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PowerPoint Game


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PowerPoint Game

  1. 1. Principles of effective communication By Liam Wagstaff
  2. 2. What Greeting is appropriate to use in a foreigncountry with no knowledge of their traditions? Hand shake Slapping them repeatedly (Backhand) Saying Talking really slow believing “ChiimiiUbadddNooweeT” they understand you
  3. 3. Which emoticon is acceptable in a Letter which isbeing sent to a business colleague?
  4. 4. Which of these is suitable in an interview? Slouching Spitting Shaking the employers Sneezing then shaking hand hands
  5. 5. Which of these are guidelines?
  6. 6. Should you always proofread your work? YES NO
  7. 7. Which of these should you pay close attention to when learning?Teacher talking Friends having a chatVehicles outside Music playing from headphones
  8. 8. Which of these is a sign to tell someone you are paying attention?Dancing continuously Waving handsKeeping eye Listening to musiccontact
  9. 9. Which mind-set would help you in your speed of response? Paying attention to Being overconfident your conversation Being uninterested Being incautious
  10. 10. If you can not hear what someone is saying what do you do?Ask them to repeat Try to lip-readthemselvesSit silently and Just leavenod
  11. 11. Why is grammar so important in our everyday communication? Because you look To follow the more literate when etiquette. you talk.Because you need To easilyEnglish GCSE to get a communicate withjob. each other.
  12. 12. Which of these is a use of technology in a presentation? Power Point Remembering what presentation you have prepared Use of paper as notes Shouting at everyone
  13. 13. What is the correct definition of capitalization? Capitalization is an Capitalization is the economic system that act of printing with became dominant in upper case letters the Western worldCapitalization is the Capitalization is apromotion of a city to meaningless termbe the capital of acountry
  14. 14. How does being accurate help during a conversation? Makes you look more To present yourself clever better To lie to the person To eat hotdogs
  15. 15. What is the disadvantage of using negative language? People will feel People will like you uncomfortable with more talking to you To use proper To get to know more capitalization about the subject
  16. 16. Should you consider alternative viewpoints on a topic you are confident with?Yes No Only if my viewpoint isMaybe better
  17. 17. Which one of the following tipswould you choose regarding to note taking?Take notes during a high Don’t waste papervolume of information on taking notes Watch a video onCopy everything on the your iPhone relevantboard word by word to the topic