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Tech in Education Trends Research


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A review of some recent research and trends for 21st Century learning and technology for school/organization leaders

Published in: Education, Technology
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Tech in Education Trends Research

  1. 1. Emerging Technology andLearning – Looking at Research June, 2012 Nancy Caramanico
  2. 2. Emerging Technology for Learning What does the research say about learning in the 21st Century?  How do young people today communicate, learn?  How can adults facilitate that learning? What resources are available to school leaders? What new skills and strategies can schools employ for teaching and learning?
  3. 3. Research - Digital Youth Study, MacArthur Foundation Youth use media to explore interests and friendships Students learn from their peers and learn in a self directed way Learning is largely social Adults have an important role to play Schools should facilitate participation, cultivate interests Assessing is a challenge given skills diversity New media is a part of student lives – communications, families, interests
  4. 4. Digital Youth Study, MacArthur Foundation 2008 Studies Links  Video – Mimi Ito, U of California Researcher /site/c.enJLKQNlFiG/b.2029199/http  :// /report Two Page Summary =http%3A%2F%2Fdigitalyouth.isch %2Fdigitalyouth- TwoPageSummary.pdf
  5. 5. Research - Horizon Report 2012Technologies to Watch1 Year or Less –Mobile Apps1 Year or Less –Tablet Computing2-3 Years – Game Based Learning2-3 Years –Learning Analytics4-5 Years – Gesture Based Computing4-5 Years – The Internet of Things Horizon Report
  6. 6. Horizon Report Video
  7. 7. Horizon Report - Trends and Challenges
  8. 8. Research - Speak Up Survey 2012 Tomorrow.Org – Collaborative Project between  ISTE – International Society of Technology in Education  Cosn – Consortium of School Networking  National School Board Association – Tech Leader Group  And Others Collects Data from Students, Teachers and Parents regarding education, technology and learning needs for the 21st Century It presents that data to participating schools, the public and legislators
  9. 9. Speak Up Results - May 2012 Leaders and Technology
  10. 10. Speak Up Results - May 2012 Concerns of Leaders
  11. 11. Speak Up Results - May 2012 Benefits and Challenges
  12. 12. Speak Up Survey 2012 Find Results and downloadable materials at the SpeakUp website Report Summary – HTML (Discussion) ml Infographics and Images for Speak Up Slides from alLearning2012_Educators.pdf
  13. 13. Nets - Administrators  ISTE International Society of Technology in Education creates standards for Teachers, Administrators, Students and Technology Teachers 
  14. 14. Goals and Objectives Guidelines for Educational Technology Leadership nfive areas - NETS - A Pennsylvania Principal Standards Hands on access and Resources via the website and other resources ISTE Ning
  15. 15. TPACK
  16. 16. Blooming Google
  17. 17. Ongoing Professional Learning Opens the Door Teacher skills and information Transforming teacher role New expectations for all Current issues in education Implementing innovations Refining practice.Linda Darling Hammond, Teacher’s College, ColumbiaImage via 8913172 Transforming the Classroom
  18. 18. Trend towards Connected Learning People are connecting online  Book Connected Educators, and learning online in growing Sheryl Nussbaum Beach numbers Open Learning is available in many forms Many educators are forming their own professional learning networks which reach far beyond traditional professional learning provided by schools and districts
  19. 19. Typical TeacherImage via Alec Couros
  20. 20. ConnectedTeacherImage via Alec CourosConnected Learning – Alec Couros
  21. 21. Tools for School Leaders to Stay on Top of Emerging Technology Set up your own Personal Learning Network  Read Emerging Technology Reports and Related Updates as outlined  ReadBlogs and Journals related to topics  Set up Google Reader to Follow blogs and journals  Connect with other school leaders online  Join an Online Community such as Classroom 2.0, PLPnetwork, ISTE Learn a new skill via Youtube or other resource 15 Minutes Wiki http://keeping- Explore TEDtalks for Education Use Download Apps such as the Horizon Report App Make an Investment of your time – Nothing we do on behalf of students is wasted time.
  22. 22. Thank You Nancy CaramanicoInstructional Technology Specialist Twitter: