Big Flix Dossier Innovative Hr Practices


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Brief Dossier on innovative HR Practices happened at BIGFlix - A division of Reliance BIG Entertainment

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Big Flix Dossier Innovative Hr Practices

  2. 2. Our Inspiration "Give the youth a proper environment. Motivate them. Extend them the support they need. Each one of them has infinite source of energy. They will deliver." Shri. Dhirubhai H. Ambani Founder - Reliance Group2
  3. 3. *Contents* Sr. No Highlights Pg. No Ch #1 Introduction 4 1.1 Humein Janiye (About Us) 5 1.2 Humara Lakshaya (BIGFlix’s Vision) 6 1.3 Humarein Aadarsh (BIGFlix’s Values) 6 1.4 Work Culture @ BIGFlix 8 Ch #2 HR Practices @ BIGFlix 9 2.1 Giving value to “Visions & Values” 9 Ch #3 Employee Engagement – The BIGFlix Way 10 3.1 “BOL DAAL” – Voice of BIGFlix 10 3.2 “The LINK” – BIGFlix Newsletter 11 3.3 “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” – The Quiz Contest 11 3.4 “BIG Star of the Month” 12 3.5 “Cheers 4 Peers” 12 3.6 “The Red Carpet” (Valentine Day Celebrations) 12 3.7 “Oye.!! It’s Friday” 13 3.8 “Bachpaan Ke Din” 13 3.9 “Best of the Waste” 14 3.10 “Diwali Hafta” (Festive Celebrations @ BIGFlix) 14 Ch #4 Innovative HR Practices in Training & Development 15 Ch #5 Innovative HR Practices in Social Corporate Responsibility 16 Ch #6 Innovative HR Practices in Internal Corporate Communications 16 Ch #7 “Direct Dil Se” (What our Employees have to say…) 16 Ch #8 “The Way Forward” 17 Ch #9 “Meet the Humor Resources Team” 173
  4. 4. Introduction A good talent and a knowledgeable workforce sets the context for innovative practices but unless big organizations are adaptable and ready to build around a culture of innovative practices and find ways of doing things differently , a culture of Innovation may not exist. To facilitate innovation and make a mark on business performance, HR needs to connect internal working practices with external deliverables – keeping the customer in mind at all times. Therefore, at BIGFlix we aim to have the human resource practices aligned with customer expectations- both internal and external. HR@ BIGFlix aims to help the organization meet its strategic goals by attracting, developing, motivating and retaining its employees. Of course, this is certainly not an easy job. It requires an out of the box thinking, keeping abreast with things happening around, hard work, perseverance, commitment and a very important ingredient- Passion to serve. Keeping all these in mind and the enthusiasm alive, our HR team associates a sense of pride in what it does and shares the same. This special report is an attempt to highlight the HR practices that are followed at BIGFlix.4
  5. 5. “Humein Janiye” (About Us) BIGFlix is a SERVICE offering premium entertainment content to subscribers at home. It glorifies the ‘home’ as a self-sufficient, exciting destination- doing away with the hassles of booking tickets or even driving down to a movie theatre. BIGFlix subscribers can access the widest library across categories like movies, TV shows and games either via the website ( or on ground stores or via the call centre. Members can use the total convenience of email, SMS, phone or delivery service to access content effortlessly. BIGFlix uses technology to simplify the movie ordering process, tracking of deliveries & returns, sending out special offers/gift vouchers, collating ratings and reviews, giving out recommendations etc. Kamal Gianchandani : Chief Operating Officer Sanjeev Singhal : Chief Technology Officer Naveen Agrawal : Chief Financial Officer Manosh Bhattacharya : Chief Lead (Operations & Logistics) Nimmi Seth : Sr. Manager (Human Resources) Rajesh Das : Chief Lead (Content) Murtuza Kagalwala : Chief Lead (Video on Demand) Pankaj Chandra : Chief Lead (Sales & Marketing)5
  6. 6. “Hamara Lakshya” (Our Vision) To be the largest service provider for delivering Indian entertainment content Anytime, Anywhere.“Humarein Aadarsh” (Our Values) 1. Leadership – To be world class leaders in the way we design, build, support our products and services and in our financial results. 2. Integrity – To be ethical, honest and honor our commitments while dealing with team members within the organization, and with outsiders. 3. Customer centric – To provide the best customer service with great value and to retain our customer’s loyalty and trust. 4. Innovation – To encourage an open and creative environment for delivering innovative products and services, while remaining customer centric at all times. 5. Quality – To be recognized as an organization obsessed with continuously improving quality of services and products. 6. Respect and Trust – To treat every individual with respect and trust each other’s abilities.Following the company’s Vision and Values we at BIGFlix HR have tried to create an opendoor environment for our strength of 400 employees and still counting. All this is in twoyear’s time-line.
