Power Point Game


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This is the power point game on the skills to sucessful communication.

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Power Point Game

  1. 1. Principles of communication skills. Power Point Game. Oskar Lukasik Start the Game
  2. 2. 1. Is modulation of your voice a way of over coming a barrier to communication ? Yes No
  3. 3. Modulation of the voice is a way of overcoming a communication barrier, by changing the loudness or the pitch of your voice andapplying it to the situation. For example, if you’re sitting in a room with loud background noises, you could speak bit louder so people can understand you. Next Question
  4. 4. When do you have to make sureyou’re using the right body language ? When you’re out with When you’re at job your friends interview When you’re at your job When you’re out shopping
  5. 5. Body language is one of the main things that the employer want you to be good at. It’s used in persuading customers and itsimportant on business meets, when you talk to the co-workers, because people most often grade you by looking at you and thinking about how you behave. Next Question
  6. 6. Which of these barriers listed below include the sound of the wind? Background noises Distraction Lack of concentration Information overload
  7. 7. Wind sound, even the quiet wind, is one of the background noisebarriers. Background noise should not be underestimated. Evena slight continuous noise, such as the humming of an airconditioning unit or the ticking of a clock, can distract anaudience. Next Question
  8. 8. When a making presentation, what do you have to remember? Making a hints card for Body language yourself Putting on a loud noise Reading the slides between the slides
  9. 9. • When making a presentation you should remember to make yourself good hints cards or an A4 sheet with notes. This is so you don’t lose eye contact with people as you won’t be looking at the slides all the time. Next Question
  10. 10. What should you do at the end of your presentation ? Ask for any questions Just finish Thank everyone for Walk out the room listening
  11. 11. At the end of your presentation, you should always encourage people to participate in your presentation.This is so they don’t get bored, you can do this by always ask the audience for any questions. Also you could askpeople about something that is included in presentation,this will be a good way to make sure they were listening and that they are interested in your presentation. Next Question
  12. 12. Is crossing your arms the right way to use body language ? NO YES
  13. 13. Crossing your arms while speaking with someone is not the right body language as it indicates that your not interested much inthe subject as you’re in a closed position on the subject as in you don’t want to talk about it. Next Question
  14. 14. What food is appropriate to eat during an interview? Chocolate Sandwich Brain None
  15. 15. Eating while in an interview or pretty much any conversation is inappropriate as it shows that you disrespectful and not interested in the conversation when you should show you interest and concentration Next Question
  16. 16. What technology could be used at an interview or presentation ? iPad Mobile Phone PowerPoint MP3 player
  17. 17. The technology you could use at a presentation and an interview is aniPad and PowerPoint. You can even combine both of them, as you can easily change the slides from your iPad and its easier to talk about them as well because you can be view on you iPad during the presentation. It’s easier and quicker and thanks you can keep the presentation backed up on your iPad, that way you wont lose it. You can also keep eye contact with the audience which is essential for a successful presentation. Next Question
  18. 18. When can you use emoticons in your emails ? Sending a CV Massaging your boss Emailing work for a dayEmailing your friend off
  19. 19. It’s inappropriate to use emoticons most of the time. The only time it’s appropriate is when you’re emailing your friends as itlooks unprofessional and some people might take it wrong way and it may cause an argument. Finish the game.
  20. 20. Well done you have completed thewhole game but don’t get your hopes up you wont get anything for it !
  21. 21. Wrong !!!1. You’re wrong !2. You’re wrong !3. You’re wrong !4. There is no hope for you ! But if you want to try again. Last question .