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biology assignment help @
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biology assignment help @


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biology assignment help by

biology assignment help by

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  • 1. WHY TOMATO (ANTIOXIDANTS) GOOD FORHUMAN HEALH……….Tomato is a fruit but it is used in the form of vegetable around the globe,belonging to the family Solonaceae. It is a perennial crop with average height ofplants. Its commercial as well as nutritive value is very high. Now the questionarises that why nutritive value of tomato is high. Because of the presence ofcontents like Antioxidants and Lycopene present in it.WHAT IS ANTIOXIDANTS ….Antioxidant is a molecule that inhibit the oxidation of other molecule. In theprocess of oxidation electron from any substance transfer to the oxidizing agent. Inthe process of oxidation free radicals released and a cycle get started which causethe death of plant, but antioxidants prevent the plant from this injury or death.Antioxidants are present in triplet state of oxygen. So when free radicals comes incycle ,they receives that and form a molecule.Antioxidants also differentiated into two parts, enzymatic and non-enzymatic.carotenoid, Lycopene, Ascorbic acids, Proline, Phenol have comes in non-enzymatic and Ascorbic acid oxidase, Superoxide dismutase, Peroxidase,Glutathione, Catalase have come in enzymatic antioxidants. Basically presence andsupport of enzymes differentiate the enzymatic and non enzymatic antioxidants.. Another term reactive oxygen species(ROS) produced in a cell like hydrogenperoxide, hypochlorous acid, and free radicals like hydroxyl radical and superoxideanion. Hydroxyl radicals are unstable and react rapidly with many biologicalmolecules finally cause the DNA damage and cause mutation. Peroxide is alsoproduced from the oxidation of reduced flavoproteins, such as complex.Enzymatic antioxidants play a important role like, superoxide dismutase , in whichsuperoxide anion breakdown occurs in the form of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide,also works as preservatives. Low level of antioxidant causes the oxidative stressthat initiate the different diseases. These antioxidants and other contents likelycopene, vitamin-A, vitamin-C are helpful for the prevention of coronary heartdisease, lung problem, inflammatory disease, eye and skin problems Sunlight andOxygen works as oxidizing agent for food. So if we keep fruits in dark due to
  • 2. antioxidants it will be fresh for long time. Antioxidants also use in industrialpurposes also in the form of stabilizers in fuel and in lubricants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals as the natural by-product of normal cellprocesses, free radicals are more reactive than other molecules that complete theirelectron shells. In human body the most common source of free radicals is oxygen,when oxygen is present in charged form , its receive the electron from the othermolecules and cause DNA damage and overgrowth of cells called tumor or cancerand this damage can not be irreversible. Antioxidants is the very important thingsthat neutralize the free radicals and fervent them to receive electron from their.If Antioxidants is so important for human health then we need to search the thingsthat are rich of antioxidants. Apple , Lettuces, carrot are rich of vitamin –A andbeta carotene, Citrus, orange, Amla is rich of vitamin-C or ascorbic acid. Butmost importantly Tomato is the only vegetable that provide highest amount ofantioxidants, vitamin -A, vitamin -C, Lycopene and beta carotene that help toprevent us to cancer, eye problem and skin diseases. That’s why Tomato is verygood for human health.