  7. 7. 6
  8. 8. What BIGFlix Expect from their Employees 1. Contribute fully to the job and hence help to attain the organization’s mission and goals. 2. Carry out the activities using highest ethical principles. Take ownership and accountability for actions. 3. Provide best of services to the customers. Execute flawlessly and with speed. 4. Quality of contributions is very essential. The first responsibility of an employee is to know his / her duties and how to do them promptly and correctly. 5. Contribute to the open management style where there is transparency in every job undertaken by them. 6. Put forward any idea, which they feel, would be useful and could add value to the organization. 7. Have an open culture wherein the employees can approach the management at any time to discuss any issue / problem. What Employees can Expect from BIGFlix 1. Employees will be recognized and appreciated for good work done, for making an extra effort and for coming up with innovative ideas. 2. The employees may approach their Superiors, the Management or the HR Department whenever they have a problem. 3. Each employee at BIGFlix is treated equal without any biases of any kind what so ever. 4. At BIGFlix each employee is given an opportunity to know where he or she stands as far as performance is concerned. 5. Each employee is given an opportunity and ample resources to improve his / her competence. 6. BIGFlix will provide an environment, which is comfortable, organized and safe.7
  9. 9. Work Culture @ BIGFlix BIGFlix work culture is the framework of shared attitudes and beliefs, which shape the way we work and deliver. Some important ingredients of our work culture are: • Open and transparent communication and feedback systems – where one has the freedom to state and share views, which may not always indicate agreement. • Internal and external customer focus – meeting customer needs, creating customer delight and ensuring customer retention. • Creating a learning environment – where brainstorming, sharing, learning, analyzing, changing frames and reference happens continuously, with the objective of continuous improvement on every interaction, process and services. • Commitment to excellence – in everything we do. • Proactive orientation – identifying opportunities for ourselves and being the first to convert these opportunities into revenue to further strengthen our business. • Creating result through synergy – working beyond the boundaries of each of our business to create a final multimedia product that gives us a competitive edge.8
  10. 10. HR Practices @ Giving Value to “Visions & Values” We believe that a company’s Vision & Values are just not mere statements but it forms the base of a company’s culture and environment. For the same we take special interest in embedding the Visions & Values within all the employees of the company. The formations of the Vision & Values of a company are normally framed by the top management but here at BIGFlix we do things differently. We not only involved the top management but each and every individual existing in the system at that time and this was a collective effort which has resulted in the formation of the same. Just to ensure that these Values don’t fizzle out, frequent exercises are conducted at regular intervals to keep people abreast. Wall Posters, Newsletters, Quizzes, Competitions are constantly evolved. Today when a new employee joins our organization they are firstly briefed about the Vision and Values of the company through small leaflets which constantly reminds them of the company’s goals. Every location, city office, warehouse, store has the company’s Vision and Values put up to constantly remind the employees to perform as the onus of the company’s success lies on them.9
  11. 11. Employee Engagement Program – The BIGFlix Way (Fun @ Work) We at BIGFlix are engaging for success because we believe that to win at marketplace; we must first win at workplace. This is about unleashing the potential of people at work and enabling them to be the best they can be. Whether we are in a downturn or in better economic times, engagement is a key to innovation and competitiveness. For us employee engagement is the basis for organizational effectiveness and directly impacts our productivity and profitability. We strongly believe that “right feelings” lead to the “right behaviors” and these “right behaviors” fuel higher level of business performance. Hence, we at BIGFlix believe that our employees are our assets and so we conduct our Employee Engagement Programs (EEP) in such a way that it takes the employee morale to new heights and generates more employee involvement. In our company, engagement is a business imperative, not an HR initiative, though HR is a key player in driving higher levels of engagement, we receive good amount of support from our highly engaged leaders. We believe in reaching hearts of our employees in a BIG way. Our employees give that extra effort because inside they care. And, they care because they feel someone is caring for them. Our 360 degree approach towards employee engagement helps to ensure that we continuously cherish our employees & families through a fun and celebratory environment with various monthly programs and events A successful employee engagement strategy can create a community at the workplace and not just