Picnic09 My Key Learnings


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Some of my key thoughts coming out of PICNIC innovation festival here in Amsterdam

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Picnic09 My Key Learnings

  1. 1. PICNIC 09 A few key learnings www.isabelleokane.com
  2. 2. 1. Developments in gaming will transform how we interact with digital. “2009 is a landmark year – where the revolution starts. Expect the unexpected. The entertainment we experience the way we interact with it the way we consume it is about to change forever.” - Peter Molyneux www.isabelleokane.com
  3. 3. Project Natal by Xbox: depth sensor enables us to interact/interface without any controls/devices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oACt9R9z37U www.isabelleokane.com
  4. 4. Project MILO: An AI boy that lives in a game using NATAL interfacing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJafixNH2NE www.isabelleokane.com
  5. 5. While we’re talking about interfacing… •  Emotiv: a company that has developed both conscious and non conscious brain interfacing •  Airstrike: Interactive Holograms: that you can control using hand gestures –  Virtual assistants, models, product demos –  Someone your talking to on phone –  Your FB friends… www.isabelleokane.com
  6. 6. Games enable people to IMMERSIVELY EXPERIENCE an idea or (branded) world, rather than to receive or “interact/engage” with messages. And become even more powerful when they cross over into real world experiences. www.isabelleokane.com
  7. 7. Parking Wars: v simple Facebook game that outshone the TV programme it was promoting Park legally or illegally on you friend’s streets. Collect fines when you find illegally parked cars on your street Over 400k players in 2 months 30-40% of Parking Wars players are active in the game on any given day Over 250M page views in 2 months INSIGHT: players would take advantage of knowledge of their friends RW activities to park illegally on their streets www.isabelleokane.com
  8. 8. “We Tell Stories” for Penguin Books: Website of interactive stories inspired by Alternate Reality Games The 21 Steps: a thriller by Charles Cumming, uses Google Maps to show readers the movements of a desperate man caught up in a mysterious conspiracy. Zero ATL or Marketing, purely WOM, over 200k people read the stories, generating massive amounts of press and almost 1800 blogposts www.isabelleokane.com
  9. 9. ConQuest – a game to promote Qwest Wireless mobile phones •  First ever use of “semacode” •  City wide treasure-hunt (treasure = code) •  Players went through the city with Qwest phonecams “shooting treasure” and moving their “totem pieces” to capture territory Extended to 10 US cities and now an annual, spectator event www.isabelleokane.com
  10. 10. 2. Be social, or be ignored. •  18mths: socially augmented reality www.isabelleokane.com
  11. 11. Social media is in it’s infancy •  12-24 mths: intelligent virtual “social agents” •  2 yrs: a social business , or none –  nurturing consumer ecosystems •  3yrs: social capital is more important than money & biz models based on social capital www.isabelleokane.com
  12. 12. 12 mths: social media is CRM www.isabelleokane.com
  13. 13. Social media = nurturing consumer ecosystems www.isabelleokane.com
  14. 14. Being social = being open It’s about natural conversation Huge organisational implications www.isabelleokane.com
  15. 15. “Brands are a network of the unacquainted…” Neeraj Nayar, President, Contagious Communications Opportunity for brands: bring the unacquainted together and enable/entertain them. Being social = not just about talking to your followers – but by bringing your followers TOGETHER. Peer to Peer. Enhancing the HORIZONTAL engagement. www.isabelleokane.com
  16. 16. Being social = providing SOCIAL VALUE For brands this means being USEFUL, RELEVANT or ENTERTAINING And enhancing the horizontal network www.isabelleokane.com
  17. 17. Think of a dinner party www.isabelleokane.com
  18. 18. Think of a dinner party Introducing friends to each other = nurturing social ecosystem, enabling the network to survive without you as the linchpin. www.isabelleokane.com
  19. 19. Think of a dinner party Telling a funny story = being entertaining www.isabelleokane.com
  20. 20. Think of a dinner party Providing your point of view to the dinner party discussion = Being relevant www.isabelleokane.com
  21. 21. Think of a dinner party Offering something to drink = giving value www.isabelleokane.com
  22. 22. value www.isabelleokane.com
  23. 23. Useful: Kraft Food Assistant •  Over 7,000 recipes •  Instant shopping lists for recipes •  Cook along with how-to videos •  Locate the nearest grocery store •  Shortcuts, snack ideas etc •  At 99c a download, the assistant is a new revenue stream •  Plus it contains advertising •  In top 100 most popular apps •  #2 in lifestyle category If an idea doesn’t work 1st time around, evaluate & try again. This was Kraft’s 3rd time trying to make this app work. www.isabelleokane.com
  24. 24. Relevant: Nike Chalk Bot Lance Armstrong/Nike Livestrong campaign: Tweet your message of encouragement, It’s about:…….. In honour of a cancer survivor or message of hope Message gets printed on the road during the tour de france Real social/human value NB photo & position of message is sent back to the sender. www.isabelleokane.com
  25. 25. Entertaining: Virgin Mobile •  Viral of Vanilla Ice apologizing for a musical wrong •  Case for/against developed by users on website •  Tour of Vanilla Ice across Australia •  Huge media converage •  Campaign actively engaged over 640k consumers •  PR ROI of 18:1 YouTube ‘apology was UNBRANDED & given time to go viral before being tied back to Virgin. Vanilla Ice was briefed on how to integrate the messaging into his own opinions on music, so that he could seemlessly promote Virgin Mobile while being interviewed.. www.isabelleokane.com
  26. 26. 3. Mobile - the 7 th Mass medium huge penetration, huge growth More phones than people or than bank accounts, many have dual phones, huge growth in developing world where phones are the only portal to online. www.isabelleokane.com
  27. 27. The phone is a unique marketing channel/platform/ tool, which must be treated on it’s own merits www.isabelleokane.com
  28. 28. Serving a range of consumer needs www.isabelleokane.com
  29. 29. The 6 opportunities for mobile activation www.isabelleokane.com
  30. 30. •  Movement: how I move with my phone tells a story, e.g. carbon footprint •  Moment: phone with me every moment in time, e.g. App can alert me to when my flowers need water •  Me: personal tool, e,g, mobile love detector (voice recognition) •  Multiuser: E.g. VW: gaming/community or RW: music player •  Money: E.g mobile books already 6 times bigger than e- books/payment via phone •  Machine/Functional: E.g. layar augmented reality browser, only available via mobile. www.isabelleokane.com
  31. 31. The future of advertising: LIVED (cross media, mobile, natural interfacing) CO-CREATED (non linear narratives, consumer generated, p2p generated, brand/consumer generation) SOCIAL (enabling the horizontal, adding value) (branded) experiences. www.isabelleokane.com