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11 23 What Is A Mole






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11 23 What Is A Mole 11 23 What Is A Mole Presentation Transcript

  • Launch: 11/23   Grab your binder and immediately take a seat!   Place homework (practice questions from Thursday) on desk   Read handout “The Mole” and answer all 4 questions
  • Announcements   This is a really important week!   Points end on Wednesday   Be engaged   Be respectful
  • What is a mole? Mr. Heffner 11/23/09 View slide
  • What is a mole? View slide
  • What is a mole?   A mole is a unit of measurement.   1 dozen eggs = 12 eggs Scientific Notation   1 mole eggs = 6.02 X 1023 eggs 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 That’s a really big number!
  • What is a mole?   1 mole of __________ = 6.02 X 1023 _____________   Moles are used for atoms and molecules   Because they are so tiny! “Six point 0 two times ten to the twenty-third”
  • Who defined the mole?   Amadeo Avogadro in 1811 “the number of atoms in 12g of carbon-12 is equal to 1 mole”   Avogadro’s number 6.02 X 1023 atoms ..or particles, or molecules
  • “The Mole” handout   Using your notes, add more information to each of your answers from the launch   Pair, share
  • Practice Questions   Answer the following in complete sentences: 1.  What is a mole? 2.  How is a mole defined? 3.  What is Avogadro’s number (in standard and scientific form)? 4.  How many pencils are there in 1 mole of pencils? 5.  How many oxygen (O) atoms are there in one mole? 6.  How many particles are found in 1 mole of sodium (Na)? 7.  One mole of nitrogen gas (N2) is equal to how many molecules? 8.  How many moles are there in 12g of carbon-12? 9.  How many moles are there in 24g of carbon-12?
  • Exit Slip 1.  Which of the following is true about a mole? a.  It is a very small number. b.  It is a unit of measurement used to quantify numbers of atoms, molecules, and particles. c.  It is defined as the number of grams in an atom. d.  It has a different value depending on the type of element.
  • Exit Slip 2.  One mole is defined as a.  the number of atoms found in 12g of carbon-12 b.  the number of atoms found in 12g of carbon-14 c.  the number of eggs in one dozen d.  6.02 grams of carbon-12
  • Exit Slip 3.  Avogadro’s number is a.  6 X 1023 b.  6.02 X 23 c.  6.02 X 1023 d.  10 X 623
  • Exit Slip 4.  How many oxygen-16 (O) atoms are there in 1 mole? a.  1.00 atoms b.  16.00 atoms c.  602 atoms d.  6.02 X 1023 atoms
  • Exit Slip 5.  How many moles are there in 6g of carbon-12? a.  .5 moles b.  1 mole c.  2 moles d.  12 moles
  • Homework   Finish practice questions