a workforce. BIGFlix Employee Engagement Program is called JUICE (Join Us In Creating Excitement).The formation of Juice is an attempt to bring people together and create a feeling of oneness. JUICE gives a platform to all the employees’ right from the executives to the Top Management, come together, have fun, enjoy and spread smiles across the floor. Let’s take a quick tour of our efforts in making a highly engaged workplace. “BOL DAAL” (Voice of BIGFlix) BIGFlix mantra is “Ideas rule the world”. We recognize, nurture and execute great ideas and we truly believe that our employees are the biggest source of ideas. We have built a mechanism to capture ideas/feedbacks where employees can voice their concerns/ideas. Our internal suggestion scheme is called “Bol Daal”. The employees send their suggestions/ ideas openly or confidentially to HR. Open suggestions are those that are related to business improvements, fun related or very generic in nature which an employee does not mind others knowing about the same. But our work does not stop Rewarding Staff for great here. We ensure that once the suggestions are received, all open suggestions are filtered Suggestions and sent to respective departments. HR personally meets every functional head, discusses the ideas and provides feedback to employees on their suggestions, whether they are implemented, being reviewed or discarded with appropriate reasons.10
  12. 12. Some Highlights of “The LINK” (BIGFlix Newsletter) “The LINK” is our monthly in-house newsletter. It focuses on connecting & informing employees about all events happening across locations “The LINK” covers the following:- 1) “Events” covering the location’s fun celebrations taken place in that month 2) “Birthday”, “Anniversary”, Parenthood & Wedding Announcements of employee. 3) “BIG Star of the Month” – Announcements of all the locations 4) “Join the Gang” – Announcements regarding New Joining within BIGFlix. 5) “Show your talent” – In this section employees can show off their creativity by contributing to the section. This could be anything from a small poem to a story or a drawing. 6) “It’s Quiz time” – We love Movies and therefore we challenge our employees to a movie based quiz every month. Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander – Content Quiz At BIGFlix, “Movie Content” is the pulse of the Business; “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” aims to encourage the employees to gain more knowledge in the Movie Content area in a kind of fun and competitive way which emphasize the importance of team work through city level competitions. This enables the employees to provide a better customer service. “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” contest was a huge success; it also allowed us to reveal true potential within some employees regarding movies and its current intellectual knowledge about content within out staff. It also encouraged staff to look out for more in depth knowledge about movies and which in turn emphasized on discussion about movie genre, movie cast which help our staff to gain that edge in delighting customers through in-depth reviews about it. Seeing its popularity among staff, “Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar” (JJWS v2.0) was organized, which too was a grand success. “Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar” Conducted Across BIGFlix11
  13. 13. BIG Star of the Month Cheers for Peers “BIG Star of the Month” is our way to recognize the At BIGFlix, through Cheers 4 Peers, we focus on hard work, dedication, commitment, loyalty and appreciating efforts put in by our colleagues who have excellent customer service that has been demonstrated helped us in some way or the other. Our aim is to make by the employees this practice contagious where people get into the habit of appreciating each other, which is very important for team This activity is conducted on a monthly basis to bonding. encourage our employees at the stores in all cities-wise. The best performer of the month in the city is titled as The employee needs to write a small write-up regarding ‘BIG Star’ and is awarded with a trophy and free BIGFlix the special contribution of the person to whom the Cheers membership. for Peers recognition is being given. BIG Star of the Month BIG Star of the Month HR Sharing Cheers 4 Peers An Employee Excited on With the Trophy Mailer & Posters In an Open Forum Receiving Cheers 4 Peers The Red Carpet (Valentine Day Celebration) “The Red Carpet” is a BIGFlix way to create fun activities on Valentines’ day in order to bring out their creative foot. It’s a time for bonding with friends, colleagues to team up and show the romantic side of the individual. On this day, employees at location are teamed up in different group to conduct various activities. Some of them are “BIG Shayar of the Day”, “BIG KAVI of the Day” It also features an activity where employees are asked to create something unique with a theme of “Valentines Day” at the center. It can be song, card etc. The winner is decided at the end of the day and crowned “Mr. / Ms. Valentine of the Day” Winners of “The Red Carpet Event12
