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Update on our Wikipedia activities in 2015 - National library & Archives of the Netherlands


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In this presentation the national library (KB) and national archives (NA) of the Netherlands give an update on their main current Wikipedia activities for 2015. Special attention for a project to describe all 1300 Dutch underground newspapers from WW2 on Wikipedia and Wikidata.
This presentation was given during the bi-annual international GLAM-wiki conference, 10-12 april 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands

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Update on our Wikipedia activities in 2015 - National library & Archives of the Netherlands

  1. 1. Tim de Haan (NA) & Olaf Janssen (KB) GLAMwiki 2015, 10-12 April 2015, The Hague GLAMwiki activities of NA and KB in 2015
  2. 2. What we hope you’ll get out of this talk 1. Idea of main GLAMwiki-activities of NA in 2015 2. Idea of main GLAMwiki-activities of KB in 2015
  3. 3. GLAMwiki activities of NA in 2015
  4. 4. Impact
  5. 5. • Donating images with the GLAMWIKI uploadtool • Coordination with (Dutch) Wikimedia for possibilities and wishes towards thematic image donations (WWI, WWII) • Awareness for the mainpage and adding – if possible – lemmas with relevant illustrations • Remaining active in- and visible for the community. By facilitating events (for example at this conference) and helping with questions and requests related to our archival collections Three Pillars
  6. 6. Donating images with the GW-uploadtool Software that allows GLAMs to upload large quantities of images to (donate) Wikimedia Commons
  7. 7. Following the mainpage
  8. 8. Visible and available for the commnity HaNA_2.02.22_2277_kaart_van_de_waterwegen_in_Nederland_1878.jpg
  9. 9. GLAMwiki activities of KB in 2015 1. Underground WW2 newspapers to WP:NL 2. Collaboration with public libraries 3. Image donations (GLAMwiki toolset) And we’ll do more, see full overview on ninklijke_Bibliotheek_en_Nationaal_Archief/Activ iteiten2015 (in Dutch, not yet in English)
  10. 10. During WW2 ± 1.200 Dutch underground newspapers have been issued
  11. 11. From big ones (e.g. Parool, Vrij Nederland, Trouw, de Waarheid)
  12. 12. To very small, home-made, pamphlet-like issues
  13. 13. After the war many titles have been preserved at the NIOD … – CC-BY-SA - OlafJanssen The national Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam
  14. 14. .. were described in formal library catalogues…
  15. 15. .. were full-text digitized in Delpher … The Dutch national aggregator for historic newspapers, books and magzines
  16. 16. .. and were contextualized & interlinked 1 by 1 in a book Links to other underground newspapers
  17. 17. So: a lot of – mainly unconnected - information is available about these WW2 underground newspapers
  18. 18. However, so far only 14 of these 1200 newspapers are described on WP:NL
  19. 19. The Wikiproject Verzetskranten will change this! Systematically and uniformly describe & interlink all 1200 Dutch underground newspapers from WW2 on Wikipedia & Wikidata And thus make it available for open reuse for other purposes – e.g. data visualisations
  20. 20. Method, details & current status: (in Dutch)
  21. 21. Public libraries in NL • 1000 libraries, 2.5M adult members • Many are curious about ‘doing more with Wikipedia’ CC-BY-SA
  22. 22. FotoSebastiaanterBurg-CC-BY-SA WMNL public library project 2013/14 • Improve awareness, usage & quality of WP in public libraries • Aim: structural and sustainable collaboration
  23. 23. FotoSebastiaanterBurg-CC-BY-SA Since 1-1-2015 KB has national role in steering network of public libraries KB can help WMNL expand collaboration in 2015 KB wrote plan 1.Raise awareness about WP with library staff 2.WP training for staff – building skills 3.Hands-on thematic/local projects by staff
  24. 24. Planned image donations of KB in 2015 • 10 donations, 25K images • Mainly using GLAMwiki toolset • Full details: Commons:Koninklijke_Bibliotheek
  25. 25. 300 images of Dutch birds 1770-1829 Thanks Hay!
  26. 26. 11.141 illuminations from 400 medieval manuscripts
  27. 27. 511 maps and drawings from Dutch parliamentary papers 1814-1995
  28. 28. Dutch picture books for children 1810-1924
  29. 29. Questions? @timmietovenaar @ookgezellig