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Powerpoint game

  1. 1. Why is understanding cultural differences important?Helps culturaldifferences to relay To make you lookinformation without good.offending orconfusing anybody.
  2. 2. cultural differences• Understanding other cultural differences will help you too relay your information clearly because you will be able to give the information and points across without offending anyone or confusing them.
  3. 3. What format should you use when presenting your work?Times new roman Webdings
  4. 4. format• When you are presenting your work then you should think about what format looks professional and is easy to read.
  5. 5. How accurate should you make your work?100% accuracy 0% accuracy
  6. 6. accuracy• Making your work accurate and clear is vital when presenting yourself and your work, if your work is inaccurate then someone will find out and it will make you look stupid.
  7. 7. What technology can you use to help present work? PowerPointPen and paper
  8. 8. use of technology• Using technology effectively can not only help engage the audience but , if done well, it can make you look professional and knowledgable.
  9. 9. Who would benefit from signing?Blind people Death people
  10. 10. signing• With the ability to use sign language, you will be able to effectively communicate with not just able bodily people but also those with hearing impairments.
  11. 11. When presenting how should u position yourself?Slumped over achair Standing up straight
  12. 12. Body languageWhen presenting yourself in front of agroup of people you should have positivebody language, IE u should remain a goodposture, and come across as positive andactive in the presentation and your bodylanguage should reflect upon this.
  13. 13. How can you help the audienceunderstanding your presentation.Do nothing Summarise key points
  14. 14. Summarising!By summarising the key points of yourpresentation you can express, not only theimportance of the subject you arepresenting, but you can also help the audiencewith understanding your point in case theydidn’t understand in in the first place.
  15. 15. Name a distraction for a presentation Background noises chairs
  16. 16. Backgrounds noisesThe term noise is defined as unwanted sounds.Ranging from air conditioners humming to carsdriving by, this can be very distracting whentrying to present something, you can avoid thisby examining the room you use beforehand, however some noises will be out of yourcontrol.
  17. 17. How can you help engage the audience with questions?Closed questions Open questions
  18. 18. question and answerUsing the correct kind of questioning andanswers in a presentation is vital to engaging theaudiences and helping to get your views across.Using a combination of open and closedquestions will increase the interaction betweenthe presenter and audience.
  19. 19. When is it appropriate to use smileys In a will In a text
  20. 20. Smileys!• When using professional and serious work it is not advised to use smileys or emoticons however it can be effective when using text messaging or emails to colleagues or friends, it can help to express your emotions easier then just texts and words.
  21. 21. Should you use appropriate grammar? yes No
  22. 22. GrammarWhen it comes to grammar you should alwaysdouble check your work to make sure it all looksprofessional and presentable, incorrect use ofgrammar can look bad on your behalf and mightmake people disregard the point of yourpresentation.
  23. 23. Which is right?All your spelling for the There are a lot of spelling mistakespresentation is correct. in final presentations
  24. 24. spellingDuring a presentation nothing can make youlook worse then poor spelling. To avoid thisalways check your work before you presentit, get someone else to check it as well if you areunsure.
  25. 25. A structured presentation is;Professional looking andstructured tidily. Cluttered and scruffy looking
  26. 26. structureIf your presentation is structured wrong or notneat and tidy it can become difficult to read, toavoid doing this; don’t have too much on onepresentation slide, use bullet points to get keypoints across instead of paragraphing and layoutsentences appropriately.
  27. 27. Should your presentation remain relevant to the topic?yes no
  28. 28. identifying relevanceYour presentation should always remain relevantto the topic at hand. If you start to drift off ofthe subject it may confuse your audiences andthey may lose interest or leave not knowingabout the important subjects.
  29. 29. When should you proof read your work?Before the presentation After the presentation
  30. 30. proofreadingYou should always proof read your work beforethe presentation starts. Check it for all kinds ofmistakes, not just one. Your should be lookingfor, spelling mistakes, miss use ofgrammar, poorly structured slides, anything thatwould harm the integrity of your presentation.
  31. 31. Should you include alternate viewpoints in a presentation?yes no
  32. 32. alternative viewpoints• You should try to include not only your own viewpoints in a presentation but that of others as well, if you can include multiple viewpoints then you can help to justify the points you are trying to express.
  33. 33. Is note taking effective?yes no
  34. 34. note takingTaking notes in a presentation is a great way toremember key points and leave the presentationwith stuff to think about and recap upon.
  35. 35. Well doneu passed