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(Extended version) Beyond hardcovers & paperbacks   is evolution necessary? 1st Day Keynote at the All In! Young Writers Media Event 18 FEB 2012
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(Extended version) Beyond hardcovers & paperbacks is evolution necessary? 1st Day Keynote at the All In! Young Writers Media Event 18 FEB 2012


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Beyond Hardcovers & Paperbacks – Is Evolution Necessary? …

Beyond Hardcovers & Paperbacks – Is Evolution Necessary?
The adoption of eBooks is growing fast globally.  The market landscape for content consumption has been transforming over the last couple of years with the advent of a myriad of mobile devices beyond the laptops and feature phones. With more options to access digital content (e.g. eBooks), today’s on-the-go consumers are starting to go beyond printed books and consuming books via multiple screens and devices.  Today’s authors and content publishers are also starting to recognize the opportunities availed via mobile devices as ancillary channels to their target consumer segments.

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  • 1. BEYOND HARDCOVERS &PAPERBACKS– IS EVOLUTION NECESSARY? Source: Straits TimesNelson WeeDirector, Business Development, Apps & ContentSingTel Multimedia GroupProfile: @nelsonweeSlideshare:
  • 2. Content consumption is changingNelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 2
  • 3. Mobility is driving content reach & engagementNelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 3
  • 4. Mobile as an Ancillary ChannelNelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 4
  • 5. Channels for Books are changingNelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 5
  • 6. Key Trends in eBooks, online/mobile commerce eBook Content stores 1. Google cloud 1. Breaking the book eBookstore 2. Rapid growth in 2. Amazon children’s rich media eBooks 3. Apple eBook Technology 3. Social/Layer readingConsumer Access 4. Kobo Format & Hardware 4. Transmedia 5. skoob production:1. More are 1. eBook apps 1. Proliferation 1. “Always On” EduGames, Video, willing to buy overtake of tablets and Internet service AR (SoLoMo) online, games in smartphones (mobile, broadb Community mobile Apps Store. and) 2. Tablet-PC-TV Portals Commerce2. Sharing 2. ePub format convergence 2. Emergence of reviews, (static page online 1. Increased user-to- comments, turners) but education user collaboration 1. Comparison favourite evolving to portals shopping phrase on multimedia 2. Facebook Books social 3. Emergence of Fan Pages 2. Channel conflicts networks eBookstores – (traditional versus browser- 3. Parents forums on online publishing) based, client kid’s education and readers books to read 3. Ads supported eBookstore or 4. Emergence of book eBooks clubs for reviews, social 4. eBook sharing /loans network (Kindle) Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 6
  • 7. Market Trends in Digital Publishing1. Digitization of books and textbooks lead to ancillary offerings.2. Proliferation & growth of tablets and smartphones, over PCs, laptops, netbooks.3. Multi-functional devices are gaining popularity for reading.4. Cloud consumption, virtualization & mobility are the lead emerging trends for 2011, e.g. Kindle Cloud Reader, Kobo cloud bookstore, skoob5. Interactive learning – social media, rich media etc.Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 7
  • 8. And now, for some Trivia …• U.S will grow share of eBook over print sales to ~21% in 2015.• UK will grow consumer eBook sales to US$286M in 2015.• Asia Pacific eBook (consumer books) will be worth US$2B in 2015.Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 8
  • 9. more Trivia … …did you know?• 14% of U.S. e-reader owners use their device while watching TV daily.• 40% of U.S. tablet and smartphone owners use them while watching TV.• U.S. students did most of the (e)reading in fixed locations: 47% of reading was at home, 25% at school, 17% on a bus and 11% in a coffee shop or office.• 34% in BRIC markets versus 7% for mature-market countries prefer to read eBooks with phone or tablet rather than e- readers.Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 9
  • 10. skoob Singapore’s Favourite eBookStore1 2 3 • Up to 20% • 1 eBook, can • Local content cheaper than be shared up (education physical to 5 devices books, study books. (PC, laptops, guides, childre tablets, smart n stories, local phones) stories) 20% Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 10
  • 11. Welcome to the skoob!skoob Website skoob from your Android tablet or smartphoneskoob from your iPhone skoob from your iPad Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 11
  • 12. Publishers on Board (Highlights)check out for more! & more … Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 12
  • 13. Popular Books in skoob (Highlights)for 56k more eBooks, check out for more!Nelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 13
  • 14. Working with Publishing Ecosystem Partners & YOU PublishersNelson Wee’s Profile | Twitter: @nelsonwee | 14
  • 15. Nelson Weel: @nelsonwees: