Mobile marketing


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Mobile marketing

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingMatthew Hoey, Fergal McKenna, Moe Al Abdulla, Ben McGrath & Raf Jims
  2. 2. Near Field CommunicationNear Field Communication is a short-range wireless connectivity thatuses a magnetic field induction to enable communication betweendevices when theyre touched together, or brought within a fewcentimeters of each other.The first thing to know is that NFC is actually not new tech. Its anevolution of the radio-frequency identification technology, which hasbeen used for years as the basis for the London Undergrounds Oystercard.The use that is proven to be most popular, and with the mostpotential is the idea of contactless payment with phones. In whichNFC will be used to enable the user to simply scan their device topurchase items from stores, however on top of this will have coupons,receipts, loyalty points and warranty programs all sent directly totheir mobile.Companies that are using this idea already are; Barclays in acontactless debit card system, the Google Nexus S smart phonedeveloped a way to get information on a place by tapping a phoneagainst a special Google-branded location card, negating the need tosearch manually.
  3. 3. Smartphone StatisticsThese statistics look at the most commonmobile operator in individual continents andworldwide. The figures show that SymbianOS is the most common in; Africa, Asia andSouth America whereas IOS is most commonin; Europe, Australia and North America. Thisshows potential mobile marketers that if youwish to reach consumers in Africa thenadvertising through IOS is useless and awaste of time, making these statisticsbeneficial.
  4. 4. QR CodesQR or Quick Response Codes where created in Japanby Toyota in 1994. QR codes where originallydeveloped by Toyota to track vehicles during themanufacturing process as components could bescanned at high speed.QR codes have quickly been adopted by theadvertising industry due to the mass popularity ofsmartphones which have ‘put a barcode in everyone’spocket’. Advertisers have capitalised on this in recentyears and barcodes are now usually seen onpackaging, posters, loyalty cards and magazines.When scanned by a barcode reader application QRcodes will direct you a link using the internet. This isoften used effectively by many businesses who useQR codes to direct consumers to their website’s or aspecial offer. The reason this operation has become sosuccessful is due to the simplicity QR codes. QR codescan are now placed on most promotional materialmeaning
  5. 5. Calvin Klein MyToy.DeHeinz Adidas
  6. 6. iAd’sThe company Apple, in 2010launched an advertisingservice in order for Marketersto advertise their products tothe millions of apple usersaround the world.This was supposed to be anew, unique way of sending anadvertising message toaudiences.
  7. 7. iAds Success?According to Forbes magazine Apple’siAd is seen to have failed, in its brief 2years of activation.Reasons for this, is that many users findit more annoying than informative.Advertisers have to take big risks beforeit came see results. And with that, thecosts of using iAds is still very expensive.Finally, realistically iAds audience islimited. It can only reach Ipod or Ipadusers.
  8. 8. iAds Examples BMW X3advertised on the iPhone Nike advertised on the iPhone BMW advertised on the iPad
  9. 9. Proximity MarketingProximity marketing is the localized usage of advertising content that’s madepossible by the utilization of a wireless distribution network integrated with aspecific place. Potential targets of this medium of marketing who wish toreceive the transmissions for the advertising content are only able to do so byhaving the required device and being in that particular place. Devices in therange of the distribution are more commonly and specifically targeted, via atraditional and localized broadcast.The whereabouts of the device are discovered by:• A cellular phone in a specific spot.• A Bluetooth or WiFi device being within range of the transmitter.• A GPS enabled device that’s requesting localized content from the Internet servers.• A NFC enabled phone that can read a RFID chip on a product or media and launch localized content from the Internet servers.
  10. 10. 1 – BBC NewsI have chosen this app due to its clean outlookand ease of use. This app keeps its user up todate with relevant and important news stories.Unlike other apps of this nature, the user isnot, bombarded with adverts. Another featureis the apps language settings, which allow theuser to receive news in an array of differentlanguages.
  11. 11. 2 – Tune In RadioI have chosen this “tunein” appbecause it offers a wide variety ofradio stations and podcasts fromall over the world. There is also afeature on the app, which enablesyou to save your favourite stationsand record your chosen shows. Ipersonally feel this is a must haveapp considering it is free ofcharge.
  12. 12. 3 – Sky Sports NewsThe final app of my choice is Sky Sports News itkeeps the user updated with all the latest newsstories. The app also keeps me informed on allfuture fixtures and individual news on yourclub of choice.