11.  Now moving on to the challenges of myfilm. Firstly in most of the chick flicks orromantic comedies there is a guyinvolved and the girls whether it is a nerdor chick falls for him. The examples couldfrom “The sisterhood of travelling pants”and “From Prada to Nada”.
  12. 12.  Edward & Nora in “FromPrada To NadaEric & Bridget In “Sisterhood OfTravelling Pants 
  13. 13.  In my film I haven’tshown any guyinvolved in it and itsolely revolves aroundgirls. This thing showsthat a film is notnecessarily had to beabout boys, therelationship the girlshave with them andthe problems arisingfrom them. In my film Ihave highlighted theidea that a chick flickcould be made withoutany male involvementor dominance over theplot.
  14. 14.  Another challenge that my film has putup is that in the editing process is that Ihave used jump cuts. Normally the chickflicks start off with a normal pace andusually no jump cuts are uses. In my film Ihave used jump cuts in the start creditsbecause I wanted to increase the paceof my film and wanted my characters toact quickly.