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Social Media, Movements and Political Revolution


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A powerpoint presentation discussing social media and its impacts and relevance to social movements and political movements.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Social Media, Movements and Political Revolution

  2. 2. “the convergence of streets and networks” “After this revelatory year, dense with threats and promises from a completely new global movement, global governance – painfully aware of the great threat that such autonomous horizontal communication poses to its control – is vigorously attacking digital freedoms” (Griziotti,2012)
  3. 3. Digital Capitalism Digital Control
  4. 4. Open Particpation
  5. 5. Clash of the Capitalisms
  6. 6. Dominant Power
  7. 7. Anonymous
  8. 8. Why social media is reinventing activism   „Feel good clicking rather than make a change‟ – Kessler „Slacktivism‟: The act of participating in obviously pointless activities as an expedient alternative to actually expending effort to fix a problem‟
  9. 9. Example of poor activism Kessler   Red Cross: 208,500 „likes‟ on FB Online donations accounted for 3.6% (private donations)
  10. 10. This is Shawn Ahmed
  11. 11. Barack Obama “ If the internet didn‟t exist, Barack Obama would not be president of the united states” - Ben Rattray
  12. 12. More loose Ties lead to more activists   “ You‟re not going to get everyone who liked your Facebook page to volunteer their summer, building schools and helping out, but its still all part of that journey.” – Craig Kieldburger “Social media opens the megaphone so much wider… when you finally look at that spectrum, we‟ve got more people who are finally making a journey.” – Craig Kieldburger
  13. 13. Media Commons    What is Media Commons? Projects Twitter
  14. 14. The New Everyday    What is The New Everyday? How does it work? What is a cluster?
  15. 15. Forums  What do you guys think are the benefits and the negatives of writing a forum or being involved with a forum website such as The New Everyday?
  16. 16. Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado  Forums/social media do in fact put forward important stories that does not reach the main news stations  Responses from users of The New Everyday
  17. 17. Syrian video  55435376910