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Navigating Secure (SSL) Search for SEO

My presentation from the BrightEdge 2014 Share conference about tactics and strategies for Navigating Secure (SSL) Search for SEO since Google removed most keyword visibility from moving towards secure search via HTTPS.

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Navigating Secure (SSL) Search for SEO

  1. 1. Red Door Interactive Jordan Kasteler, Senior SEO Manager
  2. 2. The Move to Secure Search
  3. 3. Agenda About Me & Red Door Interactive Google’s Move to Secure Search How SEOs Have Adjusted Methods, Strategies & Tool Solutions Recap
  4. 4. About Me & Red Door Interactive  SEO since 2001  Author: A to Z: Social Media Marketing  Columnist at Marketing Land and others  International Speaker  Masters in Communication @JordanKasteler  Founded in 2002  Full Service Marketing & Advertising Agency  Offices in San Diego, Carlsbad, and Denver  Core Values:  Inspire  Share  Evolve  Exceed  100% Jerk-Free
  5. 5. Google’s Move to Secure Search @JordanKasteler • Thin & Low Quality Content • Long-Tail Keyword Abuse • “What Should I Do if I Drop my Cell Phone in the Water?” • “What Should I Do if I Drop my iPhone in the Water?” • Why is water wet? • What makes water wet? • How water makes things wet. Feb 2011
  6. 6. Google’s Move to Secure Search @JordanKasteler
  7. 7. Google’s Move to Secure Search  Intent vs Keywords  15% of daily keywords haven’t been seen before  What users mean versus what they say.  Content that people are interested in and serves a need. Not content formulated around keywords. @JordanKasteler “People communicate with each other by conversation, not by typing keywords — and we’ve been hard at work to make Google understand and answer your questions more like people do.” – Amit Singhal, Head of Google Search August 2013
  8. 8. Google’s Move to Secure Search @JordanKasteler Sept 2013
  9. 9. Google’s Move to Secure Search @JordanKasteler Why is Google encrypting searches?  Provides users with increased security as search becomes more customizable.  Sets and continues to follow industry standards for security.  Industry professional speculation: Pushes marketers to rely more on Google PPC for search optimization.  Think about keywords less and intent more.
  10. 10. How SEOs Have Adjusted  Persona Development  Site Search  Landing Page Traffic & Engagement Analysis @JordanKasteler  Performance by device type, browser, OS, geography, demographic, interests  Conversion Optimization and Analysis (not always a website issue)  Grouping Keyword Buckets & Ranking Monitoring By:  Keyword Size: (Head, Torso, Longtail)  Topic  Buying Stage  Intent (transactional, informational, commercial investigation, navigational)
  11. 11. @JordanKasteler How SEOs Have Adjusted - Landing Page Analysis
  12. 12. @JordanKasteler How SEOs Have Adjusted – Search Intent Search Query Classification Funnel Informational 80% of search volume Non-commercial, non-transaction-oriented Example: what is an XYZ? Commercial Investigation 10% of search volume Research-oriented with implied conversion action Example: XYZ vs ABC Transactional 10% of search volume Explicit intent to complete a conversion action Example: buy an XYZ
  13. 13. @JordanKasteler How SEOs Have Adjusted – Search Intent
  14. 14. @JordanKasteler How SEOs Have Adjusted – Search Intent Keyword-Based Optimization Optimization Action: Incorporate keyword “XYZ” into page copy and important on-page elements. Intent-Based Optimization Optimization Action: Identify the primary topics and questions users are looking to answer when searching for “XYZ” and create content to address the user’s needs on the targeted landing page.
  15. 15. Methods, Strategies & Tool Solutions  Google & Bing Webmaster Tools  Top Queries & Pages (clicks/impressions)  Bright Edge DataCube  Site Search  Google AdWords  Paid & Organic Reports  RDI Brand vs Non-Brand Internal Predictive Analysis @JordanKasteler
  16. 16. Tool: Google Webmaster Tools @JordanKasteler
  17. 17. Tool: BrightEdge Data Cube @JordanKasteler
  18. 18. Tool: Site Search @JordanKasteler
  19. 19. Tool: AdWords Paid & Organic Reports @JordanKasteler
  20. 20. Red Door Interactive Predictive Analysis @JordanKasteler
  21. 21. Red Door Interactive Predictive Analysis @JordanKasteler
  22. 22. Thank You! @JordanKasteler