  14. 14. “OYE..!!! It’s Friday” Tired of the week? Waiting for work to get over? OYE… it’s Friday! Every Friday at Mumbai Office, people welcome the weekend by celebrating in a BIG way. We believe creating a great workplace requires more than a specific set of programs and practices - there is no set of required benefits, resources or perks that works for all. We are a company that values employee’s need for break. We spend at least eight hours a day with our coworkers. Even the most serious businesses deserve to have a little fun. To add that zing in the otherwise dull and boring life, HR co-ordinates and organizes fun activities like Treasure Hunt, Carom Competition, Karaoke Event, The Apprentice, Housie, Dumb Charades etc. Photo Collage of “OYE...Its Friday..!! “The Apprentice” “The Apprentice” gave a platform to all the employees to come together in teams/groups to make creative TV/ Jingle and Radio ads for BIGFlix. The Radio Jingle was later incorporated in few cities for advertisement. Winners of “The Apprentice” Event “Town Hall” “Town Hall” is one of the initiatives where our COO Mr. Kamal Gianchandani & all HOD’s across all functions get ‘up close and personal’ with the employees at HO. This is a half yearly activity where a lot of information about the business in general and way forward is discussed. This is an open forum for employee View of “Town Hall” feedback and questions. Bachpaan ke Din (Memoirs of Childhood) “Bachpaan ke Din” is BIGFlix way to celebrate “Children’s Day”. Its a recreational activity where takes all the employees back down into their memory lane. Employees are asked to give their childhood snaps. The snaps received are displayed on the Notice Board without the person’s name. All snaps are coded. Employees are asked to figure out their colleagues from those childhood snaps and the one who identified all the snaps or maximum number of snaps is declared as the “Wiz Kid” Mailer of “Bachpaan Ke Din”13
  15. 15. Creativity & Innovation (Best of the Waste) “Latent abilities are like clay, it can be mud on shoes; Brick in a building; It can be a statue, which will inspire all who see it. The clay is same; the result is dependent on how it is used” Creativity and Innovation is the Core of BIGFlix, as individuals we never thought, a mind could convert sheer waste to an attractive beautiful doll!! What we waste might not be a waste; there is lot that can be created out of it. Looking for this recreation ability of our employees, we organized a competition to explode the creativity in a BIG way… “Best of the Waste” is an attempt to educate the employees to use the easily available resources effectively and make the useful things out of Waste’. It was an encouragement to their skills and creativity. The result was a grand success. In order to transmutate energy to higher and more subtle levels one must first conserve it. This was another important learning from this activity. Employees were asked to collect the waste material from Offices. Using materials like used floppy’s, corrupted CDs and used bottles they created interesting things. Employees worked enthusiastically to use their imagination at its best thereby enhancing heir creativity and even bearing how to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste. It was all about displaying creativity, lateral thinking and Best of the Waste teamwork by engaging them in turning waste material into something useful Across BIGFlix Diwali Hafta (Festive Events @ BIGFlix) Rangoli & Diya Decoration Competition – Every Store Competes to be the champion of the Diwali Dhamaka by showcasing the best decorations at the stores of BIGFlix Desk Decoration – This activity where office staff has to decorate their desk individually with a theme of “Diwali” in the center and the one which is decorated in the most prolific way wins. Traditional Day - In the spirit of Diwali, BIGFlix brings all employees by letting them break through the shackles of “Corporate Dressing” and allows them to be on their own and bring their traditional instincts out. It’s our Heritage as part of Indian Culture and BIGFlix believes in ensuring its roots at all costs. The best traditionally dressed employee wins. Photo Collage of “Diwali Hafta” Across BIGFlix14
  16. 16. Training & Development – The BIGFlix Way At BIGFlix employees are given opportunities to learn and share their learning and experiences. This has not only resulted in motivating and retaining employees but also discovering varied interest and abilities within the employees. Due to these programs’s many employees have voiced their interest in different departments where we have successfully transferred them too. This gives the employee an opportunity to learn on the job and reduce costs. At BIGFlix we provide both operational and functional training. On joining they go through an intensive 7 day program where they learn all the facets of store operations. These are in-house training programs devised by the HR and Operations team. But it does not end here. BIGFlix HR believes that training is an investment which can bring great dividends and it’s an on-going process. Along with the above training we have devised refresher programs for employees that focus on functional and soft skills. This refresher program covers the Standard Operating Procedures, modules important for operating the store, eg. Store opening, store closing etc. and also on soft skill topics like grooming, customer service, communication skills etc. Besides this, the HR department keeps organizing workshops and