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Magazine Review Analysis


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Magazine Review Analysis

  1. 1.       Magazine review is a detailed study of a film which examine it with an eye to criticism or correction. Provide information and opinions about films about to be released Provide a synopsis of the film. Opinions on the actors in the film are given. There is commentary on the director's style and narrative structure and there is often an overall opinion given on the making of the film. Attracts audience
  2. 2.  Images: The image is usually positioned at the top left hand corner of the review as it is usually  Title: The title should be positioned below the image and is usually the largest font on the page,  Text Body: Text body takes up the largest amount of relatives space on the page, however is  Rating: On every review I looked at there was a rating to indicate how good or bad the film was. In  Other (background) information: On all of the reviews there is some background information  Author's name: The authors name of the article at the bottom of the page positioned within the  Verdict: On every review there is a verdict or conclusion summarizing what they commented on the first place the audiences eye is attracted to and therefore should suggest and reveal to the audience the type of film, and should also engage them. The image size is relational to the amount of content that is in text body and should feel all the free and available space on the page. and therefore is the most significant and also the next element the audience looks at after the image. However the style of fonts and sizes is all relational to the house style of the page with some magazines using the san serif and other using serif font. usually in the smallest font. In all the reviews that I have looked at the text body has been designed and laid out in columns to feel the available space. The style matches the house style of the page and usually reflects the same style as the title however being in a smaller font. all of the reviews there was a star rating (1 to 5) indicating how goods or bad the film is. Depending on the magazine this was either positioned at the beginning of the review below the title or at the end of the review, after the text body. about the film, such as the director's name, the release date, the cast, and the certificates (etc). This was usually in the same style as the text body but positions in different places according to what magazine reports. For example "Total Film" positioned the further information at the end of their review whereas "Empire" positioned it at the beginning of the review. text body at the end of the last sentence. Though it was positioned in the text body this style of font was similar with the major difference being that it was a bold font separated from the main content. within the text body giving the audience and overview and final summery to take away from the article. This was positioned in all the reviews at the end, after the text body.
  3. 3. Enlarged letter Film title Magazine Section Film tagline Important details of the film: director, cast, release date etc. Large images. Page number Month Faint border Body Text Star ratings
  4. 4. Important details of the film: director, cast, release date etc. Star Ratings Faint border Body Text Film title Attractive images Page number
  5. 5.  After investigating into the current code and conventions of a film review and the one that I made of “The Walk To Remember”. I have a much better understanding of the needed and necessary elements that are usually used in a traditional review.  Now I can go away and start to consider how I would like my review to be designed and composed, however I still feel that I need to investigate into the style of writing a review with researching into the actual written content of the text body.  I haven't included some things in my magazine review such as enlarged letter, film taglines, month and etc. so I have to improve on that part and come up with better magazine review for my final film.
  6. 6.  http://joshuagraysadvancedportfolio.blogspo  des-and-conventions-of-film-magazine.html  http://tomchamberlainhhsmedia.edublogs.or g/2013/04/21/magazine-review-codes-andconventions/