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Optify webinar-ssl-enhancement-impact-on-seo

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Is your organic keyword traffic falling into Google’s “not provided” black hole? – You are not alone. In order to keep your SEO a step ahead you need to understand Google’s updates and enhancements......

Is your organic keyword traffic falling into Google’s “not provided” black hole? – You are not alone. In order to keep your SEO a step ahead you need to understand Google’s updates and enhancements and how they affect your SEO campaigns.

In this webcast, Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and Zack Okun, Director of Product Management at Optify explored the impact of Google’s SSL enhancement, which has led to the increased amount of “not provided” organic visit referral data. Using data trends from over 400 websites both speakers shared practical tips on how to manage the effect of the missing keyword information so your SEO campaigns stay moving in the right direction.

Read this presentation and learn:

- What is Google’s SSL enhancement?
- What has changed? And how does the SSL enhancement affect you?
- The rate of increase in “not provided” data over the past year
- What is the best course of action after the enhancement to improve your SEO?

Watch the full webinar here http://www.optify.net/?page_id=40586&preview=true

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  • 1. Google’s SSL enhancement: How does it impact your SEO? Tuesday, February 5, 2013 1:00 EST (10:00 PST) SPEAKERS: Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor, Search Engine Roundtable, News Editor, Search Engine Land Zach Okun, Director of Product Management at Optify - Inbound Marketing Software©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 2. Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor, Search Engine Roundtable, News Editor, Search Engine Land Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Lands News Editor and has covered search news for over five years. Barry also maintains the “Search Engine Roundtable”, his own search blog that tracks discussions at the most active search engine forums. As the host of Search Marketing Expo Israel and a speaker at many search marketing conferences, Barry is always on top of the most important topics in search.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 3. Zach Okun, Director of Product, Optify Zach is responsible for enforcing Optifys simple mantra - Simple, Insightful, and Actionable‘, and thinks that marketers deserve better tools to deal with rapidly changing technological landscape. Prior to Optify, Zach was a product manager at Amazon Web Services. Follow Zach on Twitter - @z_okun©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 4. About Optify©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 5. What we’ll cover today •  What is Google’s SSL enhancement? •  What has changed? And how does the SSL enhancement affect you? •  The results of Optify’s study on the rate of increase in ‘not provided’ data •  What is the best course of action after the enhancement to improve your SEO?©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 6. What Is SSL Search? •  SSL Encrypts Your Browser Behavior •  Protects The Searcher •  Public Wifi Spots (Protects Sniffers) •  Blocks (Most) Keyword Referrer Data From Being Passed To Analytics & Logs •  Source (i.e. Google/Bing) Is Passed •  May Slow The Speed Of Search Results©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 7. Google SSL Search Beta •  May 21, 2010 Google Introduces Opt In SSL Search At encrypted.google.com •  Launched As BETA •  Searches Over Google SSL Do Not Pass Referrer Data •  Google Stores Searches In Web History & For Own Use •  Google AdWords Does Pass Keyword Data To Advertiser©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 8. Google SSL Search Default •  October 18, 2011 SSL Default For Logged In Google Users •  10% Or Less Of Search Referrer Data Impacted©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 9. Google SSL Search Expands Globally •  March 5, 2012 SSL Search Defaults Globally •  10% Continues To Increase •  [NOT PROVIDED] Scares Marketers©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 10. Browsers Adopt SSL Search Defaults •  July 2012 Firefox 14 Defaults To SSL Search Via Google •  September 2012 Mobile Safari Defaults To SSL Search Via Google •  2013 Chrome 25 Defaults To SSL Search Via Google©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 11. Marketers Lose Keyword Data •  30%+ Of Keyword Data Not Provided •  … and growing •  AdWords Gets Keyword Data •  Web History Gets Keyword Data •  Google Gets Keyword Data •  Webmaster/Marketer Doesn’t Get Keyword Data©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 12. No Keyword Data Means: •  Marketers Can’t Learn How Searchers Are Reaching Them •  Marketers Can’t Personalize Their Landing Pages By Keyword Data •  Marketers Need To Different Sources For Keyword Research •  Marketers Can Be Reaching The Wrong Users (Negative Keywords)©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 13. Not Provided reaches 39% and rising 45%   40%   35%   30%  Not provided %age “not provided” rate is up 171% 25%   since its introduction. One of 20%   every 2.5 visits from organic 15%   search now show up as “not provided”. 