HR 2020 - The future of HR Practices


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Without a doubt, “TECHNOLOGY” is changing HR functions. This “PRESENTATION” lays out what will change and why, as well as how “HR" professionals can prepare FOR FUTURE i.e. 2020

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HR 2020 - The future of HR Practices

  1. 1. HR 2020 The future of HR Practices – what you need to know
  2. 2. HR TECHNOLOGY & TRANSFORMATION Without a doubt, “TECHNOLOGY” is changing HR functions. This “PRESENTATION” lays out what will change and why, as well as how “HR” students & professionals can prepare FOR FUTURE i.e. 2020
  3. 3. Datafication of Human Resources
  4. 4. Datafication of Human Resources HOW ? 1. Datification is about documenting an activity/process and changing it into data, so that it can be tracked, monitored, optimized and employed in decision making 2. For example Yammer, Inc. – a free enterprise social network service, launched during last five years; it is used for private communication within organization. It gauges the employee emotions expressed in posts. WOW. 3. Finally, considering the example of Ernst and Young – they have a much organized performance appraisal system. Now employee can update their profile by adding all the activities he/she has performed throughout the year and share supervisor's comments/feedback obtained at the end of the project. It’s all about Datifying HR Business Processes… Are you ready to do the same ?
  5. 5. Leveraging Social Media for Learning & Development in Organisations
  6. 6. Leveraging Social Media for Learning & Development in Organisations HOW ? 1. Social media and continuous learning is connected with Knowledge Management Systems – used by organisations to share relevant, vastly diversified knowledge and ideas on a global company portal so that an idea generated in, say Australia, can be useful in Pakistan as well. 2. In HRMS students use the social media (Google + in our case) to share ideas, knowledge, other class discussions and activities. SZABIST 3. Beaconhouse school system uses social media for communication and learning purpose to maintain uniformity in policies 4.Pixar uses Facebook as its internal communication portal, and employees around the world communicate and learn from each other through their status and posts.
  7. 7. Gamification in HR – The Fun way to Engage Staff
  8. 8. Gamification in HR HOW ? 1. Motivation and increased employees’ engagement: 1. Improving employee’s work 2. Work quality 3. Productivity 4. Loyalty 5. Retention 2. Employee Referral Program 3. Acquiring and improving the best talent 4. Promoting and communicating culture and core values of company 5. Enhance Knowledge, Skills and Abilities by gamify HR interventions like Training effectiveness feedback which are post training, by gamify we can engage staff and managers to increase use of training
  9. 9. Virtualisation, Globalisation Tools
  10. 10. Virtualisation, Globalisation and Virtual Tools HOW ? 1.Global organisations and virtual teams are driving greater social participation and new ways of working, changing how people connect, collaborate, learn and gather information. 2.Free Tools: 1.DropBox, Google DRive, Google Docs,, GoTomeeting, Skype, Hall, Google Hangouts etc 3.Paid Tools: 1. P&G using web2.0 PeopleSoft, HP virtual room collaboration, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Sharepoint 4.Collaborative tools on mobile devices: Seesmic, Fuze Meeting, Soonr, Mighty Meeting etc…
  11. 11. Virtualisation, Globalisation Tools
  12. 12. HR & Use of Mobile Tools
  13. 13. HR & use of Mobile Tools HOW ? 1. New employees data into system is time consuming. HR department can manage time by developing the application which allows new employees to enter their data by their own via their phones synced with main system 2. Companies need to make sure to their employees that these types of application are for 3. Controls and checks ensure that usage of applications does not put burden the their support/help and to save the time for both (employees and organisation) employees 4.SMSall, Chopaal – some of applications developed by Pakistani technopreneur 5.PeopleAnswer Inc., created a mobile version app for candidate hiring assessment Concur, Flexi, Kronos workforce mobile, In appreciate – other software's that 6. develop HR mobile apps
  14. 14. Why HR 2020 ? Global Mindset
  15. 15. Presentation & Research by Muhammad Farhan I am an articulate and strategic HR business professional with generalist experience in banking, services and logistics environment large multinationals. Having successfully lead and driven a range of HR, people management, change management responsibilities, my experience complements my excellent communication skills, relationship and stakeholder management, and influencing abilities. Farhan strongly believe that, “ Your Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE." A lesson he learned in his life and practice this at workplace. Farhan holds a Master in Business Administration (HRD) from SZABIST, majoring in Strategic Human Resource Development, Training and Development, Organizational Behavior, Performance Management and Reward Management. Certified HRBP and HRMP Professional from HRCI, SHRM USA.
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