seminars on different management topics for employee development. Operational Walkup (Cross Functional Training) Operational Walkup is a 2-Phase, 2-days training for HO employees to get familiarization with Processes and Operations on “How we serve our Customers better” by understanding the Frontline Operations processes. Employees are given first hand training regarding adaptation of the Process of Frontline Operations. Employees will have first hand learning directly from the Operation floor. “Motive of the Operational Walkup Training” is to induce familiarization regarding the process of Logistics and Store Operations which is the “Heart of BIGFlix Business”.Its Purpose is to increase the efficiency of Cross Functional Co-Ordination within different departments in the company with the store employees. Movie of the Day (Continuous Learning) BIGFlix strongly believes that “continuous- improvement will thrive only where training is routine”. BIGFlix is all about movies. “Movie of the day” is BIGFlix’s approach to continuously train its employees with facts and detail about the movies that can arm them to give customers a better insight and delight about its content. Its sole purpose is to identify, and, more importantly, to implement training for the ongoing expanding movie content. “Movie of the Day” consists of all the details about the movie like Movie Story Synopsis, Movie Genre, Main Casts; Facts & Trivia’s along with behind the Scenes details of that movie. It also consists of recommendations of same genre movies. Sometimes we also details about Award winning “Oscar Movies of the Decade” & “Genre-Wise Oscar Winners” “Movie of the Day” Mailers15
  17. 17. Innovative HR Practices in Social Corporate Responsibility “Wear the Mark” Campaign during General Elections 2009 At BIGFlix, Social Corporate Responsibility has been at the cornerstone of its work culture and business. We, therefore, are aware of the need to work beyond financial considerations and put in that little extra to ensure that we are perceived not just as corporate behemoth that exist for profits, but as wholesome entities created for the good of the society. “Wear the Mark” was an internal campaign started by BIGFlix for generating self awareness within employees about the importance of “Voting” as part of social responsibility towards the country it serves. We got a grand success when almost 97% of our employee voted and exclaimed “I wore the mark, Did you?” “Wear the Mark” Campaign Poster Innovative HR Practices in Internal Corporate Communications At BIGFlix, HR believes that “As employee it becomes our responsibility to help our organization in cutting costs. We need to be more careful about the way we as BIGFlix employees use office resources, thereby helping the company to save money”. Its been found that majority of the cost of the company goes in the communication tools that employees uses to communicate among themselves, IM provides the tool to reduce this communication cost by giving solutions of being in touch with day to day operational conversation that happens over the phone, the same can be done through IM which is totally free and just needs an internet connection. So at BIGFlix, we framed a HR policy about the “Usage of IM over Phones” which helped us reduced the cost to a great deal from the initial cost of usage. “Direct Dil Se...” (What our employees has to say in General) Puneet Sachdeva (Regional Manager – West Zone) on “Employee Engagement” “Our Employee Engagement activities truly justify the word Engagement by contributing substantially to teamwork, stress management and abilities to face future challenges” Jalpa Patel (Store Associate – Ahmedabad) on “Movie of the Day” (Training & Development) Jalpa Patel (Store Associate – Ahmedabad) on “Movie of the Day” (Training & Development) “Movie of the Day” is more knowledge-oriented program. We learnt many things with regards to Movies, Genre and inner facts of the movie.. I personally look forward towards it everyday since this initiative has given confidence to talk to customers about our content and movie. Its great to see customer’s delightful faces. Pawan Raina (City Manager – Mumbai City) on “Employee Engagement” “These activities come as a breath of fresh air in our daily hectic routine, breaks the monotony and brings out the children in us all over again which results in a lighter and a better work environment wherein all employees irrespective of their designations & for that moment all the worries, the deadlines & the targets are momentarily suspended & one comes out of the activity fully recharged to tackle all of them16
  18. 18. The Way Forward HR at BIGFlix aims to keep this spirit alive and take this company to another level. The HR team does not believe that we are an entertainment company with great customer service. We want to change this mindset. We want to engrave in the minds of every employee that “we are a great customer service organization that happens to be in the entertainment business.” The Humor Resources Team Nimmi Seth Head HR - BIGFlix Charanjit Arneja HR – BIGFlix HO Bhumika Vernekar Naveenkumar DN Prathima Pitta Bhavesh Sinha Pinal Mehta HR – Mumbai City HR – Bangalore HR – Hyderabad HR – Kolkata HR – Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore Natraj RS Hashir Zaidi HR – Chennai HR – Delhi & Chandigarh17