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Tpack Tpack Presentation Transcript

  • 21st Century Classrooms Technology changed ourworld irreversibly. It changes the world ourstudents are growing up inand are going out to as theyleave to go to collegeand/or work. PunyaMishra – Challenge toparenting, challenge toteaching How do we make sense ofit?
  • Technology inActionBridge from thepastTo a bright future
  • If weteach today like we taughtyesterday,we rob our children oftomorrowJohn Dewey View slide
  • BloomsTaxonomy Digital View slide
  • Digital BloomsTaxonomy Students are: Interacting Collaborating Exploring Creating Demonstrating Knowledge Constructing Meaning Practicing New Information Literacy Skills
  • EmergingTech Chris Dede – Harvard Graduate School, LearningTechnologies “Challenge is that many people focus ontechnology itself.You can’t just put tech in and expectmagic. Learning Focus.We need to change that. Manyinteresting shifts are occurring. School’s Administratorsare looking closely at embracing technology.” How can we change this inclination and create learningactivities that help students to learn better?
  • Research (Mishra& Koehler, 2006, Koehler &Mishra, 2008), Harris &Hofer (2006, Harris, 2008) suggest that a logical approachto helping teachers to better integrate technologies intheir teaching is to directly link students’ content-relatedlearning needs with particular content-based learningactivities and related educational technologies that willbest support the activities’ successful implementation.
  • Marzano – Strategies
  • Activity How are teachers using technology in instruction? What is being used? List tools. How it is used. Pedagogy?
  • How isTech Used? Research schools. Just because the technology is useddoes not change learning. Deep understanding did notcome from just using technology. HOW it is used makes adifference. All three components must be used well together toadvance student knowledge in the 21st Century Teachers need more that content, pedagogy and techknowledge.They need to know how to take that tech andhelp it to transform learning.
  • Tpack Pieces
  • Activity 2 Content Focus –What content does this lesson focus on? Pedagogical Focus- What pedagogical practices are used Technology Focus –What technologies are used? PCK-Do these pedagogical practices make concepts clearerand or foster deeper learning TCK- Does this technology make the content better ortransform it for the student for better learning? TPK – Do the pedagogical practices maximize the use ofexisting tech for teaching and evaluating learning?
  • Going Forward What changes can we make to blend these concepts.Whattypes of discussions can you have with teachers?Withstudents? How can we share student work online? Resources for 21st Century Lessons
  • BloomsTaxonomy - Digital Andrew Churches
  • Resources PunyaMishra Site - TPACK – http:/ Marzano–Technology Strategies