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Vocabulario and Tenses
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Present and past progressive, Future with be going to.

Present and past progressive, Future with be going to.

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  • 1. Laura Viviana García Herrera.901 J.T.San José Norte.
  • 2. Present ProgressiveAffirmative Interrogative Negative I am notplaying.I am playing. Am I playing? He is not playing.He is playing. Is he playing? You are not playing.You are playing. Are you playing?
  • 3. Past Progressive The Past Progressive is a past tense, which is used to talk about the development of an action that took place in a certain time, or do not know which end is irrelevant, as well as to express that an action took place when another interrupted and ultimately refer to actions occurring simultaneously.I was speaking. You were speaking.She wasn’t speaking. They were not speaking.Was He speaking? Were we speaking?
  • 4. Be Going To. Weather Future (going to) answer the question: What is going to happen? = What will happen? or What is going to be happening? = What will be happening?. Formed: Subject + am / is / are + going to + verb in this (I am going to work). Subject + am / is / are + going to + be + verb in progressive (I am going to be working).I am going to play handball. We are going to play handball.He is not going to play handball. They are not going to play handball.Is she going to play handball? Are You going to play handball?
  • 5. Vocabulary.Ring Anillo.Mobile. Teléfono.Match. Partido.Bad. MaloHurt. Lastimar.Hope. Esperanza.Realy. Verdaderamente.Carry. Llevando.Guess Adivinar.
  • 6. Verbs.