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The Orange App Shop and  Orange Partner
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The Orange App Shop and Orange Partner


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Slides from Orange at Mobile 2.0 Europe 2010. Includes everything you need to know about the Orange App Shop and the Orange Partner program.

Slides from Orange at Mobile 2.0 Europe 2010. Includes everything you need to know about the Orange App Shop and the Orange Partner program.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. all about Orange The Orange App Shop and Orange Partner Jun-10 1 June 2010
  • 2. all about Orange Jun-10 interne Groupe France Télécom 2
  • 3. Orange is ... a world-leading telecommunications operator brand owned by France Telecom with 181 000 employees and 50.9 billion € revenues in 2009 servicing more than 183 million customers in 32 countries over 5 continents plus ... we’re a leading mobile games distributor in Europe with 9 million downloads an applications publisher with more than 35 Orange apps in various stores Jun-10 3
  • 4. A range of easy to use services in all Group markets mobile fixed and internet N°3 in Europe for mobile services European leader for broadband services (ADSL) with 13,5 million using Close to 124 million mobile customers broadband services 29 million customers use mobile 8.8 million units of Livebox, the broadband broadband services gateway N°1 in Europe for IPTV with more than 3.3 million customers new activities enterprises operations in 220 countries and 64 million unique visitors to Group territories portals 6 million customer businesses Healthcare solutions for professionals worldwide and consumers 3,700 multinationals 323,000 IP VPN accesses Jun-10 4
  • 5. A vast portfolio from access to services Jun-10 5
  • 6. What multimedia services do our customers want? We analysed data from 300 million customer interactions over 2 years and interviewed 5,500 individuals in four countries. They wanted ... user-friendly services, relevant to their simple services lives to build their own experience security: their their content, privacy protected when and wherever they want it straightforward easy, and simple way pricing, with no to pay for content surprises Jun-10 6
  • 7. the Orange App Shop Jun-10 7
  • 8. An on-device client, accessed from the Orange home screen, to discover, download, pay for, store and use over 5,000 games, apps, ring tones and wallpapers One click access to apps from the Orange device home screen A relevant selection of apps with guaranteed quality, regularly updated Availability on major devices platforms / OS (Java, Android, BlackBerry…) Easy discovery and content selection, through an animated store front No registration required: one-stop experience billed to their Orange bill Automatic download & installation of application on devices One click to launch downloaded applications Jun-10 8
  • 9. What does the Orange App Shop client look like? view the and the select a or search download and latest top ten category for an app store it all in releases My Stuff Jun-10 9
  • 10. Live now in France and UK App Shop has launched on multiple devices, with more to come… HTC Desire LG GT540 Nokia 5230, C5-00, X6 Samsung i5801 SE Vivaz U5i SE Xperia X10 mini Huawei U8100 soon also in Nokia 6700c, 7230, 6303i, 6303i classic, C3-00 Romania, and Samsung GT-S8500 many other countries SE W595, W995, W910i, C905, C510 Jun-10 10
  • 11. what do you get as a content provider? Access to the Orange customer base Single entry point to multiple countries Application requirement information Straightforward billing and settlement experience Application promotion and rotation Account management and technical support through Orange Partner plus ... the potential to reach 123 million Orange mobile customers, 24.4 million of which are already active data users Jun-10 11
  • 12. The retail approach Apps are proposed to us They include benefits and suggested price point We assess their quality We review their suitability and accept or reject them for the Shop If we like the apps, we help the provider test and refine them if necessary We merchandise them and promote them to the consumer, and manage the Shop inventory on a daily basis We pay the supplier Jun-10 12
  • 13. What kind of apps are we looking for? apps for all distribution routes Orange World and App Shop client specifically apps in many languages Armenian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Moldovan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Arabic… basic and more sophisticated apps ‘just for fun’, books, travel apps, personal productivity apps apps that use device functionality accelerometer, camera, GPS, touchscreen, microphone etc. for all OSs Android, Java, RIM, Symbian and Windows Mobile Jun-10 13
  • 14. Finally, all about Orange Partner Jun-10 14
  • 15. Orange Partner A free programme created in 2004, providing offline and online support to people who want to supply applications to Orange customers highly-sustainable business model virtual developer centre commercial and technical support local country app requirements portability issues, app builds manage the App Shop content developer centres worldwide with provide sales results Orange network promote to the consumer Jun-10 15
  • 16. Supporting and helping you through ... * * forums, blogs, FAQs, * e-newsletters and ‘opt-in’ mailings * social network activity (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter); RSS feeds * online and one-to-one technical support * one-to-one commercial contact * online and physical events * access to developer centres worldwide ... and you can discuss whatever you like (with us and with each other) through our community platform Jun-10 16
  • 17. Jun-10 17
  • 18. You have an app, simply submit it to us ... ... 3rd party apps are developed, submitted, tested, accepted, ingested, and then go live in the Application Shop Jun-10 18
  • 19. Testing, testing, testing ... Every app sold via the Orange App Shop needs to work first time, every time. We’re here to help you make sure it does! step 1: step 2: step 3: QA testing Orange Acceptance testing Signing The developer tests that the We put the application through a We apply a digital signature to application works as they expect on series of well defined test cases the application that identifies the the devices they expect. to prove that the application provider. Or put more simply, works as expected. we’ll sign the app on the This is fundamentally part of the developer’s behalf at no cost to development and distribution We will follow any industry them. process before the application is standard testing along the way. ready for sale. Please note, the signature is for Orange distribution only, so we won’t give the developer back a signed version or the test report. There are online tools and physical developer However, we will tell them about centres to help you with your testing at ... any failures, if any. at Jun-10 19
  • 20. We’re building some great alliances and partnerships to bring the content in plus a lot of great, tested content Jun-10 20
  • 21. to the future ... Jun-10 21
  • 22. + + + you + = And now go to and get submitting! Jun-10 22