2007 HDI Analyst of the Year Overview (Milwaukee chapter)

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Milwaukee chapter of HDI is proud to present the 2007 HDI Analyst of the Year Overview.

Milwaukee chapter of HDI is proud to present the 2007 HDI Analyst of the Year Overview.

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  • 1. HDI Analyst of the Year 2007 Program Overview
  • 2. HDI Analyst of the Year This award will recognize a local analyst that exemplifies the best qualities among support practitioners. The winner will have demonstrated extraordinary commitment, dedication, and service to customers while consistently exceeding performance objectives.
  • 3. The Program Locally Selected and Awarded at our Local Chapter Level Local Awards and Prizes Regionally Winners of the Local Chapters will Compete at the Regional Level Regional Award is Conference Attendance Globally Each Regional Winners will Compete at the Global Level Global Award Provided by HDI
  • 4. Nomination Requirements Nominations are open to everyone. To qualify for nomination, at least one person from the company/site must be a member of HDI. The nominee must have at least 75% of their daily tasks related to direct customer Tier 1 support and the nominee needs to have been in a Tier 1 position for at least 9 months of the previous 12 months. A maximum of two nominees per company/site. If multiple nominations are received, the company/site management will approve only two nominees. Demonstration of a commitment to excellence will be demonstrated by the Nomination Criteria as listed on the Nomination Form
  • 5. Size doesn’t matter! Part 1 of the form is gathered to understand who we serve and is not scored!
  • 6. Nomination Form – Part 1 Analyst’s Personal Profile Nominee’s Company Profile Name: Company Name: Title: Description of Business: Nominee’s phone number: Headquarters Location: Nominee’s email address: Company Web Site: Nominee’s mailing address: Nominee’s Manager’s name: Description of Current Position: Nominee’s Manager’s phone number: How Long in Current Position: Nominee’s Manager’s email address: Overall Service Desk Profile: What do you call your service desk? How many total end users are supported? What are the hours of operation for your desk? What are the number of full time support staff? What are the number of part time support staff? How many levels of support do you use? Number of staff for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and above? What is your average total monthly call volume?
  • 7. This stuff matters! Sell your analyst as being the best!
  • 8. Nomination Form – Part II Overall Areas of Quality Customer Service Performance and Quality of Work Processes and Knowledge Sharing Team Orientation and Leadership Communication Ethics Technical aptitude of support tools Problem solving and Problem prevention Professional Development In 500 words or less, explain in your own words and in detail, why you nominated your candidate:
  • 9. Nomination Form – Part II (Example Discussion) Customer Service: (Give two examples of excellent customer service: i.e., customer letters, customer comments, survey scores, etc.) Demonstrates extraordinary commitment, dedication, and service to customers Is friendly with customers and follows through with commitments Understands the basic psychological needs of customers Recognizes the difference between formal and informal communication in the workplace
  • 10. Nomination Form – Part II (Example Discussion) Performance and Quality of Work: (Provide at least one sample of scores from past performance reviews and analyst’s metrics from previous years) Consistently exceeds performance objectives Completes assignments without error and in a timely manner Shows pride in work Takes ownership of work and tasks assigned
  • 11. Judging Process Local Level 4-5 Judges from Local Chapter Area Submission is Key! Judges “score” each Submission Mathematical Calculations to Determine finalists (3 recommended) Three Finalists are Interviewed Face to Face – November 20th, 2007 Local Chapter Meeting Winner Determined from Face to Face Interviews – Awarded at December 18th Local Chapter Meeting Regional Level One Judge from Each Participating Chapter Telephone Interviews Global Level HDI Global Hand Picks the Judges All Regional Finalist are Interviewed Face to Face – Sunday Before Conference Finalist Determined and Awarded Opening Morning of Conference
  • 12. Key Dates 10/23/2007 - Nominations Due 10/24/2007 – 11/8/2007 - Judging takes place Week of 11/12/2007 - 3 Finalists Determined and Notified. Finalists must attend 11/20/2007 meeting for face-to-face interview with judging panel Week of 12/10/2007 - Winner selected 12/18/2007 - Local Winner announced at Chapter Awards Ceremony Late December 2007/Early January 2008 - Regional Interviews Mid/Late January 2008 - Regional Winner Decided 3/9/08 - Regional Winner Interviews at HDI Annual Conference 3/10/08 or 3/11/08 - Global Winner Announced at HDI Annual Conference General Session (Dallas, TX)
  • 13. Questions or Need More Info? Official Information available on HDI Website: http://www.thinkhdi.com/membership/awards/helpdeskanalyst/ HDI AOY Nomination Form: http://www.thinkhdi.com/files/HDAOYNominationSubmissionForm.doc Milwaukee chapter contact (chairman of Milwaukee AOY Committee): Phil Gerbyshak -= president@profhelpdesk.org