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Making school library resources more mobile accessible

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  • Currently only available to MS/HS studentsMade necessary policy changes to allow for BYODAll BYOD devices are given access to the Guest wireless network so they do not connect to the District networkAll BYOD devices are filtered for internet at the student levelFHSD has student document storage via the internet to allow access anytime, anywhere on any devicesDeveloped a BYOD handbook to explain and provide answers to frequently asked questions
  • -Availability – vast majority of secondary students have some sort of internet capable device. -FHSD will never be able to fund a 1:1 for all students so BYOD provides more technology in the classroom-Students are excited and engaged when using technology-Students have access to more digital resources when they have internet capable devices in their hands.
  • Library In Your Pocket

    1. 1. A Library In Your Pocket Making library resources more mobile device accessible Michelle Stuerman Susan Robison
    2. 2. BYOD in Francis Howell• Secondary students only• Access through Guest network• Guest filtered at student level• Cloud document storage
    3. 3. WHY BYOD?• Availability• Closer to 1:1• Student engagement• Access to digital resources
    4. 4. B.Y. O. D. (Bring Your Own Device) • Pioneering in the building • Wireless Building • District Expectation and Current Reality
    5. 5. What does a class with BYOD look like?
    6. 6. Mobile Friendly Websites
    7. 7. Mobile Friendly Online Catalog
    8. 8. How does it work?
    9. 9. Ways to Access QR Codes in Library• Smartphones with QR Reader installed (do a search for app for different platforms)• Dedicated desktop QR reader using Quickmark Software for PC
    10. 10. Some ways we can use QR Codes in the School Library• Affix codes on to back of books that are linked to author’s website, booktrailer, reviews, etc.• Make linking to our Facebook and Twitter pages easy.• Create “Read-A-Likes!”• AudioBoo links to booktalks.• Simplify remote subscription database use.
    11. 11. Database Password Bookmarks QR Code to scan Smartphone operating system Alternative way to access information
    12. 12. Promoting Twitter & Facebook on our FHN Homepage
    13. 13. Two ways to create a Twitter SMS Use a QR Code Send as text
    14. 14. Both ways get you this…
    15. 15. Using Mobile Applications to increase access andusage of online databases. BrainPop 1. Go the the APP Store and download the Application for BrainPop. 2. Open the App and while using it if it asks for a login. 3. The login is available in the library, just ask a librarian.
    16. 16. EBSCOHOST 1. Go to EBSCO on computer and click on the EBSCOhost database. 2. At the bottom of the database list there is a link entitled New: EBSCOhost iPhone & Android Applications. 3. Click on this link and enter an email address you have linked to your device. 4. Open your email from EBSCO on your device and follow the instructions on the e-mail. 5. This will authenticate the application although you will have to re-authenicate each new school year.
    17. 17. Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica 1. Open Britannica- Go to the bottom right corner and click School and Library Information. 2. At bottom left side under Britannica Mobile Access click Learn more. 3. Follow the directions to authenicate.
    18. 18. Gale Gale (School Edition)1. Call Gale Support to have your schooladded to the mobile application.2. Go to the APP store on the device anddownload the Gale Cengage APP thatsays My School.3. Make sure that your wireless is turnedoff for initial set-up.4. Find your school and login.Gale (Public Library)1. Go to the APP store on the device anddownload the Gale Cengage APP for PublicLibraries.2. Choose a library on the map that willpop up.
    19. 19. Learning Express Library(Does not currently have a MobileApplication)Step 1:To use on your device, scanthe QR code or type in theURL into your browser.Step 2:Bookmark it or Add to HomeScreen on the InternetBrowser.
    20. 20. Newsbank(Does not currently have a MobileApplication)Step 1:To use on your device, scan theQR code or type the URL intoyour browser.Step 2:Bookmark it or Add to HomeScreen on the InternetBrowser.
    21. 21. APPY HOUR In the libraryevery Tuesdayand Thursdaybefore School.
    22. 22. Promotion of Appy Hour: • Mass E-mail staff • E-news to parents • Tweet on Twitter
    23. 23. There’s an Appfor that!
    24. 24. Questions?