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Wholesale Applications Community

  1. Mobile 2.0 17 June 2010 Presented by Vidhya Gholkar vidhya.gholkar@vodafone.com wholesale applications community © WAC 2010
  2. Contents • What is WAC? • Cross Platform Development using Standard Web technology • Create more compelling applications using device and network APIs wholesale applications community Page 2 © WAC 2010
  3. What Is WAC? The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) is an open global alliance formed from the world’s leading telecoms operators. WAC will unite a fragmented applications marketplace & create an open industry platform that benefits the entire ecosystem, including applications developers, handset manufacturers, OS owners, network operators and end users. wholesale applications community Page 3 © WAC 2010
  4. WAC Members & Supporters wholesale applications community Page 4 © WAC 2010
  5. WAC Objectives The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) will: • Accelerate and expand the market for applications • Enable the creation of more compelling applications • Provide greater choice for businesses and consumers WAC will achieve these goals through the use of industry-standard web technologies WAC will develop business models that provide revenue opportunities across the ecosystem wholesale applications community Page 5 © WAC 2010
  6. WAC Timelines Date: Milestone: February 2010 24 of the world’s leading operators announce the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) July 2010 WAC Company formed and Board elected. Business models* announced for participating companies. September 2010 WAC publishes materials / documentation for developers November 2010 WAC holds first developer event February 2011 WAC opens for business at Mobile World Congress * Business Models: • The WAC business models will provide a revenue share for participants in the value chain, from the application store owner through to the application developer. • WAC will enable application and service monetisation and will also enable revenue to be generated from the use of telecom operator assets. • WAC will be a non profit-making operation and will only generate revenues to cover its operational costs. wholesale applications community Page 6 © WAC 2010
  7. Creating Mobile Applications Native Applications Standard Web technology • Written in Java, C++, Objective C • HTML/CSS/Javascript …. • Browsers and Runtime • Great Performance especially for implementations are rapidly Games improving • Often allow access to low level • Access to Device APIs via device APIs BONDI/JIL. Access to Network APIs possible via RESTful APIs • Written for Specific Device Platforms • Written for Cross Platform Web runtime • Often require specialist Coding, debugging skills • Applications are written in compliance to standard web technology wholesale applications community Page 7 © WAC 2010
  8. More about Widgets • www.w3.org/TR/widgets • Client side applications authored using Web standards and packaged for distribution: • Files: Configuration, Design, Icons, Ajax library • Zip collection of files and rename to *.wgt • Downloaded on to device and run as a stand alone application. • Learn more about widgets: http://bondi.omtp.org/Pdfs/speedometer_tutorial.pdf www.jil.org wholesale applications community Page 8 © WAC 2010
  9. Creating Compelling Applications • Camera • Accelerometer • Location • Address Book • Calendar • Messaging • … • Creating a solution based upon existing technical standards. • Build on work from JIL (Joint Innovation Lab), OMTP BONDI and GSMA OneAPI and create a common specification. wholesale applications community © WAC 2010