10%   5%   0%   Not provided %age = ‘not provided’ Google US organic keyword visits / total Google US organic keyword visits©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 14. ©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 15. Organic Search is #1 driver of traffic to B2B Sites 0.80%   4.70%   1.90%   0.10%   11.50%   40.00%   41.00%   Direct   Organic   Referral   Paid  Search   Social  Media   Email     Other   Source: Optify 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 16. Google dominates the Organic Search market !"#!$%&()*+$,&(-+$.(&/01$23(&0$)""#$ (!#$ !"#$%&()*$"+(,$"-*.()+$"*( (#$ (#))& %#*+& (&#$ (%#$ 5.85%   5.95%   ./012$ ("#$ 3456$ 788691$ !!#$ !#$ !"#$%& 88.21%   !&#$ !%#$ !"#$ )*)*)%$ %*)*)%$ +*)*)%$ &*)*)%$ ,*)*)%$ *)*)%$ -*)*)%$ !*)*)%$ (*)*)%$ )"*)*)%$ ))*)*)%$ )%*)*)%$ ,--./012340 567.12340 892041034:2;7.670< Google’s share of organic traffic to B2B websites topped 90% in November, 2012. It averaged 88.21% in 2012 and showed a consistent increase for most of the year.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 17. Recognized keywords from Organic Search drop by 48% Recognized  Keywords  Index   1.2   1   0.8   Almost 50% of the keywords 0.6   previously tracked are no longer available through 0.4   analytics systems due to SSL search. 0.2   0   “Recognized Keywords Index” assumes November 2011 as the baseline for the total number of recognized keywords. From that point until today, almost 50% of the keywords previously tracked are no longer identified due to the SSL update, and now show as (not provided).©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 18. Recognized, non-branded keywords drop to 35% !"#$%&(")*&$&+,!-&)")*."/0$!)1*!-2"* %!"!!#$ )%"!!#$ )!"!!#$ (%"!!#$ (!"!!#$ Only 35% of organic search %"!!#$ visits from Google will provide !"!!#$ keyword data that can be correlated with SEO work and &%"!!#$ analyzed to improve SEO &!"!!#$ campaigns. %"!!#$ !"!!#$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ &$ $ & -& & -& -& & -& & 2-& ;-& <-& - 5- 8- 2- ?- *+, ./0 *6, *67 9/4 1+ 34 :; @/ 1+ 36 => Marketers are left with only 35% of non-branded keywords they can work with to analyze, optimize and measure.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 19. Other key findings •  64% of companies analyzed in the study see 30%-50% of their traffic from Google as “(not provided)” •  81% of the companies analyzed in the study see over 30% of their traffic from Google as “(not provided)” •  Recognized referring keywords from organic search declined by 49%©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 20. Who should care?Website Traffic + marketing sophistication SEO’s Professional Marketers Small Businesses Impact ©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 21. Sophistication Level 1 – Do nothing©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 22. Sophistication Level 2 – Diversify your programs©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 23. Sophistication Level 3 – Make the most of the data you have©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 24. Sophistication Level 4 – Use Google Webmaster Tools •  Use the data that Google provides for past 30 days: –  Top 1,000 daily search queries –  Top 1,000 landing pages for past 30 days –  Cross reference with tool like Optify to calculate relative lead conversion rates©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 25. Sophistication Level 5 – Use PPC data Not an ‘apples to apples’ comparison, but you can look at relative CTRs and conversion rates to estimate relative organic keyword performance©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 26. Sophistication Level 6 – Use other data for personalization Get rich intelligence on what happens after someone arrives from Organic Search Firmographic data Behavioral data •  Industry •  Pages visited •  Geography •  # visits •  Company •  Email responses •  # Employees •  Form completions •  Etc. •  Content downloaded Use data such as forms submissions, pages viewed and incoming campaign tags to guide personalization of web pages and follow-up emails.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 27. Sophistication Level 7 – Use proxy data for SEO work Pull keywords from Use rank and Google Webmaster known CTR for Estimate Sort organic leads tools that drove each keyword to conversion rate by by entry page traffic to entry estimate traffic keyword page driven by keyword©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 28. Key Takeaways •  Referring keyword data is going away •  There are solutions for dealing with the lack of data •  The underlining issue is Google dominance •  Make sure you don’t bank your entire marketing on just Organic Search©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 29. www.optify.net (206) 388-4234 (phone) (877) 2-OPTIFY (toll-free)©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.