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Bivash Singh  Mungle Bivash Singh Mungle Presentation Transcript

  • MUNGLE ( A Comic Book And Many More….) “Fun In The Lap of Nature” On- Ground Marketing And Launching Plan
  • Mungle
    • Product:-
    • Comic book based on Animal Character (Billo donkey, Prinss, Rani, etc)
    • Animated content in CD , story book ,activity book such as coloring book, puzzle etc.
    • Feature:-
    • Length of the Comic – 30 pages (approx)
    • Place :-
    • Metro cities
    • Tier I , Tier II cities
    • Promotion :-
    • Intensive distribution strategy
    • Availability of the Comic on maximum possible outlet of comic stores.
    • Offering discount in purchase of comic more than one.
  • 360 Degree Communication
    • Above The Line (ATL):-
    • Print media
    • Ads on Children oriented magazine
    • These ad will be published in order to create awareness about the characters of MUNGLE and it’s different version .
    • A full page ad which firstly will have a short story related with the MUNGLE comic book.
    • In the lower part of the page all the different version of comic and to increase curiosity in the mind of the child .
    • TV Commercials on the channels:-
    • Cartoon Network
    • Toon Channel
    • Nickelodeon
    • Pogo
    • As the children of today’s generation are very much inclined towards the television.
    • Hence Advertisement on these Cartoon Channel will directly influence the children and he will enforce the parents to buy the different product of “MUNGLE”.
    • Links through the various sites to MUNGLE official website:-
    • These links will inform the parents of the children about the various product of the MUNGLE and increase awareness of the same.
    • Below The Line
    • Event
    • “ Lion of the Jungle”
    • These event will be organized in various school, society under the banner of “MUNGLE”.
    • Event will be as follows:-
    • Drawing Competition
    • Fun games
    • Puzzles
    • Story writing competition
    • Painting competition
    • These events will increase the awareness among the children which will help to create popularity of the “MUNGLE”.
  • BTL Contd..
    • Danglers to be hanged in front of
      • comic book stores
      • stationary shops
    • Pamphlets to be distributed near
      • Near schools
      • School bus
      • Amusement parks
      • Shelf display of the “MUNGLE Product” on outlets such as Comic stores, kids planet, Big Bazaar etc.
  • Launching Plan
    • Pre launch activities
    • Distribution of free samples to primary school students.
    • Campaigning of the “MUNGLE” inside amusement parks by developing the character dressed as key characters.
    • Full page advertisement in leading children magazine.
  • Post launch activity
    • Brand Ambassador
    • Darsheel Safary
    • Advertisement in
    • Children magazines
    • Cartoon Channels
    • Organizing theme shows based on
    • different MUNGLE characters in schools.
  • Promotion
    • By giving toys in the shape of “MUNGLE” character free with health drinks as Boost, Complan , Horlicks etc.
    • Launching accessories as Tiffin box, Pencil box, Water bottle with character printed on it.
  • Promotional campaign
    • Campaigning through
    • various character used in
    • “MUNGLE Series” in
    • places like-
    • amusement park, schools etc
    • and organizing events .
  • Other product to increase brand awareness
  • T-shirts to be distributed among children
  • Brand Positioning
    • These variety of products are basically for those children who have just started going to school.
    • Thus Brand positioning should be done to project the brand as a :-
    • Learning with Fun
    • Educative and Simple to Understand.
    • Point of parity
    • Comic series
    • Fun related product
    • Point of difference
    • Related with the character which are based on jungle
    • simple approach
    • intensive distribution strategy
    • use of mobile service for distribution
    • Thus following are the procedure for the Brand Positioning:-
    • By organizing event which will increase the creativity of the child.
    • Using MUNGLE characters as representative of the children within the age group of 4-8 yrs.
    • Creating mascot which will represent “MUNGLE”
  • Distribution channel Retail outlet
    • By selling of product through various
    • Comic stores
    • Shopping malls
    • Stationary shops
    • CD stores
  • Mobile Network
    • Through existing mobile network of Phonethics:-
    • Reliance mobile
    • Idea cellular
    • Vodafone
    • Airtel
  • Contd..
    • Process will be as follow:-
    • Sending SMS alert to mobile user about various products.
    • Informing the parents about various positive aspect of using MUNGLE for their children.
    • Easy to purchase as the amount will be directly deducted from the subscriber account.
  • Online Distribution
    • Access of the different products through:-
    • MUNGLE own website
    • Direct link to the website through various other popular websites as
  • Online Purchasing
    • By placing order through website.
    • Delivery of the product through various centre in the cities which will be working as regional centre of the “MUNGLE”.
    • Subscription of computer games, comics in soft format through the online payment.
  • Strategic Alliance
    • By forming alliance with those companies which are related with children related product.
    • These alliance are:-
    • Kids planet
    • Complan
    • Stationary Shops
    • Cadbury chocolates
    • Fun school Games
    • School Network
    • Education and entertainment through “MUNGLE Series” will be the motto of the brand.
    • Thus various product will be offered to maximum no. of schools .
    • Tie-ups with the chain of schools like –
    • DPS
    • Leading Play schools
  • Thank you!!
    • Bivash Kr. Singh
    • FPG07/09/034
    • Indian Business Academy