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Context Introduction at Mobile 2.0 Europe



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Ted Morgan, CEO & Founder, Skyhook Wireless presentation at Mobile 2.0 Europe -

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Context Introduction at Mobile 2.0 Europe

  1. 1. CONTEXT
  2. 2. Location
  3. 3. Explosion of Ideas
  4. 4. Categories of Location Applications
  5. 5. Do People Care? The average user requests their location 6 times per day
  6. 6. Simple Yet Powerful Trulia Taxi Magic One button to find the nearest One button ordering and paying for a taxi open house this weekend to your exact location with time alerts
  7. 7. Bet You Never Thought of These Last Call Geocade Track your drinking and know when to Location based leaderboards for call a cab (or the nearest lawyer)‫‏‬ multi-player games
  8. 8. Creativity Unleashed License Plate Finder UFO Finder Kill time with the kids on long trips, Find all the UFO sitings around you more points for states further away from the past 40 years
  9. 9. Current Business Models • Standard Mobile Advertising • Per-unit sales, subscriptions
  10. 10. The Future Business Model? • Location Aware Advertising • Hyper-targeted to exact location
  11. 11. Ted Morgan Skyhook Wireless