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Local Matters - Steven Clift's Activate Presentation
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Local Matters - Steven Clift's Activate Presentation


Published on

For The Guardians Activate conference in London, England on July, 1 2010.

For The Guardians Activate conference in London, England on July, 1 2010.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Local Matters
    Steven Clift
  • 2. Dear Neighbors …
    This month the Southside Star Community Garden opened!
    3.0 - Community collaboration, problem-solving
    Opening “organic” hot topic on Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum in Dec. 2008:
    Dear Neighbors, My name is Michael and I'm interested in establishing a community garden in our neighborhood.
    Dozens of messages, offers to help, and a call for a meeting.
    500 members, 10%+ of households in May 2010
  • 3. Pew Internet and American Life Project
    Neighbors Online27% of American adult Internet users use “digital tools to talk to their neighbors and keep informed about community issues.”That’s 20% adults overall.
  • 4. 20 gun shotsSource
  • 5. Local voices, listening mattersMost democratizing, effective level for openness and engagement that works
  • 6. Civility Matters
  • 7. ENEMY?
    Creative Commons via Flickr
  • 8. ENEMY
    Creative Commons via Flickr
  • 9. Online News Commenting
    Most people see, expect public conflict.Sharp contrast with private social networking.
  • 10. How Would You Design?
    For Extremes
    The Angry
    For those with Too Much Time
    To Divide People
    For the Least:- Transparent- Accountable- Powerful- Meaningful
    That is online news commenting today.
  • 11.
  • 12. Real names work, builds trust and communityNeeded in “public life,” not just Facebook’s private life
  • 13. Pew Internet and American Life Project
    Neighbors Online - Joiners~12 million on US neighborhood e-mail lists/ forums (7% net users) - often a DAILY experience ~ 8 million social net group member on a community issues (5% net users)Roughly comparable to daily Twitter use in Fall 09, at 9% of Adult net users daily
  • 14. Inclusion Matters
  • 15. Pew Internet and American Life Project
    Of 7% on Neighbors “Forums” – The Inclusion Divide15% belong if over $75K household/yr8% Whites and African-Americans9% Women, 5% Men 3% under $50K (of Net users)3% Latino 2% Rural Analysis on blog.
  • 16. Participation 3.0Inclusive Social Media- Ford Foundation Funded
  • 17. Our Issues …
  • 18. Everyone in every local place needs an online public space that matters
  • 19. What’s next?Empowering “ourselves” as citizens – don’t wait to be served
  • 20. Connecting local 2-way “hosts”
    Join “Locals Online” group:
  • 21. Conclusion More -
    Without real inclusion and civility, “Locals Online” will destroy community, weaken democracy, and concentrate power.